Chain conveyors – Structure, benefits and applications

Băng tải xích – Cấu tạo, lợi ích và ứng dụng

Chain conveyors are one of the most popular types of conveyor belts in the heavy goods transportation industries. With outstanding bearing capacity, high strength, flexible design, chain conveyor has become an effective assistant for workers, saving effort, cost and efficient operation.

1/ What is industrial chain conveyor?

Industrial chain conveyors are belt conveyors made of chains. This conveyor uses a lot of parallel chains to transport goods safely, freeing labor for workers, creating a scientific and professional working environment. Chain conveyors are often used to transport heavy goods because of their high strength and good heat resistance.

What is Industrial Chain Conveyor?
What is Industrial Chain Conveyor?

2/ What are the benefits of chain conveyors in the industry?

  • Helping to transport heavy goods, saving time, effort and money, bringing high economic efficiency to businesses.
  • It has a sturdy, sturdy construction made from high-quality materials, ensuring a long service life during use.
  • Has low investment costs but still ensures the main functions, making the work progress much faster.
  • Create a dynamic and professional working environment to help employees promote their abilities better.

3/ Structure of chain conveyor

  • Chain conveyor belt: Produced from stainless steel, high-grade steel according to different specifications and needs and uses of customers.
  • Geared Drive Motor: Common capacities include 0.2 kW, 0.75 kW, 2.2 kW.
  • Chain conveyor frame: Manufactured from powder coated steel, galvanized steel or high-grade aluminum profile.
  • Electrical cabinet: Push button, indicator light, Timer, Role, speed control inverter…
  • Additional accessories for chain conveyors such as lights, electrical outlets, mica plates can be added.
  • The conveyor chain has support bars to prevent the product from falling out.
  • Size: Length from 1-5 (m), width from 0.5 – 1.5 (m).
  • Voltage: 1 phase 220V or 3 phase 380V.
  • In addition to the main parts to meet the function of transporting goods, the chain conveyor can also be equipped with a warning light system, adjustable feet … depending on the needs of use.

In terms of structure, the chain conveyor allows flexibility in design, which can be changed in terms of material, angle of inclination, height … to suit the characteristics of the product and the terrain of the factory.

4/ Working principle of conveyor chain

When the motor operates and transmits to the active drum, the force is transmitted directly to the conveyor chain surface, a forward motion is formed, resulting in the movement of goods on the conveyor surface. The geared motor controls the safety of workers, and the inverter helps control the speed of the motor to promptly detect problems on the conveyor line.

5/ What are the outstanding advantages of conveyor chains?

  • They have a flexible design, in accordance with the typical characteristics of the factory.
  • This is the first choice because of its high strength, effective corrosion resistance, good performance in many harsh environments.
  • There are many different designs and shapes for you to choose from.
  • Capable of transporting goods at a flexible angle or angle.
  • Conveyor belts make it easy to control the speed and flow of goods being produced, making it easy for businesses to calculate and manage closely.
  • Especially, Sukavina chain conveyors operate without noise, are easy to install and maintain, and intelligently designed to maximize the conveying capacity of the conveyor system.
  • However, chain conveyor systems also have some disadvantages such as large investment capital, quite heavy conveyor weight and they also need regular maintenance and maintenance because of heavy cargo transportation.

6/ The benefits that conveyor chains bring

  • It is very easy to install with just a few simple steps.
  • Chain conveyor system mainly transports heavy goods, has high durability and good heat resistance during use.
  • Chain conveyor has inverter to control the speed of conveyor effectively.
  • Owning a modern chain conveyor system helps businesses save a lot of labor costs and risks when transporting heavy goods.

7/ What are the common types of chain conveyors?

7.1 Plastic Chain Conveyor

Plastic chain conveyor is designed to be light in weight, simple in structure but sturdy, with high aesthetics. With the characteristics of good heat resistance, good adhesion resistance, good corrosion resistance, good response to all different terrains and outstanding noise reduction ability, chain conveyors are industrial equipment widely used in many industries. key industries, especially in light industry.

Plastic Chain Conveyor
Plastic Chain Conveyor

7.2 Stainless steel industrial conveyor chain

Stainless steel industrial conveyor chain is manufactured mainly from stainless steel, so it always ensures certainty during operation. In addition, stainless steel conveyor chains with high strength, no rust and excellent resistance are used in a variety of industries such as food processing, agricultural product processing, packaging goods into pieces. carton box…

Stainless steel industrial conveyor chain
Stainless steel industrial conveyor chain

7.3 Plate conveyor chains in the manufacturing industry

Plate conveyor chain is cast by galvanized steel, powder coated steel to resist corrosion, good heat resistance and high aesthetics. They have a modern design, are safe to use during work, transport goods safely, without loss or loss, and are applied in many industrial production facilities such as metallurgy, chemicals, etc. electronics, apparel…

Plate conveyor chains in the manufacturing industry
Plate conveyor chains in the manufacturing industry

7.4 Scraper Chain Conveyor

The chain scraper has the feature of having a hopper for storing raw materials. This conveyor frame is usually manufactured from profiled aluminum, steel or stainless steel, capable of transporting heavy, wet goods. It is very suitable for mining, cement, brick…

7.5 Hanging Conveyor Chain

The chain conveyor chain consists of a suspension rod and hooks, operating in a conveyor system. They are used to transport goods through factories, workshops, etc. to ensure safe goods and save production space. This conveyor belt is applied in tea processing factories, assembling components, motorcycle parts…

7.6 Roller Conveyor Chain

Roller conveyor chain uses chain-driven rollers to transport goods with a flat bottom surface, pallet frames, cartons… This conveyor chain frame is designed with a sturdy and sturdy structure, easy to disassemble and install. take it somewhere else.

7.7 Industrial pallet conveyor

Industrial pallet conveyor has a frame structure made from steel or aluminum profile which is very strong and sturdy. They are suitable for transporting large volumes of goods to help save costs effectively as well as improve labor productivity for workers, and at the same time bring convenience to users in the working process.

Each type of conveyor has its own advantages and disadvantages. To find the most suitable and cost-effective conveyor belt, you should contact reputable manufacturers like Sukavina for detailed advice.

8/ Application of conveyor chain in industry

The outstanding applications of conveyor chains in industry that you need to know are as follows:

  • In pallet transportation: Assembling microchips, semiconductor chips, electronic components, cars…
  • In the transportation of common goods: cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, children’s toys, confectionery…
  • In the seafood industry: Used to transport fresh and frozen raw materials for the preliminary processing of different types of seafood such as fish, shrimp, squid, etc.

9/ Some notes to pay attention to when using

You should regularly maintain and maintain the industrial conveyor chain to reduce the amount of heat caused by friction during operation.
You should periodically check the parts, conveyor belts, conveyor chains are not abnormal so that when the operation is smooth and stable.

10/ Sukavina – A supplier of prestigious quality mechanical products

Sukavina is a leading manufacturer and supplier of products such as conveyor belts, shelves, trolleys, etc. in the South and a reliable partner of the following notable industries:

Electrical and electronic industry: Samsung, Intel, Dien Quang…
Automotive industry: Thaco Truong Hai, Mitsubishi, Toyota…
Garment industry, leather shoes, packaging…

Coming to Sukavina, customers are completely satisfied with high quality genuine products as well as attractive lifetime after-sales service. We are committed to customer satisfaction and efficiency. The company and efforts to improve products with more and more perfect models and features.

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