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Sukavina Heavy Duty Conveyor Belts are made from high strength, wear resistant materials specialized for transporting heavy products, this is a highly efficient conveying solution that is being widely applied in the industry. production process. As the name suggests, heavy duty conveyors are used to transport heavy products more quickly, easily and conveniently.

1/ What is the heavy duty conveyor made of?

What is the heavy duty conveyor made of?
What is the heavy duty conveyor made of?

To ensure good operation when transporting heavy goods, conveyor belts are manufactured from extremely strong materials, good bearing, abrasion resistance and outstanding durability.

Heavy duty conveyor systems are made up of durable materials:

  • Conveyor frame: The entire conveyor frame is designed with high-quality powder-coated steel or aluminum profiles, welded or firmly fixed together to prevent abrasion and avoid impacts from outside environment.
  • Heavy duty conveyor belts are made of PVC rope or rollers: Usually PVC conveyor belts have a thickness of 2mm or 3mm. In addition, the conveyor surface can also be a PU belt with a thickness of 1.5mm or steel rollers, stainless steel rollers… The structure prevents the conveyor belt from being scratched, damaged, or torn in heavy conveying conditions.
  • The control part of the heavy conveyor belt includes details: Inverter, PLC, speed regulator and sensor, …

In addition to the above parts, heavy duty conveyors also have a number of other parts and details depending on the application of the product. All details or parts are installed based on scientific design to optimize efficiency.

At sukavina.com.vn, we have many different conveyor models. If customers, readers have needs to design separate conveyor belts, please contact us at sukavina.com.vn, all information at the bottom of this article

2/ Advantages and disadvantages of heavy duty conveyors

Advantages and disadvantages of heavy duty conveyors
Advantages and disadvantages of heavy duty conveyors


  • Heavy duty conveyor has a simple structure but still ensures good operation and high durability.
  • Constructed from good bearing materials, with outstanding durability, wear resistance, helping to transport heavy goods easily and quickly, saving time and labor.
  • This system is capable of transporting goods and materials in the horizontal or inclined direction or can also be combined in both directions with large distances.
  • Heavy-duty conveyor belts in operation do not cause noise to the surrounding environment and have low productivity. This type is very suitable for transferring heavy goods and containers from one location to another.
  • Heavy duty conveyor has a relatively simple structure and reasonable cost, so it is applied by many places to the production process.


  • Heavy duty conveyors only ensure durability and longevity when working at medium speeds. Therefore, running speed is one of the limitations of this type of conveyor.
  • The next disadvantage of heavy-duty conveyor belts is limited inclination. The inclination of the conveyor belt when installed must be less than 24 degrees, so when you want to transport goods along the curve, it is necessary to equip the conveyor with a motor and frame.

In addition, during operation, it is also necessary to periodically check and maintain the heavy conveyor system to ensure the quality of the conveyor belt is still good, to avoid problems during the production process.

Thus, with the above advantages and disadvantages of heavy conveyor belts, this is a very necessary equipment in the production and transportation of goods. In fact, depending on the transportation needs, the units choose to use a conveyor system or a combination of multiple conveyor systems with other equipment to improve efficiency.

3/ Application of heavy duty conveyor in production

Application of heavy duty conveyor in production
Application of heavy duty conveyor in production

Heavy duty conveyors are used in a variety of manufacturing industries, and can be combined with automated production systems for continuous, efficient transportation. This special type of conveyor specializes in transporting all kinds of goods such as: Seamless boxes, pallets, crates… and many other heavy-duty products. Thanks to the sturdy design, good resistance, this conveyor line is a great choice for factories.

4/ Heavy duty conveyor at SUKAVINA adapts to each factory

Heavy duty conveyors at SUKAVINA adapt to each factory
Heavy duty conveyors at SUKAVINA adapt to each factory

Sukavia Heavy Duty Conveyor Belt has a flexible structure, the frame is usually made of high-grade steel or aluminum, extremely sturdy, electrostatic paint outside helps prevent rust, easy to clean. The conveyor surface is high quality PVC or steel rollers, stainless steel rollers… ensure to withstand the necessary load of goods and operate well regardless of time. Besides, it is also installed more sensors, motor deceleration … to suit the needs of use.

Sukavina owns a team of professional engineers, designing suitable heavy-duty conveyor systems for each production field and suitable product type, ensuring maximum productivity for businesses.

In addition to heavy duty conveyors, Sukavina has been providing comprehensive productivity improvement solutions for factories, industrial parks, and large corporations through products such as conveyors, operating tables, trolleys, and shelves. …

For more information, please contact us via hotline 0979 034 634 (Mr Toan) or 0931 115 115 (Mr Nang). Sukavina is pleased to serve!

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