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Sukavina’s heavy-duty belt conveyors are a very effective conveying solution that is widely used in the industrial production process. They are built from high-strength, wear-resistant materials specifically designed for transferring heavy objects. The heavy-duty belt conveyors are used to transfer heavy objects more swiftly, readily, and conveniently, as the name implies.


1/ What materials are used to make the heavy-duty belt conveyors?

Heavy-duty belt conveyors are made of incredibly strong materials, have an excellent bearing, resistance to abrasion, and exceptional longevity to ensure proper operation when conveying large objects.

The components of heavy-duty belt conveyor systems are strong ones:

Conveyor frame: To prevent abrasion and minimise effects from the outside environment, the entire conveyor frame is made of premium powder-coated steel that is securely welded together.

PVC rope or rollers are used to make heavy-duty belt conveyors: Typically, 2mm or 3mm thick PVC conveyor belts. Additionally, a 1.5mm thick PU belt, steel rollers, stainless steel rollers,… can be used as the conveyor belt. Due to the structure, heavy conveying conditions won’t cause the conveyor belt to be scratched, harmed, or torn.

The heavy-duty belt conveyor control section has the following detail: PLCs, speed regulators, sensors, inverters,…

The heavy-duty belt conveyors feature a variety of additional components and details in addition to those listed above, depending on how the product will be used. To maximise efficiency, every component or detail is installed based on scientific design.

2/ The benefits and drawbacks of heavy-duty belt conveyors


  • Despite having a straightforward design, heavy-duty belt conveyors ensure smooth operation and great durability.
  • Constructed with high-quality bearing materials that have exceptional endurance and wear resistance, making it is possible to transport big items fast and easily while saving time and labour.
  • This system has the ability to move materials and goods across long distances either horizontally, inclinatively, or by combining both orientations.
  • The operation of heavy-duty belt conveyors does not disturb the surrounding area and results in low productivity. This kind is ideal for moving large objects and containers from one place to another.
  • Heavy-duty belt conveyor is used widely in production because of its simple design and affordable price.


Only while operating at medium speeds can heavy-duty belt conveyors guarantee durability and longevity. As a result, one of the drawbacks of this kind of conveyor is its running speed.

The limited inclination is the second drawback of Heavy-duty conveyor belts. To move items around a curve, you must equip the conveyor with a motor and frame since the inclination of the conveyor belt when installed must be less than 24 degrees.

The heavy-duty belt conveyor system must also be regularly checked and maintained during operation to make sure the conveyor belt’s quality is still good and to prevent issues with the production process.

As a result, given the benefits and drawbacks discussed above, large conveyor belts are an essential piece of machinery for the manufacture and delivery of commodities. In fact, the units decide to utilise a conveyor system or a combination of several conveyor systems with other equipment to increase efficiency depending on the transportation needs.

3/ Use of a heavy-duty belt conveyor in manufacturing

For continuous and effective transportation, heavy-duty belt conveyors are utilised in a range of manufacturing industries and can be coupled with automated production systems. This particular kind of conveyor is designed specifically to move goods items such as seamless boxes, pallets, crates, and other products. This conveyor line is a fantastic option for manufacturers because of its strong construction and outstanding resistance.

4/ SUKAVINA’s heavy-duty belt conveyor adapts to each factory

The frame of a Sukavia heavy-duty belt conveyor Belt is often built of high-grade steel, making it incredibly robust, rust-resistant, and easy to clean. It also has a flexible structure. High quality PVC or steel rollers, stainless steel rollers, or both are used on the conveyor surface to ensure that it can handle the required load of items and function properly at all times. In addition, more sensors and motor deceleration have been implemented to better meet user needs.

In order to ensure optimal efficiency for enterprises, Sukavina has a team of skilled engineers who create suitable heavy-duty belt conveyor systems for each production field and compatible product type.

Sukavina has been offering comprehensive product development solutions for factories, industrial parks, and major organisations through goods like conveyors, operation tables, trolleys, and shelves in addition to heavy-duty belt conveyors. … Please get in touch with us at 0979 034 634 for additional information. Sukavina is happy to assist you.

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