What is sanding conveyor? How are they applied?

Băng tải nhám là gì? Chúng được ứng dụng như thế nào?

Are you looking for abrasive conveyor belts (sanding conveyor belts)? What are abrasive belts and how are they used? All are in this article, follow SUKAVINA.com.vn right away!

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1/ What is abrasive conveyor belt? (sanding conveyor)

What is abrasive conveyor belt? (sanding conveyor)
What is abrasive conveyor belt? (sanding conveyor)

Textured conveyor belt is also known as rough PVC conveyor belt. They are a special product line of PVC conveyor belts with components including polyester fabric (3 layers) and PVC plastic (3 layers). The surface of the conveyor belt is specially designed, they have a certain roughness to prevent the product from falling off the conveyor during production. The product is electrically insulating and resistant to abrasion and chemicals.

2/ What is the abrasive belt used for? (sanding conveyor)

Conveyor belts carry all the characteristics of PVC conveyor belts such as: 5.0 mm PVC conveyor belt structure including 03 layers of burlap and 03 layers of PVC; limited static electricity, not conductive; resistance to abrasion, oil, grease and chemicals; high rigidity and stability; smoothness, noise reduction…

What is the abrasive belt used for?
What is the abrasive belt used for?

With its distinctive rough surface, this conveyor is used for products with a low coefficient of friction or in high position loading applications. They are widely applied in manufacturing industries such as: Assembling electronic components, confectionery production, pharmaceuticals, food…  It can be said that this is one of the key products in the industry. modern industry.

3/ Construction of rough conveyor belt – sanding conveyor

To ensure continuous, convenient transportation, the rough PVC conveyor belt has the following structural features:

  • Conveyor frame with lifting and shaping function. The frame is usually made from strong and durable galvanized steel, stainless steel, powder-coated steel…
  • Depending on the needs of the user, the rough PVC conveyor belt usually has an average thickness of about 5 mm.

In addition, the product is also arranged to add other components such as passive and active drums; class distribution…

Construction of rough conveyor belt
Construction of rough conveyor belt

The price of a conveyor system will vary depending on its thickness and required size. For this transport tool, you usually need a budget of several tens of millions of dong, including construction. In return, you will have many benefits from it such as cost savings, increased productivity, reduced risks, etc.

4/ Advantages of abrasive conveyors – sanding conveyor

Advantages of abrasive conveyors
Advantages of abrasive conveyors

The product line of abrasive conveyor – sanding conveyor belts stands out with 3 great advantages:

  • The most prominent is the rough surface, so the high friction makes it easy to safely move fragile goods.
  • The second advantage, matte PVC has high moisture resistance and tear resistance. Customers will not need to worry about work safety or product life with this feature. In the long run, the initial investment will pay off well.
  • The final point lies in the 5mm thickness of the abrasive belt. The structure of the conveyor belt effectively increases friction and prevents slipping, compared to many similar conveying products.

The large number of abrasive belts produced and consumed every day has affirmed the position of the product in the hearts of customers. You can choose raw, plain, ribbed or any other type of conveyor depending on the needs of the plant. However, hopefully these pluses will help you pay attention and buy the right product.

5/ Why should you choose SUKAVINA’s rough conveyor belt? (abrasive conveyor belt? – sanding conveyor)

Sukavina’s matte PVC conveyor belt has the advantages of high strength, moisture resistance, acid, oil and gas resistance and resistance to environmental damage. Designed to meet the maximum needs of the customer, the product produces high production efficiency and meets high production standards.

Moreover, the conveyor cover has a high roughness and friction with the goods, so deformed and fragile items can be transported on a 20-30 degree incline, which is resistant to abrasion. and fireproof, ensuring the safety of goods during transportation. Special PVC material prevents goods from being bumped, scratched and deformed, which can affect their quality.

In addition to the 5mm thickness, the conveyor belt has a top cover to increase the coefficient of friction and provide good slip resistance. Stable operation and high durability allow the system to operate in different environmental conditions. In addition, businesses can benefit from fast shipping, which increases labor productivity and reduces labor costs.

These are the most important information Sukavina has to offer you about the rough conveyor belt. If you need a reputable and quality conveyor supplier, please contact Sukavina immediately. We guarantee to provide quality industrial products and attractive policies.

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