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folding conveyor belt

What structure does the folding conveyor belt have? How can I pick a folding conveyor belt that is sturdy, affordable, and appropriate? Sukavina will now lead the way for you.

1/ Folding conveyor belt structure

A folding conveyor belt is a system for moving things not in a straight line but rather in a bend, making it ideal for moving goods to the following step of production or stage in the production chain to satisfy client demands. Manufacturers have different specifications from one another.

The following are the key parts of the folding conveyor belt:

  • In order to adapt the runway for moving items for maximum convenience and to fulfill other technical criteria, folding conveyor belts have a runway construction in the shape of a curve, with an angle of inclination chosen according to customer specifications. each other throughout the production process for the benefit of the client.
  • Folding conveyor belts make it easy to move goods to the line, the following stage, or the following manufacturing step during the production or transportation process, enabling uninterrupted, ongoing progress.
  • To assist produce a strong construction, the folding conveyor belt is composed of high-grade stainless steel. This material also resists breaking when subjected to extremely good impact, preserving the runway without incident.
  • The folding conveyor belts have a high horsepower motor that enables them to transfer runway materials in a strong, stable, and efficient manner while using less energy over an extended period of time.
  •  Folding conveyor belts are made of premium PVC to boost their tensile strength, flexibility, and elasticity, as well as their capacity to handle extreme weather and outside situations.
    folding conveyor belt
    Folding conveyor belts structure

2/ The use of folding conveyors

Due to the following noteworthy uses, folding conveyors are commonly employed in express delivery services, mechanical workshops, machinery production plants, electronic component factories, and other industrial fields:

  • Folding conveyors are used to prevent commodities from dropping or breaking while traveling along the runway and to ensure that the production or transportation operation is continuous and synchronous.
  • The PVC surface of the conveyor belt helps it work continuously for a very long period since it is moisture-proof, wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, high-temperature-resistant, and particularly impact-resistant.
  • A frame built of premium stainless metal supports the folding conveyor’s robust construction and excellent impact resistance.
  • Conveyor belts may move products of all shapes and sizes to the following production stage. They are ideal for moving big products.
  • Conveyor belts have a constant transmission speed that is neither too fast nor too slow, maintaining the stability of the process as it moves to the next production stage and effectively saving time, effort, and money.
  • Depending on the technical specifications of the customer and the needs of production, conveyor belts can be adjusted in height and inclination to move items continuously and synchronously.
  • Because they are made in accordance with current industry standards and adhere to stringent technical specifications, conveyor belts are extensively utilized in the domains of light industry, heavy industry, electronic industry, and chemical industry.
    folding conveyor belt
    Folding conveyor belts

3/ Folding conveyor belts specifications

For your reference, the key standard specifications are as follows:

  • 5000cm x 310cm x 1000cm in size (length x width x height).
  • Conveyor belt: 2 mm thick, made of PVC.
  • Motor with gears: 20W (power), 220V (AC).
  • Legs: four D50 wheels that can move to different positions.
  • Conveyor belts have adjustable height and tilt.

4/ Notes while utilizing conveyors

You may not realize these crucial details, but they can help conveyor belts last longer and be more durable:

  • To ensure that the conveyor belt operates steadily and sustainably for a long time, you should routinely clean and sanitize the conveyor’s major components after use.
  • Avoid setting up anything pointy, big, or heavy next to the conveyor belt because it will be simple to get dirt, scratches, and damage to other parts of the conveyor belt, which will then affect the quality of the products produced. production method

5/ Sukavina is the location to purchase the most prominent and modern folding conveyor belt in 2022

Sukavina is delighted to be a corporation with many years of experience and a stellar reputation for providing and distributing authentic, premium conveyor belts for manufacturing and commercial operations in Vietnam and beyond. Each finished conveyor belt produced by our company is put through a quality check before being delivered to customers using cutting-edge, sophisticated machinery and equipment.

In order to increase the effectiveness of transportation and produce items continuously and synchronously, Sukavina Company also gets design consultations and manufactures conveyor belts in accordance with customer needs. Our conveyor products are 100 percent genuine, high-quality, and reasonably priced when compared to other conveyor lines on the market. We also offer a committed, caring support team that is available to customers whenever they have questions about our conveyor products. To better our service and product quality, we are anticipating the support and consideration of our customers.

folding conveyor belt
Folding conveyor belts Sukavina

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