Clean room workbench (Manipulator table in the cleanroom)

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Clean room operation table (workbench in the clean room or clean room workbench) is an extremely important product for enterprises and factories in the field of microchips, semiconductors, chip manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, pharmaceutical production, medical equipment, electrical components. electronics, … meet the requirements of a modern, strict and rigorous production environment. Let’s learn about Sukavina’s clean room operation table!

1/ What is a clean room workbench? (Manipulator table in the cleanroom)

What is a clean room workbench?
What is a clean room workbench?

Clean room environments require extremely high cleanliness, are very tight that dirt cannot adhere to, and have specific standards for air temperature, pressure, and humidity that are strictly regulated.

The cleanroom workbench is designed for use in industrial cleanrooms. Therefore, the operating tables in the clean room must be designed and constructed from a number of components with special materials that meet the standards of the clean room.

2/ Construction of clean room working table (Manipulator table in the cleanroom)

The cleanroom workbench is made up of a number of special materials. ESD anti-static materials such as rubber mats, stainless steel feet with rubber soles, etc. In addition, the frame of the operating table in the clean room is usually made from stainless steel plastic pipes or shaped aluminum pipes, stainless steel. Therefore, clean room workbenches are usually quite durable, anti-dirt, anti-static, resistant to chemicals, and good pressure resistance.

Depending on the needs of use, the cleanroom operating table has different designs. However, they are basically made of a steel pipe frame covered with plastic or shaped aluminum. The details are connected to each other through a system of bolts, screws and especially HJ joints with anti-static treatment.

The structure of the table top of clean room workbench products is covered with an anti-static rubber mat to maximize the anti-static effect according to strict, rigorous industry standards to meet and be used. in clean room.

3/ Advantages of clean room operating table (Manipulator table in the cleanroom)

Advantages of clean room operating table
Advantages of clean room operating table

High index of anti-dirt, anti-static

The clean room workbench is used a lot in clean rooms, so it has high anti-static ability, fully meeting the standards set for application in industrial clean rooms of enterprises and factories.

Absolute rust resistance

The operating table in the clean room must be made of absolutely anti-rust material. Because if the operation table rusts, there will be dirt attached, affecting the index of the clean room, affecting many products, machinery and equipment in factories and factories..

Chemical resistance

Cleanroom workbenches can be used in laboratories that will be exposed to a wide variety of chemicals even corrosive chemicals. The materials that make up the cleanroom workbench must be resistant to the corrosive chemicals used in the laboratories.

Scientific design, smart, convenient disassembly

When there is a need to change the purpose of use, the clean room operating tables ensure convenience in disassembly. Clean room operation table has a scientific and intelligent design to ensure aesthetics and modern design in clean rooms of enterprises and factories.

To do this, now factories and factories have developed clean room workbenches that use HJ joints to connect details. The use of HJ coupling in the design of the clean room workbench can be easily converted, the design is more scientific and intelligent. In addition, connecting the details of the cleanroom workbench with the HJ coupling will make the production cost much lower for enterprises and factories that do not have much finance.

4/ Notes when using the clean room workbench

When using the cleanroom workbench, workers must pay attention to:

  • Users of clean room operation tables must regularly clean and wipe to help prolong their durability over the years, helping enterprises and factories save large amounts of money.Avoid
  • placing sharp items on the cleanroom workbench because it will lose the aesthetics and affect the quality of the product during the production process.

5/ Why should you choose cleanroom operating table?

Sukavina Company is now one of the reputable companies with many years of experience in providing the leading clean room operation table in Vietnam. Sukavina Company owns a large team of experts who are engineers, skilled technicians, have a lot of experience in working with partners in Vietnam and have modern machinery and equipment lines to meet the standards. international standard. Sukavina Company confidently offers customers clean room operating table designs that are suitable for customers’ needs, bringing satisfaction to customers.

The strength of Sukavina company also comes from carefully tested raw materials, meeting all standards. The clean room operation table of Sukavina company has been accepted by many fastidious markets such as India, China, Japan, Korea, … widely used in domestic and foreign enterprises. .

Sukavina’s clean room operating table products have good quality, competitive price, and after-sales service, good warranty, fast delivery, so this is a good choice for customers.

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