What are the most common types of cart wheels (Trolley wheel) today?

Các loại bánh xe đẩy hàng thông dụng nhất hiện nay?
What are the most popular types of strollers today? Experience in choosing and using trolley wheels properly and lastingly? Let Sukavina guide you in detail in this article!

1/ Trolley wheel concept

Trolley wheels are wheels designed to be attached to the legs of another item such as trailers, carts, operating tables, conveyor legs, etc. to move faster and more conveniently. Wheels are usually made of rubber or plastic material, ranging in size from small to large depending on the needs and purposes of use. Casters are an important choice for many industries and other professions.

2/ The most common types of strollers today

Sukavina will introduce the most common types of strollers today below:
  • Fixed trolley wheel: This type of wheel is most commonly used, does not have the function of adjusting to another direction, only moves in a certain direction.
  • Rotating Trolley: This type of wheel can be rotated 360o, making navigating to another location much easier.
  • Industrial Trolley Wheels: Type of trolley for moving heavy loads, can be combined with fixed trolley wheels or swivel casters.
  • Trolley with lock and brake: A trolley wheel with an additional brake function to make the object stand still in one place.
The most popular types of strollers today
The most popular types of strollers today

3/ Benefits of using trolley wheels

Some outstanding benefits of using trolley wheels are as follows:
  • They help move items quickly and easily. This saves a lot of human effort and increases business productivity much more effectively.
  • They can be disassembled with just a few simple steps according to the manufacturer’s instructions for use.
  • Manufactured from high-strength, heat-resistant, impact-resistant materials.
  • These wheels are designed with a variety of types and different sizes to suit each specific job need.

4/ Experience in choosing the product

Some notes that you need to keep in mind when using trolley wheels:
  • Suitable load: You need to calculate the weight of the item to choose the trolley wheel that can withstand the load of that item.
  • Movement speed: It is necessary to pay attention to the terrain in the moving area such as flat, sloping … then it is necessary to choose wheels to suit the characteristics of that terrain.
  • Conditions of use: You need to check carefully such as wheel diameter, material, mounting type to avoid unnecessary redundant features leading to increased costs.
  • Safety latch: A locking pin can be added to increase the level of safety and also more convenient during use.
  • Environment: Popular castors can use them at room temperature or outdoor temperature. If you are working in harsh environments such as industrial plants with high temperature, high humidity, acidic and alkaline environments, etc., you should choose specialized trolley wheels with materials that can withstand harsh environments. so.

5/ Steps to install those wheels:

Steps to install the product include:
  • Step 1: Choose wheels of the same type.
  • Step 2: Install the wheel horizontally.
  • Step 3: Attach the trolley wheels parallel to each other.
  • Step 4: Use bolts, washers, etc. to tighten and fix the trolley wheel
Steps to install trolley wheels
Steps to install trolley wheels

6/ How to check and maintain the product

Some ways to check and maintain trolley wheels so that they can be used for a long time and still ensure quality are as follows:
  • You conduct regular checks and maintenance such as whether the wheels are fully installed and tightened, whether the tires are damaged, are there any corrosion …
  • If the trolley wheel products are defective, take them to a service center for repair or replacement for safety.
  • You should not put sharp foreign objects near the wheel, they can crack or break the wheel, causing an accident during use.

7/ Buy quality trolley wheels at Sukavina

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