What is a mechanical workbench, characteristics, buying experience?

Bàn thao tác cơ khí là gì, đặc điểm, kinh nghiệm chọn mua
Mechanical working table is a product made to serve the needs of processing and manufacturing many different products in enterprises and factories. What do you know about the mechanical workbench such as what are the characteristics, what are the common types or what is the experience of choosing to buy? All will be answered in the article shared by Sukavina below!
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Features of mechanical working table

Mechanical working table is also known by many different names such as factory operating table, multi-function operating table. This is a product used in the production lines of the factory, helping workers perform different stages in the process of finishing the final product.

The mechanical working table has outstanding features suitable for each production line
The mechanical working table has outstanding features suitable for each production line
The mechanical working table has outstanding features such as:
  • The structure is not fixed, can be disassembled, flexibly disassembled and transported easily.
  • Modern, smart design suitable for each different requirements of customers.
  • Fits the worker’s physique, bringing convenience and comfort to the person standing and working.
  • Increase professionalism for the working environment.
  • It is possible to combine reasonable accessories, ensuring simplicity for workers when working.
  • Superior materials with many high-class materials such as ABS-coated steel pipes, profiled aluminum frames, stainless steel.
  • High load capacity, high durability.

What type of mechanical workbench should I choose?

This is a question asked by many customers. Because there are many different types of mechanical working tables, many people are often confused about which type is most suitable. As mentioned, currently the most popular are still 3 types of mechanical tables made from different materials such as plastic coated steel pipes, stainless steel, and aluminum profiles. Each type will have different characteristics and advantages. To know which type of desk to choose, you need to learn about each type of table.
Specifically it is:

Plastic coated steel pipe mechanical working table

Is an outstanding innovative design, often used in clean rooms, companies and businesses operating in the field of electronics. The table is assembled by ABS coated steel pipes linked together by specialized HJ joints.
Features of mechanical working table made of plastic coated steel pipe:
  • Table frame is made of high quality steel pipe, good anti-rust.
  • Design in accordance with the stature of the worker.
  • Additional bulbs can be installed to ensure brightness.
  • The steel pipes are assembled flexibly, connected by HJ joints, without welding, so it is easy to install and repair.
  • The table top is made of MDF with an additional electrostatic rubber sheet.
  • Plastic coated steel pipe has a variety of colors, suitable for the working environment.
  • Tables ensure solidity, load capacity up to 100-200kg.
  • Can be easily disassembled when not in use without breaking the weld.
  • There are more component trays so that workers do not have to change many positions, improving working efficiency.
  • High aesthetics.
Each type of mechanical workbench will have different advantages
Each type of mechanical workbench will have different advantages

Mechanical working table made of profiled aluminum frame

It is a very popular type of workbench. The advantage of this type of table is that it is light, does not rust, changes in texture, and is flexible in size according to production requirements.

The type of aluminum frame workbench is also very good, the price is cheaper than stainless steel, and it is also more durable than stainless steel, but depending on the purpose that customers can choose. For more details, see the article on aluminum profiled working table

Outstanding features of mechanical workbench made of aluminum profile:

  • Diverse models, sizes, light weight and many accessories included.
  • The table creates a solid, high resistance to rust.
  • Aluminum is a better conductor of electricity than many other materials, so the table is highly resistant to static electricity.
  • The table top is made of MDF wood with an electrostatic rubber mat, protecting the product from scratches or deformation.

In addition, Sukavina.com.vn has a model of a powder coated steel frame working table if you do not like aluminum worktable, see details here: antistatic working table

Mechanical working table made of stainless steel

Stainless steel (stainless steel) is also used to manufacture mechanical workbenches. Stainless steel has corrosion resistance, color fastness, low maintenance and a long-lasting shine over time. Therefore, the mechanical workbench made of stainless steel is widely used in the chemical, food, and cleanroom industries of electronic production and assembly.
Based on the outstanding features of the above popular mechanical tables, you can choose the right product for the production requirements of your factory or business.

Experience choosing to buy a mechanical operating table

Mechanical working tables are not only diverse in materials but also different in size, specifications and characteristics based on the requirements of each manufacturing industry. Therefore, to choose the most suitable product, you should refer to the experiences below.
Learn more about the product before buying
Before deciding to buy a mechanical workbench, it is necessary to research carefully on the market how many types, prices and characteristics of each type. In Vietnam, there are two types of mechanical operating tables imported from China and Korea. In particular, the table is imported Korean materials will be thicker and better quality.
Know the size of the workshop space
The next thing to do is to take measurements to accurately grasp the area of your factory floor with how long and how wide. Besides, it is necessary to know the standing distance of each worker to choose the most suitable size table.
The mechanical working table needs to be measured to understand the size of the workshop area
The mechanical working table needs to be measured to understand the size of the workshop area
In case the area is large, the number of mechanical working tables is much, the supplier will come down to the place to measure and calculate for you. With a small amount, you will have to draft a paper drawing or describe the measurements to get the most accurate design.
This is considered an important and necessary step because choosing a mechanical working table that is too large or too small will also affect working performance.
Determining the type of mechanical workbench
Depending on each industry, volume, and product characteristics, there will be different types of mechanical working tables. For products that need to be done in a clean room, you should choose a table made of stainless steel because it is difficult to stain and easy to clean. As for products that need to ensure safety such as micro-electricity and electronics, the anti-static mechanical working table is considered the most suitable.
Determine the area for the mechanical operation table
The board also needs to define an area for mechanical manipulation so that it can be linked seamlessly with other stages in the production process. Only in this way can the best results be achieved.
Check the quality of the workbench
Check the quality of the mechanical workbench to see if it is the best, most suitable or not. The factors to check are the size, the material, the sophistication of each detail.
Choose a reputable supplier
This is the most important experience to be able to buy good quality mechanical workbench products, suitable for production needs. Currently on the market there are many units providing mechanical workbench. You need to research carefully to choose a reputable place, bring peace of mind when buying.

Sukavina – a reputable and quality supplier of mechanical working tables

Are you looking for a supplier of quality, affordable mechanical workbenches? Then do not ignore Sukavina – the leading prestigious unit in the South in the field of design, processing, construction and production of diverse products, including mechanical working tables.
With many years of experience, possessing a team of skilled engineers and modern and advanced production machinery system, Sukavina has become a reliable partner of many big companies such as Samsung, Biti’s, Truong Hai. , Optical power…
If you are in need of designing and processing good quality mechanical working tables with reasonable prices, please quickly contact Sukavina for detailed advice and support.

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