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Airport baggage carousels ( Airport baggage conveyor belt) are used to transport customers’ checked baggage. This is an indispensable product for domestic and foreign airlines. So, what do you know about this airport carousel system? Let’s find out with Sukavina through the article below!

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What is an airport baggage carousel? (Airport baggage conveyor belt)

Luggage conveyor belt is a device responsible for transporting checked baggage of customers located inside the operating areas of the airport. Luggage conveyor belts ensure that luggage is taken to the screening device, checked, then to the administrative processing room, classified and loaded onto the means of transport.
Depending on the area and space at the airport, the baggage carousel will be designed with an appropriate length and speed. In addition, the conveyors installed on the handling system also have different configurations and capacities.
Commonly used airport baggage carousel - Airport baggage conveyor belt
Commonly used airport baggage carousel – Airport baggage conveyor belt

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The importance of airport baggage carousels (Airport baggage conveyor belt)

At airports, the number of passengers per day is very large. Therefore, the airport has to handle and sort tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of luggage. Therefore, it is not possible to handle it in a timely and effective manner without supporting conveyor belts. The benefits that airport baggage conveyors bring are:
  • Help passengers move faster
  • Speed up security testing activities
  • Help move things orderly
  • Allow passengers to check their own baggage
Airports when the appearance of baggage conveyor systems will easily control the flow of luggage effectively, increase professionalism and receive customer satisfaction. Therefore, it cannot be denied the importance of this type of equipment in the operation of the airport.

Features of airport baggage carousel (Airport baggage conveyor belt)

Airport luggage conveyor belt is made from imported materials with standard quality, so it has outstanding features. That is:
  • The conveyor frame is firmly designed, made of stainless steel, so it is extremely durable and solid.
  • The rollers of the conveyor system are made of stainless steel with a large load capacity of up to 200kg with a flexible design and smooth operation.
  • Conveyor belts are also designed to block the sides to prevent luggage from slipping and falling off the conveyor.
  • There are two types of roller conveyors commonly used in airports: motorized and non-motorized. With non-motorized roller conveyors, gravity will help convey goods.
  • Today’s airports are equipped with modern machinery and equipment, including baggage conveyor belts to best serve customers when using the service.
Airport baggage carousel has outstanding features
Airport baggage carousel has outstanding features

Working principle of airport baggage conveyor belt

To better understand the airport baggage conveyor system, you should learn about its working principle. Airport baggage conveyor belt is a conveyor system designed with a closed loop scale. The device moves thanks to the intermediate transmission assembly, which makes the conveyor belt more stable than the traditional moving figure. The luggage conveyor structure at the airport also has many new innovations such as minimizing noise, easy maintenance.
With the motor controlled by the inverter, the airport conveyor system is easy to control as well as change the conveyor speed. The conveyor belt is a combination of cyclic stitches by crescent or trapezoidal plates. The parts will be connected together tightly, creating a closed loop. From there, the system will create the function of keeping and storing luggage neatly. Airport luggage conveyor belts are designed with smooth, high-elastic materials to limit the impact of customers’ luggage.

Benefits of baggage carousel (Airport baggage conveyor belt) at the airport

It is not difficult to recognize the baggage carousel system at airports. This is an industrial conveyor belt product with a working speed of about 12-24m/min, clockwise or counter-clockwise. Thanks to this modern and advanced equipment, transporting customers’ belongings from the airport to the point of departure (reverse) becomes the fastest and safest. There is no longer a state of distorted and broken luggage as before and staff also reduce labor, making it easier to manage customers’ belongings.
Currently, shipping by air has become very familiar and popular with everyone. Therefore, the airport needs to be equipped with modern equipment such as airport baggage carousels.
For more advice on airport baggage conveyor belts, you can contact Sukavina – a leading unit in the field of design, processing and manufacturing of industrial products.

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