What are popular models of industrial pallet racks? Things to keep in mind when buying pallet racks?

Pallet racks are indispensable products in the manufacturing industry. Pallet racks are available in a variety of designs, materials, and sizes, depending on the industry. Here, Sukavina introduces you to some pallet rack models and how to choose them for maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

1/ What is a pallet rack?

A pallet rack or rack is a specialized product used to store goods. The use of pallet racks in the industry is common as a means to store tools and products in factories or to store goods in warehouses, which increases space efficiency and efficiency in sorting and counting goods.

2/ Basic structure of pallet rack

Pallet racks come in a wide variety of structures based on the demands of users and factory conditions. Even though the shelves are designed differently, they still have some basic components, such as floor trays, stands, pillars, racks, and screws. Heavy-duty shelves are also attached to support beam bars to increase their strength.

3/ Popular shelf models on the market

It is often very important for businesses to seek the design advice of reputable suppliers to ensure that industrial pallet racks are appropriate for the area of warehouses and workshops and that they meet the specific needs of goods.

In tonnage, there can be 3 types of pallet racks:  heavy-duty pallet rack,  medium-duty pallet rack, and light-duty pallet rack.

Heavy-duty shelf: This type of pallet rack is designed for several floors, which can hold thousands of kg/floor. This type of shelf is often used in warehouses, industrial parks and factories.

Medium-duty shelves: These are pallet racks with several floors and each floor is separated by tole or plywood wheels. Each floor of this type of shelf can withstand a load of 300 – 700 Kg, suitable for storage, containing many different types of goods.

Light-duty shelf: A type of shelf designed on several floors to store goods, each floor has a rack used with materials such as plexiglass, plywood and tole trays. This type of shelf is suitable for goods with a light tonnage, less than 200 kg/floor.

Light duty shelves, it is often used for needs such as: Storing office records and storing household items.

Here are some rack pallet rack models and their pros and cons for your reference:

Shelf templates Character Advantage Shortcoming
Mezzanine Rack Simply called the mezzanine floor as a one-story shelf in warehouses, offices, and workshops. An intermediate floor is often arranged and installed on the bottom floor to store goods and serve as an office. Helps optimize the warehouse area, and increases storage capacity by 2 times, often applied to spaces with a minimum height of 3.8m or more. + Choosing mezzanine floor shelves helps you increase the warehouse area by 2 to 3 times.

+ Solid design and good combination to create storage space.

+ Can be leveraged for many different purposes


+ In general, investing in a Mezzanine shelf system is quite expensive because it needs to use many accompanying materials.

+ The installation process is also quite complicated


Double Deep Racking This is a combination of 2 rows of Selective shelves put together, suitable for heavy-duty items.


+ Can be easily installed, and disassembled to adjust size and position when needed

+ Suitable for warehouses with a variety of loads

+ High strength and durability

+ Suitable price for many big and small investors

+ It is often necessary to use specialized forklifts to be able to arrange and relocate goods conveniently.

+ Shelves do not optimally support import and export


Narrow Aisle Rack Shelves designed for narrow aisles are also known as narrow path shelves, which combine the benefits of selective shelves with the advantages of optimal storage density. A key feature of these shelves is that they use very small paths, so corridor space can be maximized. A Narrow Aisle warehouse shelf system is the best solution for saving on building and renting a warehouse. + The biggest advantage is the ability to optimize storage space very well

+ Not only highly sturdy but also very aesthetic, modern design

+ Affordable price


+ It is necessary to have a specialized forklift or elevator system to arrange and manage goods.

+ Because the goods can be left very high, it is relatively difficult to arrange the goods up or down.


Advanced Pallet Conveyor Rack The shelf has flexible joints, combined with wheels, conveyor rollers, height-adjusting parts … + Ability to support reduced the effort for workers (at the stage of transporting goods).

+ Can be easily disassembled and relocated

+ Automation and make management easier

+ Shelves do not support heavy-duty goods

+ The rollers can operate poorly affecting the transportation of goods.



Arm Rack It is a long and straight iron, steel, or wooden pallet rack, with strong supporting arms as a fulcrum for goods. + Has simple design, and is easy to disassemble

+ Support goods with heavy loads

+ Not effective in supporting arranging goods

+ Not optimized storage area


Mobile Pallet Racking This shelf model can be moved thanks to the wheels installed at the base of the shelf or fixed rails under the floor.


