Plastic chain conveyor – the first choice of the food industry

Băng tải xích nhựa – sự lựa chọn hàng đầu của ngành sản xuất thực phẩm

Plastic chain conveyors are the first choice of food companies and enterprises because of their outstanding and outstanding characteristics. Plastic chain conveyors contribute to creating high economic value by simplifying the transportation process and optimizing labor productivity.

1/ What is plastic chain conveyor?

Plastic chain conveyor is a type of chain conveyor manufactured from high-grade primary plastic, with diverse designs to help meet many different needs of the factory.

What is Plastic Chain Conveyor?
What is Plastic Chain Conveyor?

2/ Structure of plastic chain conveyor

  • Conveyor frames are mainly cast from steel or aluminum profiles.
  • The chain is made of high-quality virgin plastic, the shaft is made of stainless steel, which is very durable.
  • The drive drum helps drive the conveyor belt to move the goods.
  • The control system monitors the entire conveyor unit.
  • The inverter controls the speed of the conveyor.

3/ The advantages in the manufacturing industry

  • It material is light in weight, easy to process and assemble, saving a lot of cost and time of customers.
  • With high durability, very effective wear resistance, low power consumption, it operates stably and smoothly for a long time.
  • Easy inspection, maintenance with low cost.

4/ Features

  • Mainly used to transport fresh food, frozen food, dry food … very safe, does not cause odor or fermentation.
  • Easy to assemble, smart and flexible design, suitable for diverse terrain and weather conditions.
  • Monitored by a control system that makes transportation simple and is an indispensable choice for businesses producing meat, seafood, confectionery…

5/ What is the working principle of plastic chain conveyor?

The active motor is transmitted to the active drum, the force is transmitted to the conveyor surface, causing the goods to move forward. Conveyor belts are monitored for safety by motor reducers and speed by inverters, ensuring stable, continuous operation over time.

How does the plastic chain conveyor work?
How does the plastic chain conveyor work?

6/ Applications of plastic chain conveyors in industry

The important applications of plastic chain conveyors in industry that you may not know are as follows:

  • In food production: chain conveyors transport materials for the production of confectionery, meat and seafood very safely and quickly, while complying with food hygiene and safety conditions, contributing to increasing efficiency. High economic for companies and enterprises.
  • In industry: chain conveyors transport raw materials for production in steel plants, cement plants, chemical plants, etc. to help free up labor for workers and ensure their health and safety. .
  • In addition, they also save a large investment but the return is very good.
  • In transportation: chain conveyors classify goods by order code and province / city code to help bring them to the recipient easily without having to do it manually, saving a lot of time for the delivery company, Post office, courier company…

7/ Product Classification

7.1 Straight Plastic Chain Conveyor

Straight plastic chain conveyor is a conveyor with a straight shape in a pre-specified direction, which helps to transport goods with a hard bottom plane very safely, ensuring a fast and convenient work schedule. They are used to transport cartons, plastic crates, canned fruits, water bottles, etc.

Straight Plastic Chain Conveyor
Straight Plastic Chain Conveyor

7.2 Curved plastic chain conveyor

Curved plastic chain conveyor is used to transport goods of any shape in a curved direction to transfer them to the next production stage, ensuring the production process is synchronized and continuous over time. They are widely applied in the food, cosmetic, electronics, assembly industries…

Curved plastic chain conveyor
Curved plastic chain conveyor

8/ Some important notes when using to ensure the life of the conveyor belt

Some important notes when using plastic chain conveyors to ensure a long service life:

  • When buying plastic chain conveyors, you need to pay attention to the material of the conveyor. Most materials are imported from abroad to meet the weather conditions operating in that country. Therefore, you need to trace the origin of the product to make the right choice for your job.
  • When transporting goods, attention should be paid to carrying the correct allowable load of the conveyor. If the load is exceeded, the chain will be damaged, adversely affecting the use of the conveyor.
  • You should check and maintain regularly to prevent problems such as dirt sticking or parts being worn out over time.

Above is information about plastic chain conveyor. If there is a need for conveyors or other industrial equipment, please contact Sukavina for more detailed advice!

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