What is the advantage of mini PVC conveyor belt compared to normal conveyor?

Băng tải mini

A mini PVC conveyor belt consists of an aluminum profiled frame and a PVC belt, with a length of about 2m and a width of not more than 400mm. Mini PVC conveyors come in various sizes and designs to accommodate the maximum production needs. With Sukavina, let’s compare conventional conveyors with mini PVC conveyors!

1/ Characteristics of mini PVC conveyor belt

As with regular PVC conveyors, mini PVC belts are made of polyvinyl chloride plastic with alternating load-bearing carcasses. Mini PVC conveyor belts have inferior thicknesses, so they are ideal for transporting lightweight objects. There are four types of mini PVC conveyors: Inclined, flat, butterfly wing mini conveyors, and mobile.

Typical dimensions of a mini PVC conveyor belt (length x width x height) are: 250 x 850 x 300 (mm), 400 x 600 x 800 (mm), or size depending on usage needs. Diverse mini conveyor thicknesses: 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, and 9mm. Enterprises choose conveyor belt thickness based on product type and load requirements.

Mini PVC conveyors have a motor with a lower capacity than conventional PVC conveyors. The belt’s thickness is also poorer, making it lightweight and easy to move and install. However, it still ensures the full functionality and control of a conveyor. The conveyor frame is also designed with profiled aluminum to ensure compactness. As a result, the transport speed of the mini conveyor can be achieved from 20 to 100 m/min, reaching a productivity of 30-150m3/ hour.

mini PVC conveyor
Mini PVC conveyor

2/ Comparison of mini PVC conveyor belt and ordinary PVC conveyor

What are the advantages and disadvantages of mini PVC conveyors? Should I choose mini PVC conveyors? Let’s find out!

Benefits of mini-PVC conveyors over conventional conveyors:

  •       Mini-PVC conveyors are flexible, compact, easy to install, move, and even modify in structure. It is well-suited to factories with small areas, light products, and less bulky.
  •       For new, small and medium-sized businesses, mini PVC conveyors are ideal because they require little workshop space.
  •       Easily transports goods, is water-resistant, odor-resistant, and does not emit any noise during operation
  • The conveyor top cover has good stability, elasticity, and impact resistance to help ensure the safety of goods on the conveyor.
  •       Product weighing, product sorting, product counting, etc., can also be integrated into conveyors in addition to transportation.

Disadvantages of mini PVC conveyors:

  •       It is impossible to transport products of considerable size and high weight.
  •       The cost is relatively high because of expensive materials.
  •       Only suitable for small factories, the number of workers is small to medium.
  •       Has less durability and service life than conventional PVC conveyors.

3/ Application of mini PVC conveyors in the industry

PVC conveyors are beneficial, especially in producing food, garments, electronic components, etc.

  •       In the food production industry, mini PVC conveyors transport finished products, package them, or count the number of products very conveniently. This is why seafood processors, canned food producers, bottled water producers, etc., use these conveyors.
  •       Mini PVC conveyors are used in the garment industry to transport products continuously to multiple stages, improving worker productivity.
  •       As well as producing small-sized products, mini conveyors are suitable for industries such as electronics, helping to increase production efficiency and ease production line control.
  •       Mini PVC conveyors are also popular in the confectionery industry due to their flexibility and speed.
  •       Pharmaceuticals and medical manufacturing industries often use mini PVC conveyors to transport products.
mini PVC conveyor
Application of mini PVC conveyor

4/ How to choose the suitable mini PVC conveyor belt

To choose a durable, stable, low-cost mini PVC conveyor belt, you need to pay attention to the following factors:

  •       It is necessary to properly determine the purpose of using the conveyor.
  •       Consider issues including what product you want to produce, the frequency of production, the volume of goods to be transported, the area and terrain of the factory, etc.
  •       The cost of conveyor investment is also a significant issue considered.
  •       It is essential to check the conveyor belt top cover when you buy a mini PVC conveyor to ensure it is uniform, the color is the same, and there is no unpleasant odor. The conveyor must also be elastic, water-resistant, and heat-resistant to adapt to the production environment.
  •       You must survey the conveyor position to choose the appropriate size and design.
  •       To get good products at low prices with warranties, customer support services, etc., you should choose a reputable supplier of mini PVC conveyors.

If you are interested in mini PVC conveyors, visit Sukavina – one of the leading industrial equipment suppliers – for detailed advice and quotes. Sukavina is pleased to serve you!

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