Workshop working table – Specifications, classification, application

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Factory working table is an indispensable product in the process of working in factories and industrial zones. The use of the workbench is to check product quality, process products, and place computers and other machines in the working process.
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What is a workshop table?

Workshop operating table is a product used in the electronics, semiconductor, and medical equipment industries. This type of desk is similar to other types of desks and is used in clean rooms and factories. Materials to make the workbench are stainless steel, powder coated steel, plastic coated steel pipe, aluminum profile.
The use of the workbench is to help workers operate more conveniently, thereby improving work efficiency. The main effect of the workbench is to place small detailed products to manipulate the installation of finished products or check product QC.
Depending on different industries, the working table will be selected with the appropriate material. However, nowadays, businesses are very fond of working tables made of aluminum profiles and electrostatic steel frames.
What is a workshop table?
What is a workshop table?

Technical parameters and structure of the workshop working table

Factory working table construction

The main parts of the workbench are:
Assembly desk frame: Has a solid, sturdy structure to work in many different environments. Main materials are plastic, galvanized steel, powder-coated steel… with high durability, good scratch and abrasion resistance.
Table top: Made mainly of high-grade industrial wood or metal with an extra layer of electrostatic rubber. These materials are intended to limit electrical contamination, protect goods as well as workers’ health.
Some other accompanying accessories: adjustable feet, lights, wheels, drawers… to diversify functions.

Specifications of factory working table

Every factory and industrial park that needs a workshop operation table needs to provide technical specifications to the manufacturer for the most suitable advice and design. Because, each operation, field of operation will need different sizes, loads and materials.
  • Dimensions: Length x width x height (m). Customers can base on their needs, production and business purposes to request the design of the working table with the most reasonable size.
  • Load: To know the exact worktable load, it should be based on the estimated product weight during operation.
  • Materials: Can choose materials made from ABS plastic, powder-coated steel, profiled aluminum, stainless steel… These are all materials with high durability, long service life as well as withstand pressure from many environments. different schools and terrain.
  • Included accessories: Add some additional accessories if needed such as lights, electrical outlets, drawers for items.
  • Structure: Includes an assembly frame, adjustable feet with rubber cushions or not, table legs fitted with wheels for easy movement and the ability to brake fixed in one place.

Applications of factory working table

Factory working tables are commonly used in factories and industrial zones. Specifically:
  • Applied in medical, electronic, fertilizer, chemical industry…
  • Applications in clean rooms, laboratories
  • Protect the health and safety of workers, minimize damage to goods
  • Easy to clean, clean, limit dust and dirt clinging to goods and products during production

Classification of factory working tables

Currently, there are many types of operating tables with different designs and structures. This depends on the requirements of each department, work at the factory. Below are the common types of workbenches classified by function, construction and material.

Classification of workbenches by function

  • Anti-static workbench: Used a lot in electronics and component factories to ensure the health of workers and the quality of products.

Currently, with increasing electronic equipment, the demand for anti-static workbenches is also a lot of customers interested, you have needs, please refer to the article for more details about the anti-static working table.

Anti-static workshop working table
Anti-static workshop working table

Anti-static workshop working table

  • Clean room working table: Used in clean room with characteristics such as anti-rust, peeling, high durability. This type of table is mainly made of aluminum profile or stainless steel.
  • Worker assembly table: A type of table commonly used in factories and industrial zones. Its main effect is for workers to perform detailed assembly operations, forming the finished product.
  • Bonded test bench: Mainly used in QC rooms, checking products for defects or not. The requirement of this type of desk is to add a lighting system to ensure accuracy and efficiency.

Classification of workbenches by structure

  • Perforated working table: Has a stainless steel plate, punches holes and is often used in clean rooms. The advantage of this type of table is that it reduces dust and dirt on the table.
  • Workbench with drawers: Widely used in production departments. The table top is used to place computers, microscopes, work tools. The drawer part is a place to store tools, papers…
  • Working table with wheels: Used a lot because of its ability to move flexibly. The wheel part has a brake lock to help the table be firmly fixed in one position.
workshop working table with wheels
workshop working table with wheels
  • Adjustable footstool: The adjustable foot is the part that supports the workbench that can stand firmly on uneven floors.
  • Working desk with light: Depending on the purpose of use, the table can be equipped with additional lights or not.
  • Assembly workbench: A type of table with parts that are assembled together instead of soldered. The main material is aluminum profile or ABS plastic pipe.

Classification of workbenches by material

  • Powder coated steel working table: There is a frame made of powder coated steel. The advantage of this table is that it is sturdy, has a large load capacity, has a long service life and is cheap. The downside is that the paint layer is easy to peel off, causing loss of aesthetics. The table top is made of engineered wood.
  • Profiled aluminum working table: Table top made of stainless steel plate, ESD plywood or aluminum sheet. The outstanding feature is that it is beautiful, does not rust and is light in weight. Therefore, tables are often used in clean rooms. However, the price of this type of table is also higher than other types of tables.
    Stainless steel working table: Made of stainless steel, usually stainless steel SUS 201, SUS 304.

Sukavina – a supplier of quality and reputable factory working table solutions

After learning about the specifications, applications and types of workbenches, you are probably wondering which unit specializes in providing the best quality workbench.
Sukavina – one of the units with long experience in the field of manufacturing and supplying industrial products. One of the key products of Sukavina that is trusted by many customers is the workshop operation table.
Based on each customer request, Sukavina will advise and support to help choose the most suitable type of table. The company also commits that the product has a clear invoice origin, and the quality of the table is strictly tested. In particular, the price Sukavina applied is very competitive compared to other competitors in the market.
During use, Sukavina is always ready to answer questions and provide quick warranty when the product has problems.
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