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We can easily see manipulator table (industrial working tables) in most factories and workshops with many different shapes and materials. This product is intended to serve the manufacturing industry to help workers handle jobs more quickly and accurately. So what types of workbenches are there? Which industries need to use the workbench? Let’s find out with through this article!

1/ What is a manipulator table (Industrial working tables)?

What is a manipulator table?
What is a manipulator table?


Working table is a special type of table used in production to support workers’ operation more conveniently and quickly. When there is a working table, the production process will be simpler, saving workers’ effort, thereby increasing labor productivity. In addition, choosing the right working table also increases the professionalism and aesthetics of the factory.

Also has the same structure as normal tables, but the operating table is designed more specifically, suitable for each industry, each factory to ensure the fastest and most accurate production operations.

The working table is usually made from sturdy materials (stainless steel, aluminum, powder coated steel, alloy …) anti-rust and anti-wear, in addition to adding accessories to facilitate the working process. There are many types of desks, each suitable for a different purpose.

2/ Construction of the manipulator table

Construction of the manipulator table
Construction of the manipulator table


The structure of the manipulator table (operating table) includes the main components:

Table frame: Usually rectangular or square frame, made from aluminum or galvanized steel, powder coated steel. In some special industries, the table frame can be stainless steel or plastic coated steel pipe.

Table top: The table top also has a variety of materials, depending on the production characteristics, businesses can choose table tops such as stainless steel, PVC, industrial wood, aluminum, galvanized steel or powder coated steel …

Couplings: Couplings are also a very important part, joints make it easier to assemble and move the workbench, in addition, the table structure can be changed to suit through the joints.

In addition to the three main parts above, the operating table can also be fitted with additional accessories such as lights, signal lights, power sockets, etc. to quickly detect problems at the table position.

3/ In which industries is the manipulator table applied?

In which industries is the manipulator table applied?
In which industries is the manipulator table applied?


Convenient, efficient workbenches should be used in most industries with characteristic designs and materials:

  • In the production of electronics, electronic components.
  • Medical device manufacturing industry.
  • Textile, footwear.
  • Food processing, confectionery and beverage industry.
  • Packaging and printing industry.
  • Use in clean rooms, laboratories and production workshops.

For the electrical and electronic industry in general, the anti-static working table is the most suitable choice to ensure the safety of workers and products.

For the medical and food industry, which requires cleanliness, the stainless steel workbench is the optimal choice.

Currently, businesses also prefer stainless steel tables because of their aesthetics, durability, anti-rust and easy cleaning.

4/ How many types of industrial working tables are there?

How many types of industrial working tables are there?
How many types of industrial working tables are there?


If classified in terms of structure, there are 2 types of operating tables: welding and assembly. At present, factories choose the assembly operation table mainly because it is convenient for moving, installing and can change the structure easily by moving the position of the joints.

Working tables have many types, which can be divided into many different types based on function, structure or material, serving different needs and purposes.

4.1/ Sort by structure

Perforated manipulator table

The perforated working table is also made of high-quality stainless steel, has the same structure as a regular table, but the face still has holes to help create ventilation and limit dust.

Just like the usual workbench in terms of structure and function, the field of application. However, the highlight of this perforated industrial table is that it has a built-in system of holes on the table surface to create ventilation, limiting dust and dirt from sticking to the table.

Tables with holes are often used in the food, beverage, confectionery production…

Manipulator table with drawers

The desk design has 1 or more drawers for convenient storage of tools and papers during work. This type of desk is often used in industry to help workers store and arrange necessary working tools without having to spend time searching.

Manipulator table with wheels

Take on the role of normal operating tables, but the wheeled table is designed with 4 more wheels with brakes at 4 corners to help move flexibly. This is extremely convenient for moving the table when needed, or can be folded into a corner after use.

Manipulator table with adjustable feet

The working table has adjustable feet to help change the height of the table, flexible and suitable for all needs. Using tables with adjustable feet helps businesses save a lot of time and money if they want to adjust the table structure or change production requirements.