+ Easy to move when arranging goods

+ Optimize the warehouse area well

+ Convenient pickup support

+ Difficulties in installing rail systems, and sliding trays


Selective Rack This model uses pallets to store goods and is the most popular type of warehouse shelf today. + Simple structure, easy to install

+ High durability

+ Reasonable price


+ Not maximum storage space

+ Pickup support is not good


Drive-In/ Drive-Thru Rack It is a type of shelf designed according to FIFO (Drive-In) and LIFO (Drive Thru) methods. + Support good cargo management

+ Durable, modern

+ Easy to sort and move goods

+ Although the price is not expensive, it is not cheap either


Iron V shape multi-functional Rack


The multipurpose iron shelf is a very familiar shelf model, used for many different storage purposes. + Cheap price, used for a variety of purposes, diverse goods

+ Flexible disassembly design

+ Simple structure

+ Stock is limited to light and medium loads


4/ Notes when choosing to buy a pallet rack 

To ensure the pallet rack is suitable for the product and warehouse area, you need to keep the following in mind when choosing to buy a pallet rack:

Choose a reputable, quality shelf manufacturer

The most important factor to mention when buying a store shelf is to choose a manufacturer. Quality and experienced manufacturers will produce shelves with smart design, and high quality, accompanied by after-sales modes such as repair support, installation and troubleshooting. Besides, the reputable manufacturer also ensures fast and on-time delivery.

Characteristics of the goods

Depending on the different types of goods, businesses have different ways of choosing pallet racks. For example, stacked products are the same as clothes, fabrics and packaging. then you can choose high-density shelves to save space. As for specific products such as phones, laptops, or heavy products, it is necessary to have specialized shelves to preserve goods well.

Pallet rack size

The pallet rack size must be based on the warehouse size. The size of the racks and shelves must be suited to the product to save space while storing it well. For optimal shelf placement, it is best to provide the manufacturer with the correct product size.

Ground bearing level of the warehouse

Businesses must also consider the bearing level of the ground when choosing pallet racks to ensure they are compatible. The ground may subside, even crack, causing damage to goods and people if it is less resistant than the shelves.

Material quality

Depending on the characteristics of the goods, the company selects the appropriate shelf material. Sukavina’s customers will receive comprehensive consultation when choosing pallet racks to ensure that they get products of the highest quality.

5/ Buy pallet racks from SUKAVINA with reasonable price and fast manufacture, prestige quality

Sukavina is a leading manufacturer and supplier of products for industry in the South, specializing in providing products such as pallet racks, operating tables, trolleys and conveyors. We provide production improvement solutions for businesses, ensuring an increase in efficiency by up to 30%.

Why choose Sukavina’s pallet racks?

  •   Having three factories in Binh Duong, Ho Chi Minh City, and Da Nang with skilled workers and technicians, Sukavina can provide its customers with many different products and fast deliveries (including large orders).
  •       As a direct manufacturer and supplier, Sukavina ensures the best price for the product by eliminating intermediaries.
  •       Sukavina offers its customers the flexibility to customize their products, consulting the most cost-effective and practical production solutions.
  •       After-sales services: Customers are covered by a warranty and will receive free repair and installation services.

Sukavina is a reliable partner of all categories:

  •       Electrical and electronics industry: Samsung, Panasonic, Toshiba, Dien Quang,…
  •       Textile and footwear industry: Biti’s, Viet Nam Samho Co., Ltd…
  •       Medical industry: Nipro Company, IMPACT Company…
  •       Packaging, plastic, printing: Viet Hung Packaging, Sumit Polymers Vietnam Company, Shin Heung Co., Ltd…
  •       Automobile, mechanics: Thaco Truong Hai, Toyota…
  •       Other industries: GS E&C Group, Nghia Piler…

Coming to Sukavina, partners will be completely assured of the quality of our products, prices, and services!

For more details on pallet racks and other products, please contact Sukavina via:


Hotline: 0979 034 634

Email: sale@sukavina.com

Website: sukavina.com.vn


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