Sukavina’s newest V-hole iron shelf model

Báo giá kệ sắt V lỗ Sukavina

V-hole iron shelf is made from high-grade iron material, so it is durable. The powder-coated iron floors have effective display and storage of goods. Moreover, it has a rigid structure, increased bearing capacity and can be easily adjusted in size, suitable for many uses. In addition to use in industrial production workshops, V-hole iron shelves are also used as office file shelves, desks or schools, shelves for goods in supermarkets, stores, etc.

1/ Structure of iron shelf V hole


Kết cấu kệ sắt V lỗ

Shelf frame: this frame determines the height of the shelf, the number of floor trays depends on the desired size of the user.

Iron bars reinforce each floor: this bar is also made of iron, used to connect the 2 ends between the frame and the floor plate to increase the strength of the shelf.

Angle Eke: is the part to connect the iron leg to the reinforcing bar, also known as the corner bass.

Bolts and Nuts: Included with the corner plates are bolts and nuts to fix the iron bars and floor plates on each floor.

Floor tray: This is the place to put goods on display or storage. The panels can be made from V-hole iron, plywood or tole.

Rubber feet: As the base of the shelf, this part has anti-slip effect for the shelf when loading heavy goods.

V hole iron shelf size:

Some commonly used V hole sizes include:

Dimensions about 0.3m wide:

  • 1m long x 0.3m wide x 2m high x 4 panels
  • 1m long x 0.3m wide x 2m high x 5 panels
  • 1m long x 0.3m wide x 2m high x 6 panels

Dimensions about 0.4m wide:

  • 1m long x 0.4m wide x 2m high x 3 panels
  • 1m long x 0.4m wide x 2m high x 4 panels
  • 1m long x 0.4m wide x 2m high x 5 panels
  • 1m long x 0.4m wide x 2m high x 6 panels

Dimensions about 0.5m wide:

  • 1m long x 0.5m wide x 2m high x 3 panels
  • 1m long x 0.5m wide x 2m high x 4 panels
  • 1m long x 0.5m wide x 2m high x 5 panels
  • 1m long x 0.5m wide x 2m high x 6 panels

Dimensions about 0.6m wide:

  • 1m long x 0.6m wide x 2m high x 3 panels
  • 1m long x 0.6m wide x 2m high x 4 panels
  • 1m long x 0.6m wide x 2m high x 5 panels
  • 1m long x 0.6m wide x 2m high x 6 panels

The size of the shelf is assembled depending on the needs of the goods. However, most of the floor plate widths are still manufactured according to the standard: 30cm, 40cm, 50cm, 60cm.

The thickness of iron also has many types: 1.5mm, 1.8mm, 2mm… The higher the thickness, the stronger the shelf, but the investment cost is also higher.

2/ Uses of V-hole iron shelves

Công dụng của kệ sắt V lỗ


V-hole iron shelf has a diverse design, many uses, so it is widely applied as a shelf in industry and life:

  • Easily adjust the size and distance between shelves to suit the storage of goods.
  • These shelves are highly flexible, can be disassembled, expanded or narrowed for use in many different situations such as: Storage of goods in the warehouse, making display shelves,designing tree trusses, etc.
  • Shelves with high durability, reasonable prices help save costs, so they are increasingly used.

Customers can consider the purpose of use to choose the most suitable and economical shelf.

3/ Instructions for installing V-hole iron shelves

Hướng dẫn lắp đặt kệ sắt V lỗ


To install the V-hole iron shelf, you need to determine the height, width, floor area and load capacity to install the shelf accordingly. Moreover, you should make a drawing to estimate how many floors there will be and the distance between the pallets on the shelf, the load and the material of goods to ensure the shelf.

If you choose Sukavina’s multi-purpose V-hole iron shelf, we will support you wholeheartedly from installation to use, ensuring proper installation, maximum efficiency.

4/ Types of V-hole iron shelves at Sukavina

Các loại kệ sắt V lỗ tại Sukavina

Sukavina corner iron shelves have diverse designs depending on the needs of customers. Here are some of the best-selling shelves right now:

V-hole 2 tier iron shelf

This is a type of shelf that often serves the purpose of personal storage with small sizes such as shelves for slippers, cosmetics, or small daily items, …

V-hole 3-tier iron shelf

Kệ sắt V lỗ Sukavina

This shelf is more sought after by customers than the 2-tier shelf. It is commonly used with the same function as the 3-tier corner board. Warehouses with large items can use this shelf for storage.

V-hole 4 tier iron shelf

Its four floors allow it to store not only household items, but also a variety of goods, which can be used in small shops.

V-hole 5 tiers iron shelf

Kệ sắt V lỗ 5 tầng

If you want to optimize the warehouse area, you cannot ignore this 5-tier shelf. It can hold goods of various sizes, effectively saving storage space.

V-hole 6 tier iron shelf

This is also a shelf used to save warehouse space. This racking model is highly effective and is a wise warehouse investment solution for businesses.\

Reference: Types of industrial storage shelves

5/ Quotation of iron shelf V hole Sukavina

The Sukavina V-hole iron shelf is made of high-quality powder-coated iron that is extremely sturdy. There is a variety of prices from 15 000 000 to 35 000 000/m2. The price of the shelf depends on the thickness of the iron and the size of the shelf. For a specific quote, please contact Sukavina via hotline 0979 034 634 – 0931 155 155/ Zalo: 0979 034 634/ Website:

In addition to V-hole iron shelves, Sukavina also provides smart shelves and other industrial equipment such as operation tables, trolleys, PVC conveyors, etc. We advise on comprehensive automation production solutions. for you!

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