The latest types of bucket conveyors in 2023

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Bucket conveyor is a special product that helps to move goods or materials vertically for the production process. This is a transportation solution in a modern factory to save labor and increase labor productivity.

1/ What is Bucket Conveyor?

Bucket conveyors are industrial equipment mainly used to transport materials vertically. Bucket conveyor has the ability to operate stably, long-term, occupy very little space, light weight. Bucket conveyors are widely used in factories producing gypsum, cement, minerals, animal feed, poultry, etc.

2/ How is the structure of the bucket conveyor belt?

2.1 External structure of the excavator motor

The external structure of the ladle motor includes the following main parts:

  • Body – bucket tube: Has the shape of a guard pipe, usually rectangular or U-shaped.
  • Legs – head of the bucket: It is a combination of 3 main components, including shielding, panel iron and V iron.
  • Feed pipe – discharge material: Made of corrugated iron. The supply pipe is attached to the bottom of the bucket, the discharge pipe is attached to the top of the bucket.
  • Motor: Is the most important part for stable and continuous operation of the bucket.

2.2 Internal structure of the excavator motor

The internal structure of the excavator engine includes the following main parts:

  • The active drive roller is located on top of the bucket, the passive drive roller is located at the bottom of the bucket.
  • Spindle shaft: cast through the roller and outside there are 2 knitted bearings to help the spindle move in a circle.Straps – ropes:
  • The outside is made of rubber, the inside has layers for the purpose of installing the bucket trough. (See also: Types of belts commonly used in conveyor belts)
  • Bucket trough: Made of corrugated iron or plastic. The bucket chute is assembled to the belt by tightening bolts.

3/ What types of conveyors are used?

3.1 Plastic bucket conveyor

Plastic bucket conveyors are widely applied by many factories in production to increase worker productivity. Plastic bucket conveyor has low cost, so it is very suitable for farmers to bring high economic efficiency.

Plastic bucket conveyors
Plastic bucket conveyors

3.2 Bucket conveyor belt with rubber band (bucket conveyor belt)

Rubber bucket conveyor has outstanding features of high strength, good waterproof, good abrasion resistance and effective heat resistance. Bucket conveyor has a large capacity in the range of 50-200m3/hour and can transport many different materials such as iron ore, coal, aluminum…

Rubber bucket conveyors
Rubber bucket conveyors

3.3 Chain conveyor

Chain bucket conveyor has a very strong and sturdy structure used to transport heavy materials and various minerals such as iron ore, copper ore, chromium, titanium, silver, gold … Chain bucket conveyor is mainly used mainly in raw material factories, chemical plants, oil refineries.

Bucket conveyors belt with chain
Bucket conveyors belt with chain

4. Working principle of bucket conveyor

Bucket conveyor has an operating principle that is not too complicated. First, the materials are poured into the feed pipe and then they flow into the bucket chutes. Next, the pulley roller shaft carries the bucket trough vertically and then flows into the discharge pipe. Finally, the bucket chute returns to the passive roller and repeats continuously during use.

5. Some outstanding features of bucket conveyors you may not know

Some outstanding features of bucket conveyors that you may not know are as follows:

  • Bucket conveyors transport materials vertically with high efficiency, capable of continuous operation for a long time.
  • Has a higher material transport speed than vertical conveyors but still ensures that no dirt is attached to the materials.
  • Bucket conveyor belts are manufactured from good quality galvanized steel and fired at high temperatures, so this product has a long service life and is durable for a long time.
  • Can transport many different materials such as iron ore, copper ore, coal, aluminum … for high economic efficiency, bringing profits to businesses.
  • Easy assembly with just a few simple steps, occupies a very small area, reduces electrical energy consumption, low investment costs bring high productivity for businesses.
  • Bucket conveyors limit material loss during vertical transportation, making work progress much faster.
  • Bucket conveyor has the effect of replacing human labor, supporting automation and ensuring safety for workers.
Bucket conveyors has outstanding advantages
Bucket conveyors has outstanding advantages

6. Outstanding applications of bucket conveyors in industry

The outstanding applications of bucket conveyors in industry that you can refer to are as follows:

  • Bucket conveyor has a sturdy and sturdy structure, so it is used to transport minerals of all kinds such as coal ore, iron, copper, titanium, chromium…
  • Bucket conveyors are also used in powder and granular factories in industry with low cost and high profit for businesses.
  • Bucket conveyors are applied to raw material crushing plants, feeding furnaces of heat exchange tower systems, cement silos, etc. on a small to large scale.

Reference: Common types of conveyor belts in industry

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