What are the advantages of PU conveyor belt?

Băng tải PU có ưu điểm gì?

PU conveyor belts are suitable for use in many different industries such as warehouse storage, food processing, automobile assembly, motorcycle assembly, electronic component assembly, etc., contributing to high profits for businesses. industrial production. Let’s refer to this type of conveyor immediately!

1/ What is PU conveyor belt?

PU conveyor belt is a type of conveyor belt that uses a belt made of high-temperature resistant PU material, which is flexible, more resistant to corrosion than rubber and ordinary plastic. Today, PU conveyor belts are designed and assembled to meet the needs of the market, ensuring long life and durability during use.

What is PU Conveyor?
What is PU Conveyor?

2/ Structure of the PU . conveyor system

  • Conveyor frame: Made from galvanized steel, powder coated steel for great rigidity, increasing the bearing capacity of the conveyor.
  • Geared motor: Reduces safety for workers while working.
  • Inverter: responsible for controlling the operating speed of the conveyor.
  • Additional accessories: Lights, storage space…
  • The layers are alternately divided to increase the efficiency of cargo transmission.
  • PU conveyor belt is made of PU material with good elasticity, does not expand during operation.

3/ Working principle of PU . conveyor belt

When the roller actively rotates, the friction force between the roller and the conveyor belt is formed, causing the conveyor belt to move and pull the goods to also reciprocate in the previously specified direction and operate continuously for a long time. production process.

Working principle of PU . conveyor belt
Working principle of PU . conveyor belt

4/ Outstanding features of PU . conveyor belt

  • Has good heat resistance, good impact pressure and high durability, so it is used to transport goods safely, effectively, saving investment costs for businesses.
  • Suitable for all terrain and extreme weather, allowing operation for many hours continuously without damage or degradation.
  • Easy to assemble flexibly according to the manufacturer’s instructions for use.

5/ Outstanding advantages of PU conveyor belt compared to PVC conveyor

5.1 Odorless

PU conveyor belt has no peculiar smell, even when in contact with goods. This helps to keep the goods very safe and clean for a long time.

5.2 Possible direct contact with food

PU conveyor belts can be in direct contact with food because they do not create any special odors that affect the food, helping to keep the food fresh without any odors or strange odors.

5.3 More durable than PVC conveyor belt

PU conveyor belt has higher durability than PVC, has good cutting resistance, good bearing capacity many times when transporting goods for many hours, ensuring stable, smooth and continuous operation of the system.

5.4 Dubbed “Green” conveyor belt (with environmental protection function)

PU conveyor belts are biodegradable in nature, which is very eco-friendly compared to PVC conveyor belts. And PVC material is very toxic to humans and does not guarantee safety during work.

PU conveyor belt has faster recovery than PVC conveyor belt because the elasticity of PU material is better than PVC material.

6/ The benefits of PU . conveyor belt

Saving manpower costs: this helps to reduce the number of unnecessary workers, replace manual labor with the support of modern machines, contributing to improving production capacity for enterprises.
Faster speed: because of the support of the PU conveyor, each person in the stitch only needs to do the assigned task, resulting in better coordination when working as a team.
Efficient use of space: freeing up space, helping to make the most of these spaces for necessary purposes depending on work needs.

7/ What kinds of surfaces of PU conveyor belts are there?

White PU conveyor belt has good electrostatic ability, good acid resistance and high strength. They have different thicknesses including 0.8mm, 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm… They are mainly used in the fields of electronics, computers, automobile assembly…
Green PU conveyor belt is assembled by technicians with many years of experience, works well in all terrain and complicated weather, very safe for users’ health. Conveyor belts using green PU ropes have the characteristics of anti-acid, water-proof, good heat-resistance, high durability, good elasticity, so they are widely applied in many industrial production industries, contributing to profit growth for businesses. Karma.

What kinds of surfaces of PU conveyor belts are there?
What kinds of surfaces of PU conveyor belts are there?

8/ Application of PU . conveyor belt

  • In the medical field: PU conveyor belts are used to produce medical items such as masks, cotton balls, medicines, etc. need high sterility and do not stain these products. They are favored and appreciated by many pharmaceutical companies and medical supply companies.
  • In agriculture: They are widely used to transport raw materials for the production of agricultural products such as fertilizers, feed for livestock and poultry, etc., bringing high economic efficiency to producers.
  • In industry: Because of its high durability and good heat resistance, this is the first choice for transporting components and materials for assembling cars, motorcycles, computers, etc. Not a small profit for companies, enterprises…
Application of PU . conveyor belt
Application of PU . conveyor belt

9/ When choosing PU conveyor belt, what issues should be kept in mind?

  • When the conveyor system is in operation, do not touch the conveyor surface.
  • Do not transfer goods that are too heavy, as this will exceed the allowable load of the conveyor, causing damage to the conveyor.
  • You must not stand near conveyor motors while they are in operation.
  • Regularly check, periodically maintain the conveyor belt to work better after each use.

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