Common types of aluminum on the market and applications in production and operation

Các loại nhôm thông dụng trên thị trường và ứng dụng trong sản xuất, vận hành
Aluminum is a popular material and is widely used in many fields such as construction, mechanical industry production. Currently, there are many types of aluminum profiles with different designs, colors and prices. Let’s learn about the most common types of aluminum on the market to make the right choice!
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3 aluminum segments in Vietnam market (Common types of aluminum in Vietnam)

Aluminum is a material with the advantages of high durability, no warping, and good sound and heat insulation. Therefore, aluminum is increasingly being trusted and used in many different industries and production areas. In the Vietnamese aluminum market, aluminum is divided into 3 segments: low-cost aluminum, popular aluminum and high-grade aluminum.

Aluminum is divided into 3 segments, these types of aluminum have different prices in the market - Common types of aluminum
Aluminum is divided into 3 segments, these types of aluminum have different prices in the market – Common types of aluminum

Each type has different characteristics to suit different needs and purposes.

Cheap aluminum system

It is a low-priced, medium-quality aluminum that is popularly sold in retail stores. The disadvantage of this aluminum line is that it is thin, has poor bearing capacity, and colors are not diverse and sharp. In particular, low-cost aluminum is not durable and quickly damaged.

Universal aluminum system

Popular aluminum system has a price that is affordable for Vietnamese people with higher quality than cheap aluminum. The advantages of this aluminum line must be mentioned such as beautiful design, diverse design, outstanding sound insulation, high durability, good water and dust resistance.

High-grade aluminum system

Is the best aluminum product today with many applications and special features. High-grade aluminum has high strength, strength, color or design is perfect. Therefore, the price of high-end aluminum is also higher, suitable for families with conditions or for high-end projects.

The most common types of aluminum on the market today – Common types of aluminum

In addition to dividing by price segment, aluminum is also divided into 2 types, which are imported and domestic aluminum.

Imported aluminum

Imported aluminum types include Xingfa aluminum with red stamp, Xingfa aluminum with green stamp, AEI aluminum, PMI aluminum and PMA aluminum.
Xingfa aluminum with red stamp
Aluminum is a type of aluminum originating from Guangdong, China. It is possible to distinguish this type of aluminum from other aluminum systems based on its characteristic that it has a metallic luster when viewed from the side, with a long red stamp on the body.
Xingfa red stamp imported aluminum with good quality
Xingfa red stamp imported aluminum with good quality
Red stamp Xingfa aluminum is also divided into many systems such as 45, 50, 55, 63, 93, 95, 140. Products imported to Vietnam market are mainly:
Aluminum 55 system with features such as:
  • Thickness: 1.4mm – 2.0mm (+_ 5%)
  • Color: porcelain white, metallic brown, black, dark gray, wood grain
  • Size: Various
  • Double gasket: High quality EDPM with perfect sealing

Aluminum system 93 and 65 are also two commonly used aluminum systems in Vietnam. In general, Xingfa red stamp aluminum is a high-grade aluminum, so the price is slightly higher than other aluminum lines.

Xingfa aluminum with green stamp

This is also Xingfa aluminum, but it is manufactured in Guangxi, China. The quality of this aluminum line is almost the same as the red stamp Xingfa aluminum but has a cheaper price. The difference of Xingfa green stamp aluminum is that it has no metallic luster and has a long running line of green stamps.

Aluminum AEI

Is an aluminum product manufactured by Asia’s leading corporation – AEI Corporation. This aluminum line is considered premium because it is manufactured according to British and European standards.

Aluminum PMI

This is a high-grade aluminum line from Malaysia, manufactured by Press Metal Group in Kuala Lumpur. PMI aluminum products are manufactured under a strict and strict process from importing raw materials to finished products.

Aluminum PMA (China)

Add a high-grade imported aluminum from China with a design inside the empty cavity with strong ribs, resistant to wind and high impact pressure.

Types of domestic aluminum – Common types of aluminum

In addition to imported aluminum, there are also many types of domestic aluminum profiles, which are highly appreciated for their quality and popular use such as:
  • Aluminum Eurovn
  • Dong Anh Xingfa Aluminum
  • Aluminum
  • Aluminum Vietnam France
  • Vietnam Japan Aluminum
  • Aluminum Austdoor
  • Aluminum Topal
  • Aluminum Bosswindow
  • East Asia Aluminum
There are also many famous aluminum brands in the country - Common types of aluminum
There are also many famous aluminum brands in the country – Common types of aluminum

Aluminum has a lot of applications in production, at, we provide aluminum-framed manipulators, in addition to products such as shelves, shopping carts,… According to the needs of customers, you can contact us for more advice. All contact information at the end of the article.

In which, to mention Vietnam France aluminum, Hyundai aluminum … are famous aluminum brands and used a lot.
  • Viet Phap Aluminum: Is a famous joint venture brand in the domestic market. Vietnamese-French aluminum products are reasonably priced, suitable for Vietnamese consumers.
  • Aluminum Hyundai: This is also a well-known brand with 100% foreign investment. Currently, there are many dealers, Hyundai aluminum distribution stores in many provinces and cities across the country.
  • Vietnam-Japan high-grade aluminum: Being used by many high-class projects with high durability and aesthetics.
The above are the most common types of aluminum on the market today. The importance of aluminum materials in industrial production cannot be denied. Sukavina – the leading unit in the field of manufacturing and processing industrial products is also using high-grade aluminum with the best quality.
Hopefully, this article has helped you better understand the types of aluminum and can easily choose the most suitable product. For advice and support on industrial products, effective production solutions, please contact us:

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