What is PU material? Characteristics, applications in conveyors, wheels

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What is PU material, with application, characteristics and durability? All will be revealed through the article below!
PU material is always present in the list of favorite materials because of its durable properties and many stylish applications. This material is used to create many products to save costs and protect the environment. So, do you know what PU material is as well as its characteristics and applications as well as applications in conveyors and wheels? Let’s find out with Sukavina.com.vn!
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What is PU material?

PU stands for Polyurethane  – a material used in many different industries such as industry and fashion. This is a type of plastic that is immune to inorganic and organic chemicals. The advantage of this material is its high durability, which can maximize its advantages when combined with other materials.

What is PU material?
What is PU material?

Polyurethane is a compound made up of many different compounds such as isocyanates, catalysts, polyols, foaming agents, etc.

Chemical formula of PU . material

Polyurethane is composed of two parts, the hard part and the soft part. In which, Disocyanate is a component of the hard segment, and polyol forms the soft segment. Thanks to hydrogen bonding, the hard segments are joined together to form the hard phase. PU material has a high modulus of elasticity thanks to the main circuit being unbranched, straight and tightly connected.

Features of PU material

To better understand what PU is, and why it is so widely used and popular, you need to know a few of its characteristics.

PU material has outstanding features
PU material has outstanding features
PU material has the following characteristics:
  • Good abrasion resistance: PU has the ability to protect and help materials not be affected by external influences. In addition, this material is less prone to wear and tear, helping the products have a long life.
  • Does not stick to grease: PU material is not adhered to deep inside by substances such as oil, grease, and slime
  • Good pressure resistance: Compared with other materials, PU can withstand high pressure, so it is popularly used to produce tires, shockproof panels…
  • Hard to Tear: PU material has a tear strength from 500lbs/inch to 100lbs/inch, much higher than other rubbers.
  • Insulation ability: This is the type of rubber used to wrap wires and cables because they have high insulating ability, providing safety for users.
  • No stretch: PU material does not stretch after a period of use, so the products are always new and durable.

Application of PU material

PU material is widely applied in many different fields such as industry, fashion, furniture, water heater, cuisine and household life.

Application of PU material in industry

PU material is applied in industry thanks to the following advantages:
  • Chemical resistance
  • High resilience
  • Good mechanical properties
  • Good absorbency
  • High sound insulation
Some products made of PU material such as:
  • Conveyor roller: PU material helps the product to increase its life by 3 times compared to conventional rubber
  • EPDM or NBR shaft: Prevents cylinders from swelling and damage
  • Other types of shafts: PU material is used to cover many different types of shafts in the printing, textile, papermaking industry
In addition, PU material is also used in the mining industry, producing items such as conveyor belts, pipe linings, concrete molds, wheels, floors, furniture edge upholstery…

Application of PU material in fashion

Not only used in industry, this material is also used a lot with the fashion and garment industry. Specifically, PU fabric is waterproof and windproof. This fabric, also known as artificial leather, is widely used in the production of costumes and accessories.

PU material is widely used in many different fields
PU material is widely used in many different fields
Some products made from PU leather:
  • Leather jacket, leather pants, leather skirt
  • Accessories such as shoe soles, leather shoes, bags, belts…

Application of PU material in interior

PU leather can be used for interior decoration such as sofa upholstery, seat cushions to increase aesthetics and save costs compared to real leather. And yet, this material is also waterproof, effectively preventing dirt.

Applications in hot and cold machines

PU material has advantages such as high strength, good pressure, high heat resistance and elasticity, so it is used as an insulation layer in solar water heaters.

Application in conveyor

In conveyor belts, there are conveyor belts such as PVC conveyor belt, PU conveyor belt. The application of PU material in conveyor belts often brings benefits such as high durability, good adhesion, good wear resistance, good friction, good hardness and elasticity, good chemical resistance.
But it does not mean that PVC conveyor belts are inferior to PU, but because depending on the environment, factory, factory, etc., each conveyor with different materials serves different purposes.

Applications in wheels

Today’s wheels are designed in a variety of ways, from metal wheels to plastic wheels, PU wheels. With PU wheels, the material has good wear resistance, protects the floor and does not make noise. But the wheel only works in normal conditions, the PU can withstand well, but if it is in a high-friction, high-temperature environment, PU is not a good material to make wheels.
Good grip but does not mean that if on a greasy surface, the PU will still slide on the floor, in an environment with acid, alkali, or solvent contact, it will partially lose the features of the PU wheel, so also need to be considered.
The price of PU wheels depends on the manufacturer because there are many manufacturers that give different PU parameters, in essence it is still called PU, but when looking at the detailed parameters, each manufacturer has different specifications. different parameters, so the price will usually be high and low depending on the quality.
Each type of wheel has its advantages and disadvantages depending on the working environment, so customers and readers should consider and listen to advice from industry experts to determine what is a good material for wheels to order and use. use.
As can be seen, PU material is widely applied in many different fields. For the manufacturing industry, this is also a material that plays an extremely important role. Sukavina.com.vn – a leading unit in manufacturing, processing and designing industrial solutions is providing many high quality products with many different materials.
For specific advice on conveyors, wheels and trolleys, please contact Sukavina.com.vn with the details below.

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