What is a conveyor motor? What to know about conveyor motors?

Động cơ băng tải là gì? Những điều cần biết về động cơ băng tải?
The conveyor motor can be said to be the most important part in the conveyor system, playing the role of transmitting the main driving force to the rollers, moving the conveyor belt to participate in the transportation of goods. In this article, Sukavina will provide you with information about conveyor motors, their structure, classification and motor selection. Let’s refer!

1/ What is a conveyor motor?

It is the main part operating in the conveyor system, has the function of transporting goods and materials from point A to point B continuously over time while keeping the integrity. initial.
When the they are powered, they will work, causing the roller to rotate, pulling the conveyor belt and the goods above it. Note that they work by the frictional force between the roller and the conveyor belt, because when the conveyor belt is straight and tapered, it can take full advantage of the pulling force. Conversely, if the conveyor belt is slack, the roller will move faster than the conveyor belt, causing slow delivery or even falling off the conveyor.
What is a conveyor motor?
What is a conveyor motor?

It effectively supports workers in the working process. They also bring great economic benefits when applied in an industrial production environment

2/ How is the structure of the conveyor motor?

The product is mainly composed of the following main parts:
  • Active drivetrain and roller set.
  • Control system and geared motor for screw
  • Support frame system.
  • Roller or conveyor system.

3/ Classification of conveyor motor

3.1 Simple classification through current

Conveyor current motor includes AC motor and DC motor. AC motors use power directly from the power grid, while DC motors get power from batteries, generators, etc. Currently, AC motors are more commonly used because of their convenience and connectivity. their customs.

3.2 Classification according to phase voltage

Conveyor motor according to phase voltage includes 1-phase motor and 3-phase motor. Single-phase motor with small capacity and low power consumption, so it is often used for small capacity conveyor systems, mini conveyors, light cargo conveyors…
3-phase conveyor motor has a large capacity, so it is often used in industrial environments with continuous working density, large cargo loads. Although it has more power consumption than a single-phase motor, its delivery efficiency is many times higher.
Conveyor motor
Conveyor motor

3.3 According to the installation structure

Conveyor motor according to the installation structure includes drum motor, reducer motor, base motor, straight shaft motor, middle shaft motor. Each type will have its own advantages and disadvantages, so when buying a conveyor, the manufacturer will advise you on the most reasonable type of conveyor.
If choosing a conveyor motor that is not suitable for the operating principle of the existing system, it will cause difficulties in the installation process or cannot be installed because it is not compatible with the contactor or aptomat.

3.4 According to capacity

Conveyor motor by capacity includes 3 main types: large capacity motor (> 3.7 kW), medium capacity motor (0.2 kW to 3.7 kW) and small capacity motor (< 0.2 kW).
You need to pay attention to choosing the right conveyor motor with the right capacity because if you choose too low a capacity, the motor will not be able to pull the load or reduce capacity, heat and burn the engine. And if you choose too large a load, it will waste power and waste electricity.
In addition, you also need to choose a conveyor motor with a compatible rotational speed to meet the highest conveying time and productivity.

4/ Advantages of conveyor motor

The outstanding advantages of the conveyor motor are as follows:
  • It has compact structure, light weight, very easy to install or carry.
  • The product has very good performance, easy to repair and maintain when failure occurs.
  • The ability to operate smoothly and quietly during use, if used correctly and maintained regularly, the engine can work well for more than 5 years.
  • Item ensures worker safety in a scientific and professional working environment.

5/ Applications of conveyor motor

Some important applications of conveyor motors that you need to pay attention to are as follows:
  • In industry: Conveyor motor is an indispensable part in the conveyor system, playing the role of transporting goods to help shorten product production time. They are used in many different fields such as electronics, chemicals, mechanics, etc. to meet the constant demand from the market.
  • In agriculture: Conveyor motor in the feed and livestock transport system helps to reduce manual labor, bringing significant economic benefits to farmers.
  • In transportation: Conveyor motor can transport all kinds of goods from bulky and heavy weight to super small, easy to lose materials such as components, electronic details… In addition, it also helps to classify type goods quickly, accurately, ensure delivery at the pre-set location.
Conveyor motor applications
Conveyor motor applications

6/ How to choose a motor for a conveyor is simple with just a few basic steps

Choosing a conveyor motor is extremely important, determining the efficiency of the whole conveyor system, so Sukavina will guide you through the steps to choose the most accurate motor.
Some key steps for you to choose the most correct conveyor motor are as follows:
Step 1: Determine the load of the conveyor. The parameters that you need to pay attention to include the weight of the goods, the coefficient of friction of the conveyor, the working time of the conveyor, the voltage …
Step 2: Calculate the transmission ratio for the conveyor. Important conveyor ratios that you need to keep in mind include the speed of the conveyor belt, the speed of the pulley, the speed of the gearbox, the gear ratio of the engine, etc.
Step 3: Calculate the torque of the motor. This step consists of calculating the top torque of the poly and the top torque of the gearbox.
Step 4: Calculate the motor power of the conveyor with the formula P = T x N / 9.55 (kW) where T is the torque of the conveyor and N is the number of revolutions of the conveyor.
Step 5: Choose the appropriate motor for each type of conveyor. The steps above will help you determine the most important parameters of the conveyor you are using to choose the right motor. In addition, you should also pay attention to the condition and operating mode of the conveyor to choose the optimal conveyor motor.

7/ How to assemble the motor for the conveyor

Conveyor motors have many different types, so the way they are assembled is also completely different. Here are some ways to assemble the motor for the conveyor:
The base motor is usually assembled with the iron.
Flange motors are usually assembled together with rack flanges.
Drum engines are usually assembled on 2 knees.
Usually, the manufacturer or seller will support the assembly of the conveyor belt, so you don’t need to worry too much about this, just choose a quality conveyor supplier.
How to assemble the motor for the conveyor
How to assemble the motor for the conveyor

8/ Some common errors in conveyor motors

In the process of continuous groin transport, the conveyor motor is very prone to failure or damage if it is not detected and maintained in time. Some common errors in conveyor motors that you may not know during use:
  • The engine runs with a constant noise or other strange noises.
  • The engine is hot due to inefficient heat dissipation.
  • Motor leakage is usually caused by unstable or too high power transmission compared to the capacity of the conveyor.
  • The motor makes a sound but the conveyor belt does not rotate.
When detecting that the conveyor motor has the above abnormalities, you should stop it and check it immediately, you can contact the manufacturer for quick repair support.
In addition, during the use of conveyor belts, you should check regularly, once a month, clean and lubricate the motor, the joints. You also need to check the conveyor belt, frame and related parts to promptly detect damage and avoid problems in the production process.

9/ Sukavina – The place that provides prestigious mechanical products

Are you wondering where to provide top quality prestigious mechanical products in the South? Sukavina is proud to be an enterprise that manufactures and supplies industrial equipment with high quality standards.

Sukavina Conveyor Motor
Sukavina Conveyor Motor
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