Knowing what to look for when deciding to purchase conveyor belts

One of the crucial aspects is transportation, and firms must continually think about how to ensure the quick and effective transfer of materials and goods while conserving energy and preventing damage. Conveyor belts were developed as a solution to this issue and played a vital role in production, increasing labor productivity. However, the expertise in selecting to buy conveyors determines whether the usage of conveyor belts is efficient, secure, and long-lasting. Sukavina will let you know today what you need to know before purchasing conveyor belts!

1/ Conveyor belt parameters 

1.1 Conveyor specifications

The conveyor’s parameters must meet the following criteria:

– Conveyor frame materials: stainless steel, aluminum and steel.

– Conveyor shape: in addition to the standard straight conveyor, numerous shapes, including slanted,… may be created, making them appropriate for placement in factory and business spaces.

– Conveyor size: Depending on the specific location, the features of each conveyor, and the volume of goods to be conveyed, each conveyor has a varied size. Dimensions for conveyor belts include length, width and height.

– Belt types: Conveyor belts come in a variety of styles and have unique features. The straps have a direct impact on the cargo being transported since different cargo needs appropriate belts that match its specific qualities.

The most common belts in use today include: 

– PVC strapping, which is the type of belt used for most commodities. PVC straps are 2-3mm thick and come in white, green, and blue colors.

– PU straps are belts used for pharmaceuticals, food, and beverages. PU straps are 1-1.5mm thick and shiny (or matte).

– Mesh belts are belts with sections of mesh that permit air to pass through. Transporting items with high temperatures up to 250 degrees Celsius requires mesh straps.

– The primary conveyor frame: There are two primary conveyor frames for aluminum conveyors: CV40 and CV80. The two conveyor frames differ in the following ways:

  • The size of the aluminum used in the CV80 conveyor is bigger than that of the CV40 conveyor.
  • The CV 40 uses a single-phase motor, while the CV 80 uses a three-phase motor.
  • Use the CV80 conveyor if the conveyor is longer than 6 meters or wider than 0.6 meters; otherwise, use the CV40 conveyor.
  • Contrary to the CV40 conveyor, the CV80 conveyor has a faster speed controller.
  • Conveyor foot: Conveyors’ feet come in a variety of varieties with various properties and loading capacities. Here are several conveyors that are on hand:
  • When the conveyor belt cannot move, fixed legs are employed. Although moving the conveyor is more difficult than with other types of conveyor’s legs, fixed legs lessen the potential of vibration and shock when delivering items.
  • When the conveyor needs to move in the future, static legs are used. The conveyor is supported by rubber tires on static feet that limit the conveyor’s movement by creating friction with the floor. This reduces the potential of vibrations coming from the conveyor interior or exterior.
  • When a conveyor requires a high degree of motion, dynamic legs are used. Wheels are frequently linked to the bottom of dynamic legs, which contributes to the conveyor’s improved long-distance mobility. Unlike immobile and stationary legs, wheels of movable legs are not capable of dampening vibrations and shocks.

1.2 Conveyor structure

Conveyor belts are made with the idea of moving things in a specific direction while causing moving objects to revolve. The structure of the conveyor belt is as follows:

– Conveyor frame composed of stainless steel, aluminum, or both…

– A PVC or PU conveyor belt that is 2-3mm thick (thickness 1.5mm)

– Reducer motors with varied capacities, such as 0.4W, 1.5W, and 2.2W, are used by conveyor motors…

  • The conveyor controller has a PLC, timer, and variable sensor.

– Pull rollers and rollers are used in conveyor belt action.

– The operating table system on conveyors is typically constructed of steel and stainless steel, with anti-static rubber mats being affixed to the working surface.

– A system of compressed air and electric cables that provides electricity for the conveyor’s machinery to run.

– The conveyor’s lighting system.

1.3 Other Remarks


Conveyor belts are a crucial mechanical device for the transportation of various goods and materials with heavy and bulky volumes. They are becoming simpler, more flexible, and easy to operate, effective in harsh environments, non-stop for a long time, controlling the speed and direction of goods and materials, and helping to shorten handling times compared to transporting goods using human strength, avoiding health-related risks. Conveyor belts are now virtually exclusively used in a variety of industrial sectors’ production processes, from tiny to very large size.

