SUKAVINA factory manipulator table

A factory manipulator table is a crucial piece of industrial equipment that helps workers produce goods more quickly and accurately while also increasing labor productivity. We cordially invite you to discover more about the features and uses of Sukavina’s factory manipulator tables!

1/ What exactly is a factory manipulator table?

To accomplish production and product assembly tasks, workers need a factory mannipulator table. To make working easier for employees, it has a core construction that includes a table top, table legs, joints, additional lighting systems, adjustable feet and wheels.

Industry uses a variety of manipulator tables, including powder-coated steel manipulator  tables, antistatic manipulator tables, stainless steel manipulator tables and assembly manipulator tables. Every type has its own benefits and is employed in many sectors.

Factors such as durability and ease of cleaning must be included in factory manipulator tables that meet quality standards. Convenience is crucial in order for workers to create the most things in the shortest amount of time.

2/ Requirements

The designs of factory manipulator tables range from the straightforward to the intricate. The following factors should be taken into consideration while planning to purchase this item:

  • Manipulator table’s structure: Depending on your actual demands, you select a manipulator table with an appropriate design, such as wheels for mobility, a table with folding capabilities, height adjustment, numerous frequencies, or learning tools… The correct structure will enable employees to work more swiftly and easily.
  • Functions of manipulator tables: Different industries also need a manipulator table to perform specific functions. For example, in the electrical and electronic industry, the anti-static manipulator table is the first choice, in the food, garment, and chemical industries, the stainless steel manipulator table is the most popular…
  • Table load: To ensure the life of the table and worker safety, production of light or heavy products requires manipulator tables with suitable loads.
  • Manipulator table materials: Stainless steel manipulator tables, powder coated steel, plastic coated steel or aluminum profiles all have their own advantages and disadvantages, they affect the production process and the investment costs of the business.

To choose an appropriate, high-quality and reasonably priced manipulator table, please get in touch with Sukavina. We will assist you from the survey and consultation stages to the warranty and maintenance policies, ensuring that businesses get the best value possible.

3/ Industrial use of manufacturing working tables

As you can see, the majority of factories now use workbenches in their manufacturing processes to boost labor productivity:

  • Anti-static manipulator tables are used in the component production sector of the electronics industry to make it easier for employees to carefully and properly assemble minute details without losing them.
  • Manipulator tables are employed in the food manufacturing and packaging sector to increase worker productivity and make it simpler to grade and regulate product quality.
  • The manipulator table in the clothing business is completely stocked with equipment to facilitate quick worker manipulation, reduce product defects, and boost labor productivity.

Utilizing the manipulator table also improves the factory’s image in terms of aesthetics, cleanliness, and professionalism.

4/ Sukavina, a prominent manufacturer of manipulator tables

It is hard to discuss industrial goods providers without including Sukavina. This department focuses on offering PVC conveyors, shelves, trolleys, and tables for workshop operations in manufacturing facilities. Sukavina offers ways to enhance and automate your manufacturing lines, boosting worker productivity and cutting expenses for companies. With tangible results, we have established ourselves as a dependable partner for South industrial parks and industries.

Visit or call the hotline at 0979 034 634 – 0931 155 155 for guidance on the Sukavina plant manipulator table.

We are glad to help you!


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