Inclined Conveyor: Structure, classification, practical application

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What is an inclined conveyor, what is its structure, classification and practical application? All will be answered through the article below.
Inclined conveyor is one of the most commonly used conveyors today. With a special structure, this conveyor is capable of transporting objects from low to high position. In this article, let’s learn about the structure, classification, and application of this type of conveyor with Sukavina!
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What is an inclined conveyor?

Inclined conveyors are also known as inclined angle conveyors. This type of conveyor belt has a common application in production with the ability to move easily and quickly. Inclined conveyors are often installed in small factories, short transportation ranges or warehouses. Using this product is said to be an effective solution to increase capacity, mobility as well as save installation space. In particular, this conveyor can also transport objects from low to high positions, so it is suitable for many industries and fields of production.

What is an inclined conveyor?
What is an inclined conveyor?

Structure of inclined conveyor

To better understand the inclined conveyor, it is necessary to understand its structure. The inclined conveyor consists of the following basic components:
  • Conveyor frame: Usually made of powder-coated steel, the part that determines the quality and value of the conveyor. The ice frame needs to have a solid structure and high durability.
  • Tilt angle change system: Includes support arm, lifting mechanism to be able to change the tilt angle automatically or manually.
  • Conveyor support surface: Made of rubber material, PVC belt or conveyor roller
  • Wheels: Available in size and durability depending on the intended use
  • Electrical system: Including controller, motor. Motor power will vary depending on the load of the goods to be loaded as well as the weight of the conveyor. Can use inverter control or speed control.

At, we provide all kinds of conveyor belts, from PVC conveyor belts to roller conveyors, folding conveyors. Depending on customer needs, we can process different types of conveyors, in addition to products such as operating tables, trolleys, shelves,… All information is at the bottom of this article page. .

How are inclined conveyors different from flat conveyors?

Based on the name, it is possible to immediately recognize the difference of inclined conveyors compared to flat conveyors. Flat conveyors have flat, horizontal conveyor surfaces and inclined conveyors to the ground. These two types of conveyors can be distinguished as follows:
  • Flat Conveyor: Installed and operated horizontally, parallel to the ground. This type of conveyor belt is quite diverse in design and design and can be used with all types of conveyor belts from rubber, stainless steel, stainless steel rollers…
  • Tilt Conveyor: Installed and operated in the inclined direction (inclination depends on customer requirements, usually no more than 20 degrees). If the inclination is more than 20 degrees, it should be carefully calculated so as not to affect the transportation process.
Difference between flat conveyor and inclined conveyor
Difference between flat conveyor and inclined conveyor

Classification of popular inclined conveyors on the market

They are classified based on structure and function. Each type of conveyor will have its own advantages and characteristics to suit different requirements. Below are some types of inclined conveyors that are commonly used on the market today.
  • Movable Conveyor: A type of conveyor that is fitted with wheels so that it can be moved, making it convenient and easy to move in the factory. This conveyor can work flexibly in many positions without taking up much space or space.
  • Fixed Conveyor: Fixed inclined conveyor is used at a certain position. Therefore, this type of conveyor has a very large volume and tonnage and is usually arranged at the place where goods are loaded onto the container.
  • Inclined roller conveyor: A type of conveyor using rollers, suitable for transporting light goods from the vehicle to the warehouse. The goods will automatically slide down thanks to the inclination of the conveyor belt without the need for a motor.
  • Tilt Conveyor: This is the most commonly used type of product. Its advantage is that it can bring goods up or vice versa. As a result, this type of conveyor has great practicality and customizability.
  • Butterfly conveyor: Has the same structure as the lifting conveyor, however, this type of conveyor will have 2 wings on both sides instead of 1 side. These two wings can be adjusted to raise and lower to suit many different purposes.


There are many types of inclined conveyors with different characteristics and applications
There are many types of inclined conveyors with different characteristics and applications

As mentioned, each type of inclined conveyor will have different characteristics and prices. Therefore, to save costs and still ensure work performance, you need to seek advice from reputable and reliable conveyor manufacturing companies.


These products with great benefits are being applied in many different fields and industries.

The Benefits

  • Allows to change the tilt angle, making it optimal and flexible during use and operation.
  • Inclined conveyor has flexibility, high durability, can be installed in many different locations and areas in the factory.
  • Low price.
  • Fast payback time thanks to high productivity.

The Application

Inclined conveyors are being widely applied in many production fields such as transporting goods, food processing, manufacturing components… Specifically, the applications of inclined conveyors must include:
  • Application in food processing industry: Confectionery, agricultural and aquatic products…
  • Producing plastic components, electronic components
  • Help transfer goods in and out of the car quickly at the warehouse
Using inclined conveyors saves time and effort, reduces labor costs while ensuring the highest working efficiency.

Sukavina – a reputable and quality supplier of inclined conveyor solutions

After learning about inclined conveyors, surely customers are very curious to know where to provide this product with good quality and competitive price. Sukavina is proud to be the leading unit in the South region operating in the field of design, manufacturing, industrial processing.

Sukavina - a supplier of quality inclined conveyors with competitive prices
Sukavina – a supplier of quality inclined conveyors with competitive prices
With many years of experience, possessing a team of good engineers and advanced production equipment system, Sukavina is the first choice of many large and small enterprises when there is a need for solutions and production processes.
Inclined conveyors are also a key product at Sukavina. To learn more about this product, please contact:

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