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Conveyor systems in industry bring countless benefits to businesses, helping to save costs, labor, easily control product quality, thereby bringing production efficiency to businesses.

This article provides necessary information from A -> Z for you to learn and invest in conveyor systems for factories.

1/ What is the conveyor system in industry?

Conveyor systems in industry are devices that move goods and materials between different locations according to a predetermined path. Conveyor belts are especially useful in transporting light to heavy materials, including bulky.

Besides, the conveyor system allows for fast and efficient transportation of various materials in granules, boxes, packages…

Conveyor belt transportation also saves labor, ensures worker safety and increases productivity.

2/ Structure of conveyor system in industry

Conveyor frame: usually made of aluminum profile, powder coated steel or stainless steel (stainless steel).

Conveyor belt: Usually made from 2mm and 3mm thick PVC belt or 1.5mm thick PU belt. (refer to conveyor belt types)

Drive motor: Current conveyor motor  usually uses two common types: Motor with a constant speed reducer from 6W to 200W and motor and motor with a removable reducer with a capacity of usually 0 ,2KW to 3.7 KW. (Reference: Types of conveyor motors)

Conveyor Controller: Usually includes inverter, sensor, timer, PLC, etc.

The transmission mechanism includes: Pulley  drive, support roller, chain, pulley, etc.

3/ Classification of industrial conveyors

The most popular types of industrial conveyors today:

PVC, PU conveyor belts: Lightweight, durable and easy to clean, it is suitable for many industries (garment, food, electronics…).

Roller conveyors include:  Plastic roller conveyors, rubber roller conveyors, galvanized steel roller conveyors and motor drive roller conveyors.

Curved Angle Conveyor: Redirect product from 30 degrees to 180 degrees.

Rubber conveyor belt: Good heat resistance, large capacity.

Chain Conveyors: Good for bottle product conveyance applications, helping products that need to be moved steadily.

Conveyors come in a wide variety of shapes, functions and applications, so learn to choose the conveyor that best suits your needs.

4/ Conveyor system in industry Sukavina

4.1/ Advantages of conveyor systems in industry Sukavina

  • Industrial conveyor systems have flexible applications, are low elongation, moisture-proof, odor-proof and mildew-proof.
  • Conveyor belts are virtually impervious to grease and other chemicals, ensuring safe transport of goods and materials.
  • It provides good tensile strength, long service life and will not stretch with use.
  • Stable operation, high performance and no noise when in use.
  • The special elastic, high impact and smooth surface makes it very easy to move goods to many locations.
  • Good temperature resistance ranges from -10 ºC to 80 ºC.
  • Conveyor belts can be designed straight, curved, or raised to save workshop space.
  • The conveyor belt is relatively light in weight, flexible in transportation, and energy-saving for the whole system.
  • Easy to install.
  • With the above advantages, PVC conveyor systems in the industry have helped a lot in promoting production and increasing profits.


4.2/ Update and quote the latest conveyor system

Conveyor systems in industry are extremely diverse in design, size and structure, currently the average price of a conveyor system ranges from 13 500 000 to 20 000 000 depending on the type of conveyor and depending on the type of conveyor belt. business needs. For the most accurate advice and quotation, please contact Hotline: 0979 034 634 (Mr Toan) or 0931 155 155 (Mr Nang).

4.3/ Conveyor system in industry today

Conveyor for transporting raw materials

Among conveyor systems, conveyor belts allow materials to be loaded on steep slopes without slipping on the belt.

Feed Conveyor
Feed Conveyor

Conveyor belt for food and confectionery production

Food conveyors are used for safety in the bulk food production, food processing and packaging industries.

With its easily detachable construction, the conveyor belt is made from PVC material, which is durable, thin, flexible while maintaining rigidity at the same time. As a result, food processing conveyors maximize productivity, create high economic efficiency and take up less space.

Conveyor belt for food and confectionery production
Conveyor belt for food and confectionery production

Conveyor to the container

The structure of the lifting conveyor system including the conveyor frame, transmission pulley, tail pulley, unloading aircraft and lifting mechanism is manufactured according to the manufacturer’s standards with high strength and stability. .

Container Conveyor
Container Conveyor

Industrial conveyor systems for the garment industry

Garment conveyor systems have many benefits and are flexible, easy to control and adjust the speed fast or slow, and easy to operate. PVC conveyor belts are commonly used in garment conveyor systems. Conveyor systems of this type are commonly used in the production of leather shoes and clothing.

Conveyor belts in the garment industry
Conveyor belts in the garment industry

Conveyor belts for the electronics industry

Conveyor belts for assembling electronic components are designed with materials with high strength and corrosion resistance and can work in high temperature environments. In addition, the conveyor is anti-static to prevent the electronics from being damaged.

Conveyor belts for the electronics industry
Conveyor belts for the electronics industry

Sukavina Company is one of the leading enterprises in the field of manufacturing, designing and installing conveyor systems in industry. With many years of experience and a partner of many large enterprises such as Samsung, Panasonic, IMPACT, Thaco Truong Hai… Sukavina believes that it will satisfy customers in all manufacturing industries, helping to improve the quality and productivity of labor. motion.

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