Instructions for proper conveyor maintenance according to experts

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How to make the conveyor belt work smoothly and last for a long time? Sukavina will tell you 4 golden rules for extending conveyor belt life. Apply now for proper conveyor maintenance!

1/ Why should you maintain the conveyor belt regularly?

  • Regular conveyor maintenance will keep conveyor belts and internal machinery in good condition. In the long run, frequent, heavy use can damage many parts without knowing it, leading to costly and time-consuming repairs.
  • When conveyors operate without regular maintenance, it will lead to excess material accumulation, dirt underneath causing conveyor belt wear. Check and adjust
  • Adjusting conveyor components to the correct operating level according to the manufacturer’s recommendations will help limit wear and tear.
  • Conveyor maintenance helps increase productivity, ensuring workloads as originally planned.
  • Checking the conveyor belt regularly will help it operate continuously and at full capacity to help work efficiently and save time.
Why is regular conveyor maintenance necessary?
Why is regular conveyor maintenance necessary?

2/ Use PVC conveyor belt in accordance with product characteristics

The selection of PVC conveyor belt should be based on the requirements and characteristics of the enterprise’s products, such as the weight of the goods, the size, the product material, etc.

Do not use PVC conveyor belts to transport loads whose weight or dimensions (length, width, and height) exceed the permitted regulations. It is important to note that different types of PVC conveyor belts have different requirements for the product, for example, Sukavina’s PVC conveyor belts transport goods 35 to 50kg or less, in length, width, and length. and a height of 0.5m or less.

3/ Minimizing the impact of the environment on PVC conveyor belts

Conveyors operate in environments that produce paints, powders, dirt, acids, alkalis, liquids, etc. Causing abrasion and oxidation leading to a rapid reduction in service life, this is the main cause of the system. broken chain. Therefore, conveyor belts need to be shielded from direct contact with harmful substances.

For PVC conveyor belts, it is essential to install boxes and covers that protect the motor, electrical equipment and operating components. However, no matter how well shielded, dirt can still cling to the conveyor during operation. Therefore, you need to check regularly; clean the conveyor belt to ensure that the conveyor belt is in good working order and prolong its service life.

Conveyor belts should be limited to avoid contact with dirt
Conveyor belts should be limited to avoid contact with dirt

4/ Ensure production safety, labor safety

PVC conveyor systems are closely linked to the entire production chain, so individual or business owners need to train employees on how to use and operate the conveyor. It will be very dangerous for the product, the machine system and

the worker himself if the worker does not work properly with the control panel and on the conveyor.

Maintain correct operating procedures for PVC conveyor belts: alert staff should be given when PVC conveyor belts start or end operations; remove items and equipment unrelated to conveyor and electrical box production; Wear neat and appropriate work uniforms, without superfluous details.

5/ Periodic maintenance of the conveyor system

Using PVC conveyor belts requires maintenance and care of conveyor belts, motors and machines after a certain period of time. Through the maintenance process, errors or adjustments or changes can be detected in time without spreading to other details.

A PVC conveyor belt should be maintained quarterly if it is placed in an ideal environment, and should be warranted monthly if it is placed in an unstable environment.

If you use the conveyor belt regularly, you should have a regular inspection schedule
If you use the conveyor belt regularly, you should have a regular inspection schedule

6/ Technical conveyor maintenance process

6.1 Eliminate sources of pollution

In order for the conveyor belt to run continuously and smoothly, it is important to avoid a contaminated environment, dust, and regularly check and clean it.

6.2 Lubricating and lubricating the engine

Lubricating grease can increase conveyor belt traction and reduce system drag. Currently, there are many conveyor systems with integrated automatic lubrication design. However, you still need to check regularly to make sure the conveyor belt is operating smoothly and quietly. The grease check also helps machine parts, not rust, not oxidize.

Helps parts keep their original standard shape. In addition, grease also prevents dirt from entering the inside of the machine’s parts.

Regularly apply lubricating oil to keep the conveyor belt running smoothly
Regularly apply lubricating oil to keep the conveyor belt running smoothly

6.3 Checking the balancing mechanism

This is a basic, simple but very important factor that many people overlook. The balance level structure should be checked regularly. The leveling position should be adjusted according to the extended operation time of the conveyor. However, it is still necessary to ensure the elasticity of the conveyor belt, so that it does not separate from the structure of the system.

6.4 Caring for Conveyors

Regular inspection of conveyor belts is very important. This helps to ensure that the conveyor belt is always running smoothly and without obstructions on the surface or side. It is important to pay close attention to ensure safety in production by not allowing the conveyor belt to deflect at any speed.

Check and care for conveyor belts periodically
Check and care for conveyor belts periodically

Reference: How to calculate and design conveyor system

Sukavina has provided you with information on proper conveyor maintenance. To keep track of useful information about industrial equipment.

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