Manipulator table with lights

The table is equipped with a system of 1 or more LED lights, serving the needs of assembling and producing items that require meticulousness and high precision such as electronics, manufacturing phones, computers, and microchips. …

Assembly manipulator table

The assembly manipulator table is a type of table that uses joints to link parts together, the commonly used material is ABS  plastic coated steel pipe or stainless steel pipe. The outstanding advantage of this type of desk is that it can be flexible, change the table structure according to needs, besides it is also easy to transport and assemble. This is one of the types of desks that are favored by many factories because of their versatility and savings.

4.2/ Classification by function

Clean room manipulator table

This type of table is usually made of stainless steel material with anti-rust properties, durable, smooth table surface helps limit dust, easy to clean, so it is very suitable for industries that require high cleanliness such as healthcare, food, laboratory, pharmaceutical, cosmetic…

The disadvantage of stainless steel workbench is that there is no flexibility. In other words, the connectors are soldered together and cannot be disassembled, so it is inconvenient to transport. Stainless steel materials are also quite expensive, so the price of stainless steel tables is also higher than other materials.

Anti-static manipulator table

Anti-static workbench usually used in the production and assembly of electronic components and general electrical industries. The table top is specially designed, with anti-static ESD rubber mat to help ensure the safety of workers and products. The table frame is designed with plastic coated steel pipes for safe insulation or other materials depending on the requirements of the factory. The table is designed with many different designs, with additional lights, incident lights, height-adjustable legs, etc. to suit production needs.

Manipulator table assembling workers

The assembly manipulator table usually has a smooth surface, combined with lights and electrical sockets to serve the assembly operations of workers, helping to increase labor efficiency. This type of table is very popular, mostly used in all industries from electronics, textiles, equipment assembly, machinery, food…

Bonded examination table

This is a special type of workbench, equipped with lighting systems and special equipment used in product inspection, QC rooms, etc. to help accurately check product quality and handle defective products. before shipment.

4.3/ Classification by material

Manipulator table with aluminum frame (Shape aluminum manipulator table)

The aluminum profile working table is designed with a solid aluminum frame, with wheels for convenient movement, flexible joints to help adjust when needed. The table top can be made from many materials such as high-quality MDF, Composite plastic or aluminum that can be applied with an anti-static layer. This type of table is often used in industrial production, garment, packaging, … with a cheaper price than stainless steel tables.

Stainless steel manipulator table (Stainless steel work table)

The working table is made of high-quality stainless steel material with anti-fouling, anti-rust and durable properties, the smooth surface is easy to clean, suitable for industries that require high cleanliness such as food, medical … Stainless steel tables are also chosen by many businesses because of its durability.

Powder coated steel manipulator table (Electric paint steel manipulator table)

The steel workbench is cheaper than stainless steel, the structure is solid steel, the outer layer of electrostatic paint makes it easy to clean and prevent rust. In terms of aesthetics and convenience, both are inferior to stainless steel tables, but the low price and high durability are the reasons for businesses to choose this type of table.

Above are the typical operating tables that Sukavina would like to introduce to you. In fact, tables have extremely diverse designs and materials, depending on the needs and actual area of the factory, we design each type of table separately, ensuring the most economical, high production efficiency. best.

5/ – Manufacturer, supplier (own design) prestigious manipulator table (industrial working table), good price

One of the largest and most reputable suppliers of industrial workbenches today is Sukavina. This is a unit specializing in providing products for industry, including design and consulting solutions to help improve production processes and increase labor productivity.

Sukavina’s outstanding products include (manipulators of all kinds, PVC conveyor belts, roller conveyors, trolleys, shelves, etc., including small parts such as wheels, joints, etc.)

Sukavina is a reliable partner for many years of large enterprises such as Samsung, Panasonic, Toshiba, Thaco Truong Hai, Biti’s… Sukavina is proud to have contributed to helping partners improve productivity and efficiency.

To learn more about Sukavina’s manipulator table (operating tables), customers can call hotline 0979 034 634 or website: for advice, design the most optimal production solution!

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