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For businesses and factories producing microchips, semiconductors, chips, cars, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, and electrical components, manipulator table in a clean room plays a crucial role in their product lines. electronic devices, satisfy the demands of a contemporary, exacting, and rigorous manufacturing environment. Let’s find out more about Sukavina’s operating table for clean rooms!

1. What is a manipulator table for cleanroom?

Extremely high standards for cleanliness, tight construction that prevents dirt from sticking, and tightly controlled standards for air temperature, pressure, and humidity are all requirements in clean room conditions.

The manipulator table was created with industrial cleanrooms in mind. As a result, cleanroom operation tables must be created from various parts using unique materials that adhere to cleanroom regulations.

2. Construction of the manipulator table for cleanroom

The manipulator table for cleanroom is constructed from a variety of unique materials. ESD anti-static products like rubber mats and rubber feet made of stainless steel,… Additionally, stainless steel plastic pipes, curved aluminum pipes, or stainless steel are typically used to construct manipulator table for cleanroom structure. As a result, the manipulator table for cleanroom is typically quite sturdy, anti-dirt, anti-static, chemical resistant, and good at withstanding pressure.

The manipulator table for cleanroom in a variety of designs depending on the user’s requirements. They are essentially built of a steel pipe structure wrapped in plastic or aluminum that has been molded, though. Through a series of bolts, screws, and particularly HJ joints with anti-static treatment, the details are joined to one another.

According to severe, stringent industry regulations to meet and be used in clean rooms, the structure of the manipulator table for cleanroom items is covered with an anti-static rubber mat to maximise the anti-static effect.

3/ Advantages of the manipulator table for cleanroom

High anti-static and anti-dirt index

As a result of its frequent use in clean rooms, the manipulator table for cleanroom has excellent anti-static properties and fully satisfies the requirements for use in industrial clean rooms of businesses and factories.

Absolute resistance against corrosion

The materials used to make the manipulator table for cleanroom must be completely rust-proof. Because of the dirt that will be connected if the operating table rusts, the clean room’s index will be affected, which will have an impact on many items, machinery, and equipment in factories, …

Chemical resistance

In laboratories that will be exposed to a range of chemicals, including corrosive compounds, the manipulator table for cleanroom can be used. The components of the cleanroom workbench need to be durable enough to withstand the corrosive chemicals used in the laboratories.

Scientific construction, clever, practical disassembly

The manipulator table for cleanroom provides ease of disassembly when it is necessary to change the purpose of use. Aesthetics and contemporary design are guaranteed in clean rooms of businesses and factories thanks to the clean room operation table’s scientific and clever design.

To do this, industries and companies have created the manipulator table for cleanroom which connect details using HJ joints. The clean room workbench’s design is more logical and scientific since it makes easy use of HJ coupling for conversion. Additionally, for businesses and factories with limited financial resources, connecting the specifics of the cleanroom workbench with the HJ connection will significantly reduce the cost of manufacturing.

4. Notes for using the manipulator table for cleanroom

Workers must pay attention to the following when utilising the manipulator table for cleanroom :

  • Users of the manipulator table for cleanroom must routinely clean and wipe them down to make them last longer over time, saving businesses and manufacturers a lot of money.
  • Avoid setting sharp objects on the manipulator table for cleanroom because doing so will detract from its visual appeal and lower the quality of the final output.

5, Why should you select a SUKAVINA manipulator table for cleanroom?

The Sukavina Company is currently one of the reputable businesses in Vietnam that has a long history of offering the best manipulator table for cleanroom. The Sukavina Company has a sizable staff of professionals, including engineers and trained technicians. It also has a wealth of experience working with partners in Vietnam and has access to up-to-date technology and equipment lines. internationally accepted. Customers are satisfied by Sukavina Company’s assured offering of the manipulator table for cleanroom designs that are fit for their demands.

The carefully examined raw materials, which adhere to all criteria, are another source of strength for the Sukavina company. The Sukavina company’s manipulator table for cleanroom has been well received in numerous picky markets, including India, China, Japan, Korea,… and is frequently employed by both domestic and international businesses.

Customers should choose Sukavina’s manipulator table for cleanroom products because of their high quality, reasonable price, after-sales support, solid warranty, and quick delivery.

For the best price, please get in touch with Sukavina Co., Ltd. if you’re interested in purchasing a manipulator table for cleanroom.


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