How to choose quality, economical packaging conveyors for businesses

Một số loại băng tải đóng gói - packaging conveyors

Using conveyor belts in industrial production is extremely necessary to increase the productivity and efficiency of the factory. Especially the processing and packaging industry requires limiting contact with people, prioritizing automation to minimize bacteria, ensuring sterility of the product inside. Below are the most commonly used packaging conveyors and the criteria for their selection.

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1/ Some common types of packaging conveyors

Roller Conveyor

Roller Conveyor - packaging conveyors
Roller Conveyor – packaging conveyors

Roller conveyor is understood as a machine consisting of firmly connected rollers for transporting and supporting goods in modern industrial production industries. This system is commonly used for light to very heavy weight products. At the same time, it also works very well in dusty environments or with corrosive chemicals.

Most goods, especially the processing industries, are packed in carton boxes for easy storage and transportation, and roller conveyors become the first choice. Usually large packages, heavy weight will apply roller conveyor.

PU Conveyor Belt

Conveyor belts are made from polyurethane (also known as PU). It is virtually impervious to chemicals, resists the accumulation of dirt, is impervious to water, and is easy to clean and maintain. The advantages of this material include smoothness, non-polluting properties, water resistance, heat resistance and wear resistance.

PU conveyor belt is widely applied in processing and packing seafood, coffee, cashew nuts, confectionery, etc.

PVC Conveyor

PVC Conveyor
PVC Conveyor

PVC conveyor belts are the standard conveyor belts in the food industry. PVC conveyor belt is anti-static, has good chemical resistance and is waterproof, heat-insulating.

Depending on the needs of the factory, manufacturers can design fireproof PVC conveyor belts to ensure safety for people and products.

Each type of conveyor has certain advantages to suit each production industry. Therefore, please refer to the following to choose the most suitable conveyor belt.

2/ Standard packing conveyor

Standard packing conveyor
Standard packing conveyor

The processing and packaging industries need to operate under distinct conditions. This ensures safety and prevents contact of chemicals or impurities with the products. Therefore, the production line system must also meet the following conditions:

Quality assurance

The quality assurance conveyor system helps to ensure the stability and continuity of the production. Price often goes hand in hand with quality, so you need to prioritize this factor so that your factory can avoid disruptions during operation, processing and packaging.

High flexibility packaging conveyors

Packaging conveyors systems are often designed to be curved or can be customized to save space. While saving time and money, it brings great economic benefits to businesses.

Requires packaging conveyors to meet food safety standards

Food safety and hygiene is a top requirement in food processing and packaging. For this reason, the conveyor system must have a smooth, easy-to-clean, heat-resistant surface that will not crack or scratch easily. In addition, avoid microorganisms attached to the conveyor belt causing unsanitary, food poisoning,… Conveyor design materials are good materials that are allowed to be used in the food industry.

3/ Choose a reputable conveyor supplier (for packaging conveyor)

Choose a reputable conveyor supplier
Choose a reputable conveyor supplier

Choosing a reputable conveyor supplier. As a leading distributor of quality and modern packaging conveyors, bringing economic efficiency to businesses, Sukavina Co., Ltd. provides conveyor solutions, industrial equipment Professional high quality.

You can refer to the product catalog of at this link: Conveyor

If you are satisfied with the design, please contact us for the best product design support, the most economical. Details at the bottom of the article.

Professional installation

With many years of experience in the field of manufacturing, processing and installing conveyor systems of all kinds, Sukavina specializes in consulting and installing industrial conveyor systems of all kinds such as: PVC conveyor belts, roller conveyors, etc. rough conveyor… Conveyor system is designed, manufactured and assembled to ensure genuine and high quality raw materials.
We support businesses with conveyor installation options suitable for diverse production and business needs, meeting quality standards.

Scientific construction process

With a scientific and professional working process, we help businesses meet production requirements with the most optimal conveyor assembly solution. To make sure you understand the system specification (packaging conveyor system), the designer provides technical drawings and explains the technology applied.
Then the specialist makes the right design choice. By following a rigorous workflow, manufacturing errors caused by long conveyor operations can be minimized.

Commitment to quality and price

At Sukavina, industrial conveyor systems meet industry standards, safety guidelines, ISO standards and international standards. Diverse types and models of industrial conveyors are manufactured to meet the needs of factories. We always provide affordable prices for conveyor systems, commensurate with the best quality, the highest benefits for partners.
Above is the information to help you choose the correct packaging conveyor (packing conveyor), quality, suitable for production needs.
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