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Sukavina industrial trolley is a device that supports workers in transporting goods in the lightest and most convenient way, especially with bulky and complicated goods. They help to free people from heavy, inefficient manual transportation jobs and replace humans in doing so. Industrial trolleys are applied in important fields such as chemical production, fertilizer, oil and gas, mechanics, electronics, machine building, etc.

1/ industrial trolley has many outstanding advantages

Sukavina industrial trolley has many outstanding advantages such as:
  • The trolley is equipped with wheels at the bottom to help users easily transport goods to another place without having to use too much force, can move on many different terrains, brake safely when needed. to fix the car 1 seat.
  • Trolleys have many designs, creative and eye-catching designs suitable for transporting goods in restaurants, hotels, warehouses...
  • Trolleys are manufactured from super durable materials, outstanding accuracy, ensuring fast and efficient work progress.
  • Trolleys help save time, effort and money for businesses, bring high economic efficiency and contribute to increasing profits for businesses.
Sukavina industrial trolley
Sukavina industrial trolley

2/ Structure and specifications of industrial trolleys

The trolley consists of 3 main components: the chassis, the handle and the wheels.
  • The chassis is the most important part made from powder-coated steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel... the structure is very sturdy and solid, suitable for transporting goods of different sizes on both roads. rough, uneven. They are also suitable for transportation in frozen warehouses, seafood warehouses, restaurants... The chassis is structured in many different floors depending on the conditions and purposes of use of the factory, factory...
  • The handle of the car is made of rubber coated steel, creating a gentle and comfortable push feeling for the user. In addition, they help protect hands safely, avoiding potential risks during work.
  • Wheels are an important part of the trolley because it determines whether the cart can move easily or not. They are made of special rubber material, for high durability and flexible mobility, very good braking. Wheels come in a variety of designs to meet different uses and conditions.
The trolley consists of 3 main components: the chassis, the handle and the wheels.
The trolley consists of 3 main components: the chassis, the handle and the wheels.
Here are the standard specifications of 1 industrial trolley:
  • Material: Stainless steel, galvanized steel, powder coated steel…
  • Size: According to the needs and purposes of use from the company, factory, factory...
  • Number of floors: 1 floor, 2 floors, 4 floors…
  • Legs: Install 4 wheels that do not make noise or shake when moving, with anti-slip lock.
  • Car handle: Simply designed to push the car gently and protect the hands of the user.

3/ Application of industrial trolley

Industrial trolleys are used in most production stages:
  • Industrial trolleys are widely used in most manufacturing industries such as garment, processing, electronics, mechanics....
  • Industrial trolleys have a sturdy, unique design with high-quality materials that make them durable, safe for goods in transit, and resistant to all harsh weather conditions.
  • Vehicles have many different models and designs, suitable for the needs and purposes of each enterprise, workshop, factory, etc. when transporting heavy loads and complex shapes.
  • The vehicle has a multi-storey structure, so it can hold many goods in large quantities without worrying about loss or cracking during transportation.
Industrial trolleys are widely used in most manufacturing industries.
Trolleys (industrial style) are widely used in most manufacturing industries.

4/ Price of industrial trolley

Industrial trolleys have many models and designs for each different job, so the price will also be different. To get an accurate Sukavina industrial trolley quote, please contact our company through the communication channels on the website

5/ specializes in designing industrial trolleys for all industries

Sukavina is one of the top 10 enterprises in the South Vietnam specializing in the production of quality industrial trolley products in all manufacturing industries. Here are the reasons you should buy industrial trolleys at Sukavina:
Sukavina specializes in designing industrial trolleys.
Sukavina specializes in designing trolleys (industrial style) .
  • Sukavina invests in modern machinery and equipment to make products with high quality standards and with the best prices on the market.
  • Sukavina is supplying many business partners across the country, ensuring an abundant supply for the market.
  • We have a team of dynamic, enthusiastic staff who are always ready to assist and answer questions for customers when problems arise.
  If you have a need for industrial trolleys, please contact Sukavina for advice and provide the best quality products! SUKAVINA CO., LTD Hotline: 0979 034 634 (Mr Toan) or 0931 155 155 (Mr Nang) Email: Website: Address:
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