Types of conveyor belt ropes’ detailed specs in 2023

Types of conveyor belt ropes' detailed specs in 2023

Many enterprises and companies utilize conveyor belt ropes to increase production capacity and cut investment costs in industrial gear and equipment. Let’s look at some of the conveyor belt ropes that are regularly utilized in business nowadays!

1/ What is a conveyor belt rope?

A conveyor belt rope is a wire that is responsible for lifting and transporting goods from one location to another, playing a very important role in the conveyor system.

Conveyor belts are now divided into many different types, mainly PVC wire, PU rope, etc. Each type of wire has different characteristics, so when applied to production and business, customers should choose the right type of wire. unify.

What is a conveyor belt rope?
What is a conveyor belt rope?

The belt conveyor rope has high mechanical strength, heat resistance, very good wear resistance and anti-deformation and scratch effect when used for a long time.

2/ Today’s most prevalent conveyor belt ropes

2.1 Conveyor belt ropes made of PVC

One of the most popular conveyor belts on the market today is PVC. PVC conveyor belts are formed of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic, which is an industrial conveyor system component. PVC conveyor belts are inexpensive, simple to manufacture, and easy to maintain, with excellent mechanical strength, heat resistance, and water resistance.

Specifications of PVC conveyor belt ropes:

  • Conveyor belt thickness: 2mm, 5mm, etc.
  • Tensile strength of conveyor belt: 80 – 250 (N/mm).
  • Operating temperature of conveyor belt: – 5 -> 100 degrees Celsius.
  • Conveyor belt colors: white, gray, black, blue, etc. customers can choose the color depending on the nature of the specific business.
  • Conveyor belt surface: rough, smooth, etc. depends on the installation of the conveyor belt at the request of the customer.
  • PVC conveyor belts are less prone to scratches and abrasions over time, capable of operating in very harsh conditions.
Conveyor belt ropes made of PVC
Conveyor belt ropes made of PVC

Some important applications of PVC conveyor belt ropes:

  • In industry: used to transport equipment and components, make sure they are always safe and clean before producing important items such as high-quality electric fans, refrigerators, and microwaves.
  • In agriculture: used to transport raw materials that are not lost or dropped when producing fertilizers, animal feeds, etc. for great economic efficiency.
  • In food production: used to transport canned foods into boxes but still ensure food hygiene and safety conditions.

2.2 Ribbed conveyor belt ropes

Ribbed conveyor belt rope is one of the most common conveyor belt ropes on the market, and it is used by many businesses and corporations in manufacturing and commerce. They are conveyor belt ropes with ribbed surfaces that are used to prevent sliding when conveying items up high or to split product regions based on certain qualities.

Specifications of ribbed conveyor belt ropes:

  • Rib type: transverse, V, T, etc. or according to the customer’s own needs.
  • Conveyor belt rope color: yellow, blue, green, black, white, etc., or designed according to the customer’s request.
  • Conveyor belt rope surface: rough, smooth, checkered, ribbed, etc. depends on the installation of the conveyor belt at the request of the customer.
  • Ribbed conveyor belt ropes are commonly used for inclined conveyors with an inclination from 25 degrees – 50 degrees.
Ribbed conveyor belt ropes
Ribbed conveyor belt ropes

Some important applications of ribbed conveyor belt rope:

  • In industry: Used to transport raw materials for food production, packaging, etc. to help prevent slipping.
  • In agriculture: Used to transport raw materials to produce fertilizer, animal feed, etc.
  • Ribbed conveyor belts are also used to convey goods and materials up high without slipping and scratching.

2.3 PU conveyor belt ropes

PU conveyor belt is made from polyurethane (PU) material with high strength, good elasticity, waterproof, heat-resistant ability, very effective and easy to clean and clean after use. This type of wire is highly appreciated by many businesses and companies because they have good prices in the market and extremely good quality.

Specifications of PU conveyor belt ropes:

  • Conveyor belt rope thickness: 1mm, 3mm, etc.
  • Tensile strength of conveyor belt rope: 100 – 260 (N/mm).
  • Conveyor belt rope color: Sky blue, dark blue, white, gray, black, etc. Customers can choose the color depending on the nature of the specific production and business.
  • Conveyor belt rope surface: Caro, rough, etc. depends on the conveyor installation as required by the customer.
  • PU conveyor belt rope is light in weight, less prone to peeling and tearing.
PU conveyor belt ropes
PU conveyor belt ropes

3/ Price list of conveyor belt ropes

Conveyor belt ropes at Sukavina are divided into many different types, so the price will also be completely different. To receive the latest quotation from Sukavina, please contact us through the call center or directly at the address listed on our website below to receive the latest offers when buying.

4/ A few notes when buying conveyor belt ropes

Some notes when you buy conveyor belts are as follows:

  • Conveyor belt rope has a clear origin, full information about the material, thickness, color, place of manufacture, etc.
  • Carefully check the product for peeling, tearing or not meeting technical standards to make an accurate decision before buying.
  • You should buy from the leading manufacturers and suppliers of conveyor belt ropes across the country.
Sukavina conveyor belt ropes
Sukavina conveyor belt ropes

5/ Where can you buy good conveyor belt ropes?

You do not know the address that sells top quality prestigious conveyor belts? Sukavina is proud to be an enterprise that manufactures and supplies high-quality industrial products.

We are committed to products with guaranteed quality thanks to production from modern machinery lines and operated by a team of skilled and experienced workers.

The following are the common types of conveyor belts. If there is a need for industrial products, please contact Sukavina, we support free consultation of industrial solutions, flexible payment policy, warranty and maintenance when purchasing.

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