Anti-static work table Sukavina (Electric paint steel manipulator table)

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Anti-static work table (workbench) is a special production support equipment in the electrical, electronic and component manufacturing industries. With a solid structure, absolute anti-static ability, flexible structure, easy to disassemble… Anti-static workbench has been equipped in most of the factories of the electrical and electronic industry to ensure safety. workers and protect equipment and products.

1/ What is an anti-static workbench? (Electric paint steel manipulator table)

What is an anti-static workbench?
What is an anti-static workbench (Anti-static work table)?

Sukavina Anti-Static Working Table is specially designed with EDS plastic covering the outside for anti-electrostatic purpose. This type of table is designed specifically for the manufacturing industry of electronic components and electrical appliances to help ensure the safety of workers and equipment and components. The table is designed to be simple and compact, making it easy for workers to operate and install. The table frame is made of plastic coated steel, the table top is made of ESD rubber with anti-static rubber. In addition, depending on the actual requirements of the factory, we will install additional lighting systems, electrical lines, warning lights… to facilitate the production process.

2/ Structure of anti-static working table

Structure of anti-static working table
Structure of anti-static working table

The basic structure of the antistatic workbench includes the following parts:

  • Working table frame: antistatic working table frame is usually made from plastic coated steel pipe, linked together by joints and bolts and nuts.
  • Table top: anti-static working table top is usually made of wood, with anti-static carpet on top for absolute insulation.
  • Linking parts include: couplings, bolts, nuts … help link the parts of the workbench together, easy to disassemble and install.\
  • Table legs: the table legs can be fixed legs, the legs can be increased to adjust the height or have wheels with brakes for convenient movement and fixation when needed.

Depending on the needs of use, the anti-static workbench can also be fitted with additional lights, warning lights, power sockets, wheels… to ensure quick and convenient installation and fabrication. best. tự hào cung cấp mẫu bàn thao tác chống tĩnh điện, nhiều người ưa chuộng, nếu quý khách hay bạn đọc quan tâm hãy click vào đây: Electric paint steel manipulator table”

3/ Why use anti-static workbench? (Anti-static work table)

Why use anti-static workbench?
Why use anti-static workbench?

Static electricity exists everywhere, but it has almost no effect on life and activities. But in the electronics manufacturing industry, static electricity causes great harm to the production process, endangering the health and lives of workers, damaging products and equipment leading to damage. Serious harm to the business:

Anti-static working table to ensure worker’s safety

Theoretically, charged objects will generate strong magnetic fields. If people have to work in this environment for a long time, it will affect the nervous system, circulation and reproductive health. Especially for workers working in the field of electricity and electronic equipment, if not equipped with an anti-static working table, electric shock, electric shock, and occupational accidents may occur. very dangerous.

Anti-static working table helps to ensure product quality

The phenomenon of static electricity, discharge can damage electronic equipment circuits, reduce quality or even completely fail. Besides, electrostatic attraction also causes tiny dust particles to stick, causing semiconductor short circuit, dust on electronic products. The anti-static workbench plays the role of preventing dust and dirt for the equipment and limiting short-circuits and fires during the production process.

Minimizing risks for businesses

Using anti-static work tables in industry helps to ensure worker safety and reduce the risk of occupational accidents. In addition, to limit the risk of product damage in the production process, prevent fire and explosion and avoid the risk of material and human damage to the factory.

4/ How to maintain anti-static workbench?

How to maintain anti-static workbench?
How to maintain anti-static workbench?

In order for the antistatic workbench to best perform its function, you need to keep these things in mind during use:

  • Protect the table surface by avoiding sharp objects, avoiding scratches.
  • Do not use acidic cleaners that are corrosive to the surface to clean the table as this will reduce the anti-static effect of the table.
  • Clean the table surface periodically, avoid grease and adhesives that prevent the electrostatic dispersal of the table. Diluted ammonium products can be used to clean the antistatic workbench.
  • The anti-static effect of the table will gradually decrease over time, so it is necessary to check and maintain it periodically to promptly detect and replace it when necessary.

5/ Why should you choose anti-static workbench (Anti-static work table)?

5Why should you choose anti-static workbench?
Why should you choose anti-static workbench?

Sukavina is a manufacturer, processing high-quality anti-static working tables, reputable for many years in the market.

  • Sukavina anti-static workbench (Anti-static work table) has a diverse design, suitable for the specific characteristics of each factory, helping to maximize production efficiency.
  • High quality imported materials, durable over time.
  • A team of professional technicians produces quality products, delicate in every line.
  • Being a partner of large enterprises in the electronics industry such as: Samsung, Panasonic, Toshiba, Dien Quang, …

In addition to anti-static workbench (Anti-static work table), Sukavina also provides stainless steel workbench, aluminum profile … and production equipment (cargo racks, trolleys, conveyors…).

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