What is curved conveyors? Some of the most popular industrial curved conveyors in 2023

Một số loại băng tải cong phổ biến trong công nghiệp mới nhất năm 2023
Curved conveyor belts are now highly appreciated by many companies, factories, workshops… Curved Conveyor is a smart, innovative and professional solution in the field of industrial transportation and a number of other fields.

1/ What is a curved conveyor belt?

Curved conveyor is a type of conveyor that transports goods, materials, supplies, etc., designed with a curved angle from 0 – 180 degrees. It helps to make the most of the space in factories, workshops, warehouses, etc. to transport goods, materials, supplies, etc. safely and quickly.
What is a curved conveyor belt?
What is a curved conveyor belt?

2/ Advantages of curved angle conveyor

Some outstanding advantages of curved corner conveyors that you need to know are as follows:
  • Conveyor belt has outstanding durability, high rigidity because it is manufactured from high-quality materials imported from abroad, impressively designed with the ability to withstand goods, materials, supplies… Heavy and bulky, very good impact resistance, can be installed in all terrain and complicated weather.
  • Curved angle conveyor has stable, fast and continuous performance for many hours, minimizing risks in transporting goods, raw materials, supplies…, reducing other costs such as investment in machinery. , repair machines, hire human resources to help businesses optimize work effectively and grow profits much better.
  • Curved corner conveyors have a design that allows easy replacement of conveyor belts if they are torn, cracked, old, etc. This helps warehouses, factories, etc. to control the condition of the conveyor and ensure the progress of the work. The work is continuous and synchronized over time, without interruption in the production and business process.

3/ Structure of curved angle conveyor

The structure of curved angle conveyor includes the following main components:
  • Conveyor frame: made from stainless steel, aluminum profiled stainless steel… helps the conveyor belt with high durability, the ability to load goods with different weight scales in complex weather and terrain conditions.
  • The conveyor belt is usually made from PVC or PU wire, which is very safe for workers’ health.
  • The speed controller monitors the freight rate.
  • Curve angle: 30 degrees. 45 degrees…
  • Curve radius: 300mm, 600mm…

4/ Working principle of curved angle conveyor

When the rollers actively rotate, they create friction between the roller and the belt to move the belt in a pre-specified direction. As the belt moves, the cargo also reciprocates in the direction of the belt.

5/ What types of curved conveyors are popular today?

5.1 Conveyor belt with 30 degree curved angle

Conveyor belt with 30 degree curved angle is a type of conveyor designed with a 30 degree curved angle to transport goods, materials, supplies … in the direction specified in the factory space… This conveyor has a frame. manufactured from galvanized steel, powder coated steel, stainless steel… for high durability, good pressure resistance, good heat resistance, effective wear resistance. They are widely applied in many fields such as industry, agriculture, transportation, etc.
Conveyor belt curved angle 30
Conveyor belt curved angle 30

5.2 Conveyor belts curved 45 degrees

Conveyor belt with 45 degree curved angle is a type of conveyor that transports goods, raw materials, supplies … with a 45 degree curved angle, which is trusted and appreciated by many businesses and enterprises. Conveyor belt with 45 degree curved angle is equipped with inverter, reducer motor … to control the operation of the conveyor belt for efficient and fast transportation, timely handling if problems occur… Conveyor belt This can be applied in diverse terrains and different weather.
45 degree curved conveyor belt
45 degree curved conveyor belt

5.3 Conveyor curved 60

The 60-degree curved conveyor belt operates stably and continuously over time, making the process of transporting goods, materials, supplies … safe, without loss or loss. It can be easily installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions, is light in weight, so it can be taken anywhere at any time, low investment and maintenance costs, greatly increasing production productivity in the enterprise. .
60 degree curved conveyor belt
60 degree curved conveyor belt

5.4 Conveyor belt with 90 degree curved angle

Conveyor belt bends 90 degrees to create bends in the process of transporting goods, materials, supplies… suitable for small terrains. They are capable of stable operation, low noise, ensuring the health and safety of workers. It is applied in the fields of food processing, pharmaceutical production, cosmetic production, etc.
Conveyor belt 90 degree curved angle
Conveyor belt 90 degree curved angle

6/ Application of curved angle conveyor in industry

Some outstanding applications of curved angle conveyors in industry:
  • In industry: used to transport components and materials in fields such as electronics, automobile assembly, mechanics, semiconductor chip production.
  • In agriculture: used to produce fresh food, dry food, seafood, confectionery…
  • In transportation: use to classify goods and transfer them to trucks, container trucks … to send to the recipient’s address.

7/ Where should I buy curved conveyors?

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