PVC conveyor belt construction

Cấu trúc băng tải PVC

PVC conveyor belts are widely applied in manufacturing industries: apparel, footwear, food, electronics, packaging, etc. to support the rapid movement of goods and materials, saving money. employees, time and increase profits for the business. Let’s learn about PVC conveyor belt construction!

1/ What is PVC Conveyor?

Băng tải PVC là gì

PVC conveyor belt, also known as Polyvinyl chloride conveyor belt, is made of durable and elastic synthetic Polyvinyl chloride plastic. Texture up to one to three layers, depending on the thickness of the conveyor belt required. The surface design of PVC conveyor belt can be smooth or rough, the bottom is a layer to maintain the stability of the belt, enhance bearing capacity and have high durability.

PVC conveyor belts are applied in many different industries, mainly light industry, applied in harsh environments such as high temperature, oil resistance, continuous transportation of goods including electronics, food, etc. products, confectionery, meat and poultry, packaging, woodworking, electronic components, etc. PVC conveyor belts are the ideal choice due to their durable, versatile construction and diverse features.

PVC conveyor systems are widely used in industrial production lines to improve production efficiency, ensure process continuity and increase speed and reduce production time. Designed and assembled for each product, PVC conveyor belts ensure smooth and safe transportation for businesses while minimizing costs.

2/ Specifications of PVC conveyor belt

  • Conveyor length: 1,000 – 6,000 (mm)
  • Conveyor width: 300 – 1,000 (mm)
  • Conveyor height adjustable: 500 – 1,500 (mm)
  • Conveyor inclined angle 0-30º
  • Speed can be adjusted to suit conveyor capacity: 5-30 (m/min)
  • Engine: Made from Japan, Italy…
  • Conveyor frame material: Steel frame, stainless steel, aluminum profile…
  • Conveyor: Rough or plain PVC coated belt.
  • Controller: Inverter, emergency stop button, push button on/off, etc.

3/ Construction of PVC conveyor belt

Cấu tạo băng tải PVC

PVC conveyor belt structure is made from 4 main parts:

  • Conveyor frame: Made of high quality profiled aluminum, steel or stainless steel for strength, wear resistance and durability in harsh environments.
  • Conveyor belt: Made of high quality PVC material, the surface is a smooth PVC layer, the bottom layer is a woven fabric layer, with a thickness from 1mm to about 5mm.
  • Engine: Used and installed by Sukavina.
  • Controller: Includes on/off button, emergency stop button, floor transformer and safety lock.

4/ Characteristics of PVC conveyor belt

  • PVC conveyor belts are widely used in assembly lines, in the fields of food processing, pharmaceuticals, electronics, tobacco, printing…
  • Good tensile strength, long service life, no tension during operation.
  • Waterproof and heat-resistant PVC belt
    (-10°C – 80°C) can withstand a temperature of 110°C for a certain time.
  • PVC conveyor belts have a thickness of 1 -5 (mm).
  • Resistant to moisture, acids, oils, gases and sunlight.
  • Resistant to tearing, peeling, and impact weight, lightweight, flexible PVC belt.
  • PVC conveyor belt (top surface is smooth or ribbed, rough – bottom is burlap), with thicknesses of 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4.5mm and 5mm.
  • Suitable for transporting products with a flat base to the mesh surface such as boxes, machinery, bottled beverages, canned goods, components, suitcases, etc.
  • Has good bearing capacity, heat resistance, good wear resistance.
  • It is resistant to tearing, peeling and less damage during operation, long service life.

At present, conveyor belts are divided into many types of conveyors such as PVC conveyor belts, cargo conveyor belts, cargo conveyor belts, rubber conveyor belts, fish fillet conveyor belts, cement bag conveyors, product counting conveyors, etc. rice conveyors, seafood conveyors, salt conveyors, pharmaceutical conveyors, mini conveyors…  Conveyors have different applications, so customers should find out which type of conveyor is best for their specific needs. their bodies.

5/ Sukavina – Prestigious and quality PVC conveyor belt supplier

Sukavina Company is a leading unit specializing in conveyor products. As a company with many years of experience, we are confident to offer you high quality PVC conveyor belt samples at competitive prices.

  • With an abundant supply, Sukavina can meet all customer requirements in terms of quality and delivery time.
  • To ensure that Sukavina products are of the highest quality, the company
  • Our production technology is continuously equipped, improved and preserved in time to produce the best products, the most effective.
  • The quality of Sukavina’s products is guaranteed because we strictly test all products before delivery, ensuring the credibility of the responsibility.

Above is information about PVC conveyor belt structure. In addition, we also manufacture roller conveyors, operating tables, trolleys with reasonable prices and full warranty to bring satisfaction to customers.

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