How to make the most accurate and detailed mini conveyor in 2023

Băng tải PVC xanh

Mini conveyors are flexible, professional solutions in modern industrial environments. How do manufacturers make mini conveyors? Is it possible to do it yourself? We invite you to take a look below!

1/ What is mini conveyor?

Mini conveyor is a compact size conveyor used to transport materials, components, machines, etc. from one location to another in the specified direction. Mini conveyors help transport goods efficiently, reduce labor for workers and bring great benefits to businesses.

What is mini conveyor?
What is mini conveyor?

2/ Structure of mini conveyor

Mini conveyor is mainly composed of the following main parts:

  • The mini conveyor frame is made of galvanized steel, high-grade stainless steel to create a solid and durable structure to withstand all extreme weather conditions.
  • Mini conveyor belts are mainly manufactured from PVC or PU rope, with a rough surface to prevent goods from being lost or lost.
  • Aluminum chain drive system for high efficiency conveyor conveying capacity and the ability to carry continuously for many hours.
  • The system of mini conveyor rollers and mini conveyor pulleys makes the belt move in the specified direction from one position to another.
  • You can add supporting accessories of mini conveyors to diversify useful features such as lights, warning lights, storage space…
Structure of mini conveyor
Structure of mini conveyor

3/ Pros and cons of mini conveyors

3.1 Advantages of using mini conveyors

Some outstanding advantages of mini conveyors that you need to know are as follows:

  • Mini conveyors are scientifically and intelligently designed, making transporting goods very convenient and easy, preserving goods from spoilage agents.
  • Mini conveyors can be easily assembled or disassembled, helping to free up space for factories and enterprises.
  • The transportation speed of the mini conveyor is very fast, helping to ensure a more favorable production schedule.
  • Mini conveyors are lighter in weight than conventional conveyors, but the main functions still work very well, contributing to the rapid increase in production capacity and generating significant profits for businesses.
Advantages of using mini conveyors
Advantages of using mini conveyors

3.2 Disadvantages of mini conveyor

Some limitations of mini conveyors that you need to pay attention to are as follows:

  • Mini conveyors are small in size, so they cannot transport large goods.
  • Plastic on the surface of the mini conveyor is very toxic to humans, so it is necessary to pay attention to limit contact with the surface of the mini conveyor to ensure health.

4/ How to choose a simple mini conveyor

Mini conveyors have great benefits that mini conveyors bring. Before knowing how to make mini conveyors, you need to refer to how to choose a simple mini conveyor as follows:

  • You need to determine the goal of using the conveyor for your needs by asking questions such as what is the production object? What is the application terrain of the conveyor belt? What is the investment cost?
  • Then choose a manufacturer that provides quality mini conveyor belts to avoid buying fake and poor quality goods.
How to choose the right mini conveyor
How to choose the right mini conveyor

5/ Application of mini conveyor in industry

5.1 Food processing

Mini conveyors are also used to transport fresh foods, frozen foods, dry foods… This type of conveyor is specifically designed in the field of food processing and complies with food hygiene and safety conditions. products, ensuring the quality of food is always fresh before being shipped to the market.

5.2 Manufacture of electronic equipment

Mini conveyors are also used to produce important electronic devices in life such as computer monitors, televisions, printers, washing machines, refrigerators, etc. Great benefits for businesses.

5.3 Printing industry

Mini conveyors are also used in the packaging printing industry to create all kinds of packaging such as PE packaging, PP packaging, zipper packaging … quality with high accuracy. This conveyor is professionally designed, easy to assemble and disassemble, transporting each material for packaging production very safely and quickly.

6/ Choosing the right motor for mini conveyors

Step 1: Determine the load of the mini conveyor

The important parameters that you need to refer to include the weight of the goods, the coefficient of friction of the conveyor, the working time of the conveyor, the voltage… The way to make a mini conveyor is based on parameters so you need to determine it. elaborate.

Step 2: Calculate the transmission ratio for the conveyor belt

Important conveyor ratios that you need to keep in mind include the speed of the conveyor belt, the speed of the pulley, the speed of the gearbox, etc.

Step 3: Calculate the torque of the motor

Next you need to calculate the top torque of the poly and the gearbox.

Step 4: Calculate the capacity of the mini conveyor

You apply the formula P = T x N / 9.55 (kW) where T is the torque of the conveyor belt and N is the number of revolutions of the conveyor to calculate the power P of the conveyor.

Step 5: Choose the right motor for the mini conveyor

The above parameter calculation steps will help you to choose a motor for mini conveyor much simpler, saving a lot of time, effort and money.

7/ Sukavina – A supplier of quality prestigious mechanical products

Sukavina has long experience in manufacturing and supplying specialized products in industry such as operating tables, mini conveyors, trolleys… Sukavina is capable of consulting customers with professional industrial solutions, flexible and fast like how to make quality mini conveyor belts to bring high work efficiency for businesses.

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