Types of popular plastic pipes today

Các loại ống nhựa phổ biến hiện nay
Plastic pipes are an extremely popular product in production and life. There are many types of plastic pipes such as PVC, uPVC, HDPE, PPR pipes… each type has different characteristics and is suitable for specific jobs. Let’s take a look at the most popular types of plastic pipes today!

1/ PVC pipe

Rigid PVC pipe is a type of plastic pipe that does not use plasticizers in chemical composition, which is one of the most popular types of plastic pipes today. PVC pipes have chemical components including: PVC powder, internal lubricants, external lubricants, stabilizers, fillers, pigments…
Types of uPVC pipes - plastic pipes
Types of uPVC pipes – plastic pipes

uPVC pipes are different from other types of PVC pipes because they contain poly acrylic to withstand strong impacts, stabilizers have good heat resistance, waxes make uPVC pipes have a smooth surface. uPVC pipes can be used in industrial equipment works and common items in households.

2/ HDPE pipes

HDPE plastic full name is High Density Poly Etylene, commonly used to produce plastic packaging, plastic items, HDPE plastic pipes… HDPE pipe is one of the types of plastic pipes with outstanding properties such as: long life, very durable, no rust, not affected by salt solutions, acids and alkalis, not affected by sunlight penetrating.

HDPE pipe
HDPE pipe
HDPE pipes are heat resistant in the range of -40oC to 327oC. HDPE pipe has high flexibility, so it can be installed on the ground without cracking at the joints.

3/ PPR . plastic pipe

PPR plastic pipes are manufactured from Polypropylene Random Copolymers, which is one of the types of water pipes used by many developed countries in the world to make modern water supply systems. PPR plastic pipes include the following 4 main types:
  • PPR PN10 plastic pipe used in cold water.
  • PPR PN16 plastic pipe for both hot and cold water.
  • PPR PN20 plastic pipe used exclusively for hot water.
  • PPR PN25 plastic pipes are used for special cases in countries with high pressure or very cold climates.
PPR . plastic pipe
PPR . plastic pipe

4/ Strengths and weaknesses of today’s popular plastic pipes

Some strengths and weaknesses of plastic pipes are shown in the following table:

Advantage Disadvantages
uPVC pipes Able to effectively withstand chemical corrosion, prevent algae and lime from forming in the inside of plastic pipes, and have low electrical and thermal conductivity. Very poor impact resistance, so the average life is very low, algae formation in the plastic pipe, obstructing the flow. In addition, in joints, people often use chemicals as glue, which is toxic to water sources and dangerous to human health if swallowed.
HDPE pipe Capable of withstanding temperatures up to 200oC in many different weather conditions, with high durability, high impact resistance, a maximum lifespan of up to 50 years if used correctly according to the technical instructions from the house. manufactured, with low electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, UV resistance to change the physical properties of plastic pipes, resistance to chloride salts, sulfates and other substances in the well, ensuring safety for human health according to international standards. When splicing, it is necessary to perform a specialized heat sealing method in industry, making it difficult to construct and install on the ground.
PPR . plastic pipe Has high mechanical strength, heat resistance up to 950oC, can be used for a very long time from 50 – 70 years, low conductivity, low thermal conductivity, prevents the formation of lime, algae in the heart plastic pipes, ensuring safe drinking water standards according to international organizations. Specialized industrial coupling equipment is required, which is also more expensive than other types of plastic pipes.

5/ Some notes when choosing plastic pipes

Some important notes when choosing plastic pipes that you need to pay attention to are as follows:
You need to determine your usage needs to choose the right type of plastic pipe.
You need to choose a reputable brand in the production and distribution of plastic pipes to buy genuine products, with a warranty included during use.
You also need to know the detailed information on each plastic pipe such as production date, expiry date, product code … to facilitate construction and installation.

6/ Where to buy famous plastic pipes in the South

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