The most accurate way to distinguish between hard coupling and soft coupling

Cách phân biệt khớp nối cứng và khớp nối mềm chính xác nhất
Coupling is an indispensable detail in the production and assembly of industrial equipment. However, to choose the correct and effective coupling, you need to distinguish between hard coupling and soft coupling and their characteristics. Let’s find out together with Sukavina!

1/ Distinguish between hard coupling and soft coupling

Rigid coupling is a joint that permanently connects 2 machine parts together without position deviation to ensure that the machinery system operates stably and continuously for many hours. Rigid coupling is capable of transmitting torque, bending moment and axial force. Rigid shaft couplings are of two types, pipe coupling and flange coupling. Pipe coupling has a small, simple structure, low cost, and difficult installation, so few businesses use this type of coupling. Flange coupling directly connects 2 flanges of 2 machine parts with bolts and nuts.
Flexible coupling is a coupling used to connect 2 machine parts with eccentricity due to elastic deformation due to installation errors or manufacturing errors to make the machinery system operate smoothly, limiting vibration and thermal shock, ensure long-term durability. Flexible coupling includes many different types such as chain coupling, tooth coupling, cardan coupling… Each type of coupling has its own characteristics to suit the needs of the customer.
Distinguish between hard coupling and soft coupling
Distinguish between hard coupling and soft coupling

2/ Working principle of rigid coupling

The jointing stage of the washer No. 2 is installed on the pillar pin No. 3 of the rigid coupling. The cylindrical pin on the rigid coupling half is connected by the taper face. When tightening the nut, the 3rd post pin will be connected to the rigid coupling, and this will also force the rubber ring to form a compression force. The rubber ring will stretch radially and will then make direct contact with the shaft on the other rigid coupling half.
When joint No.1 operates, it will cause the pivot pin 3 to rotate, the top shaft of the hard coupling presses against the rubber ring and the rubber ring presses on the shaft of the joint No. 1 and moves accordingly. The rubber ring has the ability to form elastic deformation, if there are 2 eccentric shafts due to position error, the rubber ring will compensate for the deviation, ensuring the system operates smoothly and stably throughout the process. operating process.

3/ Benefits of rigid coupling

Some important benefits of rigid couplings are as follows:
  • Create an extremely convenient connection system between the two axes to increase the production capacity of enterprises, factories, workshops…
  • It is possible to adjust the inherent features to match the production process being applied in the production and business activities of the enterprise.
  • It has a sturdy, waterproof, and heat-resistant structure, so it can be used stably for a long time without worrying about damage.
  • Has an affordable price, is trusted and appreciated by many companies, enterprises, factories in all fields of life.

4/ Application of rigid coupling

Some important applications of rigid couplings that you need to know are as follows:
  • In industry: Couplings are widely used in metallurgical industry, electrical industry, chemical industry, mechanical industry, etc. to help develop optimal profits and increase production capacity by one step.
  • In agriculture: Used in agricultural fields such as fertilizer factories, livestock and poultry feed factories, food and beverage factories, etc.
  • In transportation: Couplings are used to make power transmission parts for vehicles such as motorcycles, cars, ships, airplanes, etc.
Application of rigid coupling
Application of rigid coupling

5/ Notes when buying hard couplings

Currently, there are many types of rigid couplings with many different types, but you are wondering which one to choose. Some notable hard coupling experiences that you need to know are as follows:
  • You check the torque on the rigid coupling carefully before buying.
  • You also need to consider the shaft compatible stiffener before installing it in the machine.
  • Choose a hard coupling to match parameters such as cargo load, operating speed of machinery and equipment to make the most accurate decision.
  • You should buy hard couplings at reputable places to ensure you buy genuine products, have clear origin invoices and extremely attractive after-sales service. attentive.

6/ Buy hard coupling at Sukavina company

Sukavina is the leading unit in industrial production in the South. We always ship genuine, high-quality industrial equipment products with clear origin with rich and diverse designs because our factory is equipped with advanced technology on the market. modern equipment lines and operated by a team of experienced and highly qualified engineers.
Buy hard coupling at Sukavina . company
Buy hard coupling at Sukavina . company
Sukavina also provides flexible payment policy, attractive lifetime warranty policy, on-time delivery, clear and transparent legal contract.
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