What is PVC Conveyor belts? Why buy PVC conveyor belt at Sukavina?

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PVC conveyor belts are an integral part of modern production lines, simplifying the process, providing the highest productivity. So in Vietnam, are there any reputable and quality PVC conveyor belt manufacturers? Find out more information below!

1/ What is PVC Conveyor?

What is PVC Conveyor?

PVC conveyor belt (PVC conveyor belt) is a type of conveyor belt made from PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) as the main material, with a thickness of 1-1.5mm, the size depends on the needs of use. This is an effective arm in the production line, greatly increasing labor productivity.

PVC conveyor belt has the main structure including:

  • Conveyor belt: Made from blue PVC, the top is smooth, the bottom is woven burlap.
  • Conveyor frame: Usually aluminum profile frame with anti-rust, anti-wear, high strength.
  • Geared motor: Adjust the transmission speed of the product.
  • Adjustable feet, power trough, socket.

In fact, businesses can completely consult and choose PVC conveyor belts with the right size and design according to the needs and actual area of their workshop at SUKAVINA.

2/ What is the application of PVC conveyor belt?

PVC conveyor belt application in which field?


PVC conveyor belts take on the role of conveyor belts in modern production processes, helping to automate and simplify production stages, increasing the factory’s working efficiency to the maximum.
That is why PVC conveyor belts are widely applied in modern production lines, especially:
  • Electronic component manufacturing industry.
  • Food processing (confectionery, dry food, seafood, canned food…)
  • Production of medical supplies (gloves, masks, …).
  • Garment and footwear industry.

When using PVC conveyor belts to automate and improve production processes, businesses have saved a lot of time and labor, avoided production errors, and increased supply capacity. Besides, partners will also appreciate more for businesses with modern and professional production lines.

3/ What are the outstanding advantages of SUKAVINA PVC conveyor belt?

What are the outstanding advantages of PVC conveyor SUKAVINA?


Referring to PVC conveyor belt, it is impossible not to mention the supplier SUKAVINA. SUKAVINA PVC conveyor belt products stand out in the industry by the following advantages:

  • Sukavina’s PVC conveyor belt is made of high-quality materials, thoroughly researched and tested, so it is 100% practical.
  • High degree of flexibility, easy to replace, install, can work well in many designs: horizontal conveyor, curved conveyor, inclined conveyor with large slope…
  • Outstanding operating intensity, high operating efficiency, helping to increase transmission speed, reduce transit time, increase productivity.
  • Reduce labor costs, save time.
  • Anti-moisture, anti-mildew, perfect anti-odor.
  • Resistance to grease, chemicals, ensuring safety in production for all types of goods.
  • Low elasticity, stable operation, no noise.
  • Good heat resistance: safe temperature range from (-10) degrees Celsius to 80 degrees Celsius.
  • Thin and light, maximum energy saving.
  • Enduring with time.

With these outstanding characteristics, SUKAVINA’s PVC conveyor belts are chosen and trusted by many manufacturing enterprises for use in many large and small factory systems.

4/ What types of PVC conveyor belt does SUKAVINA provide?

What types of PVC conveyor belt does SUKAVINA provide?

SUKAVINA provides all types of PVC conveyor belts currently on the market, such as:

  • Green PVC conveyor belt: Smooth surface, characteristic green color, durable, water resistant, good heat resistance, because of its light weight, it is quite flexible.
  • Conveyor belt is difficult to stretch during operation, long life.
  • Mini PVC conveyor belt: The same structure as the green PVC conveyor belt, the mini conveyor belt is designed to be streamlined, the conveyor belt is thinner and lighter, making it easy to transport and use, and increase labor productivity. Mini PVC conveyor belt is mainly used in the electronic components industry, assembling small and light products.
  • Conveyor PVC curved angle (conveyor belt): Specially designed with curved corners (30, 45, 60, 90 degrees… depending on customer requirements), used to maximize the workshop area, make the most of use narrow corner spaces.
  • PVC Conveyor Lifting Conveyor: Strong, flexible design, adjustable slope to help transport goods from high to low or from low to high easily.
  • White PVC Conveyor Belt: Smooth surface, white or slightly gray, commonly used in the food processing industry. Conveyor belts are easy to install, low cost and less durable than green PVC conveyors.

What types of PVC conveyor belt does SUKAVINA provide?

In addition to the above types, Sukavina also provides all kinds of conveyor belts according to customers’ requirements from design, size, insulation properties, insulation, … suitable for each factory.
Besides PVC conveyor belts, Sukavina also provides all kinds of manipulator table, roller sliders, replacement accessories,… comprehensive solution consulting to increase productivity and profit for the factory.

5/ What business partners have used PVC conveyor belts of SUKAVINA

Sukavina is one of the leading industrial product suppliers in the South. Sukavina’s PVC conveyor belts have been trusted by many major partners in many different industries over the years.

Which business partners have used SUKAVINA's PVC conveyor belts?

Our typical partners:

  • Toshiba
  • Thaco TruongHai
  • Bitis
  • Panasonic
  • Samsung
  • Fujikura
  • Kềm Nghĩa
  • Toyota
  • And many other great partners.

6/ Why should buy PVC conveyor belt at SUKAVINA

Sukavina operates under the motto “We do not sell products, we bring partners the most optimal production solution.” With many years of experience in the industry, having been a partner of large domestic and foreign corporations, when buying PVC conveyor belts at Sukavina, you are completely assured of product quality, from before – during – to after purchase. .

  • Before supplying products to partners, our professional technicians will come to the workshop to measure and advise customers to choose the most suitable PVC conveyor belt for the actual factory.
  • Next, we will design 3D so that customers can visualize the product and choose the best product.
  • When manufacturing products, Sukavina’s professional technicians always try to perfect the product meticulously, accurately to every detail, update the production situation to customers, ensure on-time delivery.
  • After finishing, the product will go through strict inspection steps to ensure that 100% of the products delivered to partners are standard products.
  • Sukavina supports delivery, installation and repair, answers all problems of customers during use.
  • Large factory scale (3 factories), ensuring supply capacity with every order.

Why should buy PVC conveyor belt at SUKAVINA?

In addition, with a clear warranty policy and flexible payment, partners can be completely assured when choosing Sukavina’s PVC conveyor belt.

7/ Buy PVC conveyor belt with good price, prestige at SUKAVINA

If you are looking for a place to supply quality and reputable PVC conveyor belts, you cannot ignore Sukavina. As a partner of large corporations for many years, Sukavina firmly believes that it will satisfy partner businesses.

Buy PVC conveyor belt with good price, prestige at SUKAVINA

To buy good and reputable PVC conveyor belts at Sukavina, please contact directly via hotline 0979 034 634 or website Sukavina.com.vn

It is our honor to serve our partners!

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