Sukavina is a manufacturer and assembler of conveyors, industrial workbenches, pallet racking, trolleys, joints, and wheels. We are proud to be the top partner in this industry, and we have developed a solid reputation for professionalism, credibility, and a commitment to providing real value to customers.

Partners are entirely confident of Sukavina‘s robust supply capacity, various products, and great quality. Sukavina addresses all partners’ needs based on the features of each industry, workshop region, manufacturing requirements, and so on. Guaranteed to help businesses save costs, decrease labor, and enhance actual production efficiency by up to 30%.

Tầm nhìn

To become the leading company in the markets of Vietnam and Southeast Asia in the following areas:

◊ Factory setup: Industrial workbenches, conveyor belts, hand trucks, storage racks, etc.

◊ Industrial products: Couplings, bending, stamping, CNC, etc.

◊ Automation solutions

◊ Produce and design together with Customers to optimize the highest working performance.

◊ The development of employees and society is linked to the company’s responsibility.

Sứ mệnh

Sukavina’s core values ​​revolve around 3 words: Integrity – Creativity – Speed:

◊ Integrity: The word “Integrity” serves as the guiding concept in all Sukavina activities:

   +  For customers, Sukavina always puts customer benefits and satisfaction first by providing high quality products and services, reasonable prices, good after-sales service, dedicated and attentive service. 

   + For employees, Sukavina always values ​​and creates conditions for employees to develop comprehensively by creating a safe, friendly working environment, career development opportunities, good salaries, bonuses, and welfare regimes.

   + For society, always be accountable to society, contribute to community development by engaging in charitable and social activities, complying with the law, protecting the environment, and developing products and services that benefit society.

◊ Creativity: Sukavina values ​​knowledge, learning, creativity and innovation. We encourage innovative thinking and support the development of our team’s intellectual capacity by creating a learning and creative environment for employees, searching for and developing new ideas and solutions.

◊ Speed: “Speed ​​- Flexibility – Efficiency” is always the principle in all Sukavina’s actions through quickly responding to customer needs, speed in the production and delivery process, and fast adapting to changes in the business environment.