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băng tải đôi dán gân PVC

Cleated dual-track PVC conveyors are helpful in the industrial field for transporting bulky or heavy raw materials, such as nuts, powders, debris, bottles, jars, barrels, etc. There are many applications for this type of conveyor, including the assembly of electronic components, automobile components, motorcycles, leather shoe production lines, medical supplies, brick production lines, disposable plastics, packaging lines, bottling, and food processing lines.

1/ What is a cleated dual-track PVC conveyor?

The cleated dual-track PVC conveyor is made from PVC material, which has been cleated on its surface by a thermal paste system, resulting in a strong and aesthetically pleasing cleat. A cleated dual-track conveyor made of PVC is also waterproof as well as resistant to acid and other environmental factors. Therefore, it has a long service life and can be used in various production environments.

Putting cleats on conveyor belts helps divide products or prevents them from sliding around.

cleated dual-track PVC conveyor
Cleated dual-track PVC conveyor

2/ The structure of a cleated dual-track PVC conveyor?

Cleated dual-track PVC conveyor designs include an aluminum profiled frame with two cleated PVC belts, lengths of 2mm-5mm, making transportation and production more accessible.

  •       Conveyor frame: Made of aluminum profile.
  •     Motor: Depending on users’ needs, have a gear reducer and flexible control.
  •       PVC conveyor belt: 2  PVC belts evenly cleated.
  •       Can be integrated with: MDF+ESD wooden manipulator table, 2-sided power line, moving wheel, adjustable booster legs, etc.

Advantages of cleated dual-track PVC conveyor:

  •       The conveyor belt is lightweight, easy to install and adjust the structure.
  •       Cleated PVC conveyors are waterproof, moisture-resistant, acid, oil, gas, and sunlight-resistant.
  •       Conveyor surfaces have excellent tension, low elongation, and impact resistance, limiting stretching during use.
  •     Flexible heat resistance range (-10°C – 80°C).
  •       Long service life, suitable for long transport distances.

3/ Specifications

  •       Dimensions: Length x width x height, customized by requirement.
  •       The frame is made of profiled aluminum, stainless steel, or powder-coated steel.
  •       Motor: Custom-designed, usually 180w, easy control.
  •       PVC belt pasted with T-cleat or K-cleat, depending on the purpose.
  •       Conveyor thickness: 2mm – 5mm, can be 3 or 4 layers.
  •       Flexible design according to customer requirements.

4/ Types of cleated dual-track PVC conveyor 

There are two types of cleated dual-track PVC conveyors, whether paste with K cleat or T cleat; they work with different uses and characteristics:

K cleat:

The K-cleat has the form of a K-shaped bar. A horizontal cleat is applied to the conveyor surface, creating friction that prevents the material from drifting backward when going up a steep slope.

Moreover, the K cleat is placed along the conveyor’s length, which clings to the roller track to prevent belt deflection. Common types of K cleats such as: K(6x4mm), K(8x5mm), K(10x6mm), K(13x8mm), K(17x11mm), etc.

cleated dual-track PVC conveyor
cleated dual-track PVC conveyor (K Cleat)

T cleat :

The T-cleated dual-track conveyor is designed with two parallel conveyors. T-shaped cleats on the conveyor belt block large granular or bulk materials from drifting backward when loading on a slope.

The T-cleat is only horizontally on the conveyor surface, which cannot be glued vertically. Common types of T cleats such as T20, T30, T40, T50, T60, etc.

cleated dual-track PVC conveyor
Cleated dual-track PVC conveyor (T Cleat)

5/ Application of cleated dual-track PVC conveyor?

Cleated dual-track PVC conveyor has a lot of applications, but mainly for transporting raw materials and equipment in the industry:

They transport materials to a higher angle of up to 25 degrees and transport packaged goods up to 45 degrees. This type of conveyor is very prevalent when transporting efficiently slippery products.

A wide variety of industries use them, including component manufacturing, food processing, pharmaceuticals, electronics, tobacco, printing, and animal feed.

There are also cleated dual-track conveyors used at docks, for loading and unloading containers, for transporting rice, coal, and cement, among other uses.

Widely used in production lines such as assembly, food processing, pharmaceuticals, electronics, tobacco, and printing …

Besides being anti-fall and anti-slip, cleated dual-track PVC conveyors can also efficiently divide products.

cleated dual-track PVC conveyor
Application of cleated dual-track PVC conveyors

6/ Sukavina design cleated dual-track PVC conveyor as required

Are you in need of designing a dual-track PVC conveyor? Choose Sukavina Company – one of the leading industrial equipment suppliers with quality products, intelligent design, and dedicated services.

We provide PVC conveyors, roller conveyors, manipulation tables, racks, trolleys, etc., to improve production efficiency. As well as providing free consultations on production line improvement, after-sales services, and warranty coverage, we also offer quick installation services.

With years of professional experience, Sukavina is dedicated to bringing you the best production solutions possible!

cleated dual-track PVC conveyor
Sukavina cleated dual-track conveyor

If you need to design a cleated dual-track PVC conveyor, please contact Sukavina for more information and quotations.

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