Some conveyor rollers are popularly used in the industry

Some conveyor rollers are popularly used in the industry

Conveyor rollers are commonly used in transportation firms, food, beverage, and fertilizer manufacturing organizations, … and are essential equipment in industry and agriculture.

1/ What exactly is a Conveyor Roller?

Conveyor rollers are a component of a roller conveyor system, which also comprises roller shafts, bearings, and a variety of auxiliary accessories to diversify functions. It plays a significant role in the transportation of products in the industry.

Conveyor rollers are developed to meet the specific needs of each business, enterprise, or factory, … Their primary function is to directly support products as they convey goods from one location to another during the manufacturing process.

Conveyor Roller
Conveyor Roller

Although the conveyor roller has a simple design, the roller manufacturing technique is very complicated, requiring high, concentricity, and centrifugation according to international standards. Therefore, it is recommended to choose quality conveyor rollers to prevent wire deviation to protect goods safely and in the long run, to ensure that the conveyor belt is operated stably and continuously over time. Sukavina Conveyor Rollers are manufactured using advanced technology, modern machinery and meet all needs in the market.

2/ Application of conveyor rollers to help transfer goods efficiently

Conveyor rollers have outstanding applications in the following industries:

  • In industry: Conveyor rollers are used to transport components, machine parts, raw materials… through each production stage to produce products in large quantities but still ensure uniform quality. . Some popular industries using conveyor rollers are mechanical, machine building, electronics, semiconductor, chemical, etc.
  • In agriculture: Conveyor rollers are used to transport fertilizers, animal feed, etc. packed into boxes and brought to the market for high economic efficiency.
  • In transportation: The goods will be transported through different stages to classify the goods, then packed into sacks to go to the recipient’s address quickly and efficiently.
  • In packaging technology: The materials will go through each rigorous production stage before the finished product. Conveyor rollers are applied to the production of plastic bags, zipper bags, mango seed bags, PE bags, PP bags…
  • In food production: Frozen foods, fresh foods, dry foods… will be put into canning stages according to food hygiene and safety conditions. Conveyor rollers will transport them very safely without causing breakage or loss.
Conveyor rollers are widely used in production
Conveyor rollers are widely used in production

3/ Commonly used conveyor rollers

3.1 Rubber Conveyor Rollers

Rubber conveyor rollers are made from rubber, so they have high elasticity, heat resistance, and very good waterproofing. Rubber conveyor rollers are mainly used in the industrial field because of their ability to safely transport goods for a long time.

3.2 Stainless steel conveyor rollers

Stainless steel conveyor roller is a type of roller manufactured from high-grade stainless steel with high durability and very effective heat resistance, water resistance, and corrosion resistance. Stainless steel conveyor rollers are mainly used for transporting heavy materials.

3.3 Plastic Conveyor Rollers

Plastic conveyor rollers are trusted by many businesses and enterprises because of their high quality and best price on the market. This type of roller is manufactured from super durable plastic with a steel core inside, so it has high durability and excellent heat resistance. They are widely used in loading and unloading goods, at warehouses, factories…

Plastic Conveyor Rollers
Plastic Conveyor Rollers

3.4 Steel Conveyor Rollers

Steel conveyor rollers are manufactured from high-quality imported steel, ensuring durability, rigidity and heat resistance for a long time. Steel conveyor rollers are highly appreciated and widely used in heavy industries.

3.5 Price list of conveyor rollers

Conveyor rollers have different sizes and materials, so the price will also be different. To get a clear quote and receive the latest offers from Sukavina, please contact the hotline to get the latest conveyor roller price advice from our support staff.

4/ Address to buy quality reputable conveyor rollers

If you are looking for a reputable conveyor roller manufacturer, then Sukavina is the first choice. We have many years of experience in the field of manufacturing industrial equipment and products and are currently supplying many partners such as Biti’s, Dien Quang, Toyota… Besides, Sukavina constantly invests in machinery and equipment lines. modern equipment to produce industrial equipment such as trolleys, trolleys, trolleys… with the best quality, for the benefit of customers.

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