Installing area:

Compact conveyor belts can be installed for factories and businesses with limited space, making it convenient and simple to disassemble while in use. You can also install a vertical conveyor with a small size, no gearbox, saving space and area, and making it simple to operate.

Choosing a conveyor type

You can select the best sort of conveyor based on your needs, the nature of the goods, and the available workspace:

– Conveyor roller

– Conveyor with a curved angle

– Conveyor lifts and lowering

  • Miniature conveyor

Conveyor installation challenges:

When factories and businesses need to install conveyor belts for production, they might run into issues like: which conveyor design to use depending on the products being transported or produced; how to install conveyors for best efficiency; how to size conveyors to save space; and user safety for conveyor belts.

2/ Conveyor cost

The Sukavina Company’s conveyor products are put through extensive quality testing to ensure the highest degree of performance and boost production effectiveness. An example price list for a few popular conveyor types is provided below:

Name of conveyor Cost
Green PVC conveyor 13.500.000 VND
03 conveyor 14.500.000 VND
PVC-04 conveyor 21.000.000 VND
PVC-05 conveyor 15.000.000 VND

Conveyor belt costs, however, will vary depending on the features of each factory. Call the hotline at 0979 034 634 (Mr. Toan) or 0931 155 155 for a complete quote (Mr Nang).

3/ Maintenance after purchase and in maintenance mode

Conveyor belt service life is affected by three variables: (1) conveyor quality; (2) usage; and (3) warranty and maintenance. When purchasing our conveyors, Sukavina will entirely put your mind at ease, especially for aspects (1) and (3)!

In terms of usage, the following reasons will cause the conveyor belt to start to degrade after some time in use:

– Useful Time – Operating Instructions – Weather

– Goods and materials types

– Quantity of materials and goods

– How to keep everything up and running

Any industrial machinery must be continuously maintained to ensure reliable performance and capacity.

Conveyors and other industrial equipment supplied by Sukavina Company are covered by a comprehensive warranty programme, and the company’s staff will make every effort to support, rapidly resolve client issues, and guarantee that production progress is continuous.

4/ Delivery development

One of the key elements that helps organizations focus on and protect their brands while increasing their value, prestige, and dependability is the delivery timetable. Sukavina is dedicated to timely and accurate delivery, assistance with setup and upkeep, ensuring that production moves forward, and boosting worker productivity.

5/ Contracts, debts

In order to comply with current laws and business rules, Sukavina Company always makes contracts and debts available in a public and open manner. This aids customers in getting a clear understanding of the contract before signing it. Additionally, we provide our clients the most adaptable and practical payment practices.

6. Purchase belt conveyors from Sukavina

The Sukavina Company specializes in the distribution and sale of prestigious and high-quality conveyor belts, ensuring genuine goods and rejecting counterfeit, imitation, and subpar items. With a large workforce and a knowledgeable technical staff, the company is able to create and provide cutting-edge, modern, high-efficiency production lines that satisfy even the most exacting customer demands.

Sukavina Company has many years of experience in consulting design and production solutions for factories and enterprises, helping to reduce the labor force of workers, improve working efficiency by more than 30% compared to the original estimate. top, bringing maximum profit for businesses. Sukavina’s dedicated and attentive customer service along with reasonable prices, quality products, fast delivery, transparent contracts and debts help customers large and small feel secure, satisfied and completely put their trust in us.

Above, Sukavina has fully provided you with what you need to know when buying conveyor belts. If there is a need for advice, design, installation of conveyors or other industrial equipment, please contact us directly for the best service.

The Sukavina Company has extensive knowledge and expertise in providing factories and businesses with design and production solutions that cut labor costs and increase productivity by more than 30% over the initial projection. top, delivering corporations the greatest profit. Customers of all sizes can feel comfortable, satisfied, and able to put their total trust in Sukavina thanks to our committed and attentive customer service, fair rates, high-quality products, quick delivery, and clear contracts and debts.

Sukavina has covered all the information you require when purchasing conveyor belts in the paragraphs above. For the finest service, please get in touch with us personally if you need help with design, installation, or advice for conveyors or other industrial equipment.

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