Top 5 best food conveyor belts on the market today

Top 5 Loại băng tải thực phẩm tốt nhất thị trường hiện nay
Food conveyor belts are specialized conveyors for the food processing industry. Let’s learn about this product through the article below !
The importance of food conveyor belts in the food processing, manufacturing and packaging industry cannot be denied. This equipment was born to ensure the production process is fast, efficient and meets food hygiene and safety standards. In this article, let’s find out in more detail what food conveyor belts are, how many types are there and what are its characteristics!
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What is a Food Conveyor?

Food conveyor belts are specialized conveyors in the food industry on an industrial scale, serving for processing and packaging lines. The production line will save time, human labor and improve production efficiency.
Food conveyors include many different devices, used to transport raw materials and food during production and packaging. Depending on the size and different requirements of businesses and facilities, conveyor belts can be designed with 1, 2 or more floors to optimize space.
What is a Food Conveyor?
What is a Food Conveyor?

Conveyor belt can be used for a variety of foods from beverages, fruits, food with the use of filling, canning, cleaning…

Structure of food conveyor belt

  • Conveyor frame: Stainless steel 201, 304, galvanized steel…
  • Conveyor belt: Made of PU, PVC, modular plastic, stainless steel chain
  • Width: As required (usually in the range of 300-800mm)
  • Length: Depending on request (3-8m)
  • Number of floors: Depending on request
  • Geared motor: 380v, 50hz, 3phase
  • Controller: Inverter, switch
  • In addition, food conveyors have push plates, side baffles and other accessories to meet production process requirements.

Features of food conveyor belt

  • Food conveyors have unique characteristics to suit the manufacturing industry. Specifically, the features of this device are:
  • The structure is easy to install and clean.
  • Conveyor belt is made of flexible material, thin but needs to be sure.
  • Conveyor surface must be clean for easy cleaning.
  • Conveyor belt does not stick, no cuts, cracks, scratches to limit bacteria sticking.
  • Conveyor belts are usually manufactured in chains, moving through many different stages, so the active and copper rollers must have corrosion resistance, compact design to be able to connect two conveyors together.
  • Usually designed in the form of 1 floor, 2 floors to save space and increase productivity.
  • The material for making food conveyor belts is usually stainless steel because of its anti-corrosion, easy sterilization and charging properties


Food conveyor belts have outstanding features
Food conveyor belts have outstanding features

At, we specialize in providing different types of conveyors, from cargo conveyors to food, inclined conveyors, manipulators, trolleys, shelves, sliders, rollers, tubes. plastic, … all serve the purpose of production, business, factory, enterprise. If you, your readers need to learn, consult, order processing according to your wishes, please contact us. Details are at the end of this article.

Why use food conveyor belts?

Using conveyor belts is considered extremely necessary for the production, processing and packaging of food. The benefits of this device are:
  • Less energy consumption, cost saving.
  • Low noise, suitable for working in quiet environment.
  • Ability to operate stably, can adjust speed, capacity depending on desired needs.
  • Food conveyor control equipment is protected against corrosion and oxidation.
  • The equipment has a simple structure, making maintenance and replacement easy and fast, thereby shortening the production time.
  • Ensure worker safety, easy to clean with specialized cleaning water.
  • Helps to keep food separate thanks to the non-stick surface of the conveyor belt.

Types of food conveyors are popular today (Top 5 types of conveyors used in food)

Currently, there are quite a few different types of food conveyors for use in the processing and packaging industry. Each type of conveyor will have different characteristics and advantages.

There are different types of food conveyors
There are different types of food conveyors

Food grade plastic conveyor belt (PVC or PU conveyor belt)

This is a conveyor belt using plastic belts made of PVC, PU, PP material to ensure food safety requirements. The modular plastic binding belt style is also adaptable in cold environments.
  • Plastic belts are cheap, easy to maintain and assemble.
  • Modular plastic straps offer high corrosion resistance and maximum hygiene.
  • Stable operation, low noise.
  • There are no sharp edges to ensure absolute safety for workers when working.

Food Chain Conveyor

A common type of conveyor used in food is the plastic chain conveyor. This is a conveyor belt with a conveyor belt using a modular plastic chain connecting each other, popularly used in the production of beverages, soft drinks, wine, beer, sandwiches. Conveyor belts of this type are linked by longitudinal chains. Advantages of plastic chain conveyor:
  • Simple design, various models.
  • Smooth working, no noise, high aesthetics.
  • Low cost.
  • The chain conveyor has the advantage of being lightweight, helping the motor to load gently and save electricity.

Food drying conveyor

Conveyor belt drying is a conveyor belt combined with drying, which is applied in the food processing industry. This conveyor is specifically designed to be able to work in high temperature environments, ensuring safety when equipped with additional devices such as relays, sirens when the machine has problems. This conveyor belt is applied in the food industry such as agricultural products, vegetables, and seafood. The advantage of this type of conveyor is that it is easy to use, easy to adjust the temperature for each different product. The device is durable over time, good permeability, stable temperature circulation, chemical resistance, extremely good non-stick.

Roller Conveyor

This type of conveyor consists of gravity rollers and chain driven direct rollers. The roller is directly driven by the shaft and motor. This conveyor is used in food packaging processing and is designed to suit different product requirements.

Wire Mesh Conveyor

Conveyor belt is made of stainless steel material, has high temperature resistance. Conveyor belt has a mesh belt, the chain is linked together by stainless steel or in the form of a whole mesh chain. This is a conveyor belt with good heat resistance with large tensile force without deformation.

Address providing reputable and quality food conveyor belts

The demand for food conveyors of companies and businesses is increasing and this has created conditions for the production of this equipment to be born more and more. One of the leading units in the field of manufacturing, designing and constructing industrial solutions, Sukavina is also providing conveyor equipment of all kinds with the best quality.

Sukavina is a leading unit in the field of providing food conveyor belts
Sukavina is a leading unit in the field of providing food conveyor belts

Food conveyor belt is a product that many customers are interested in when coming to Sukavina. Sukavina has many years of operation in the industry of manufacturing and installing high-class conveyor systems. The company has been and is a partner of many large and small businesses across the country. For more detailed advice on food conveyor products, please contact Sukavina immediately

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