Important benefits of using screw conveyors

Những lợi ích quan trọng khi sử dụng băng tải trục vít

Screw conveyors are a smart, flexible industrial solution that meets the needs of handling bulk materials with ease. It is mainly used to transport materials vertically, which saves time and labor in feeding.

1/ What is a screw conveyor?

Screw conveyors are types of conveyors capable of handling falling materials at a variety of speeds, from slow to free-flowing. They are widely used in many factories producing iron and steel, cement, bricks, etc.

What kind of conveyor belt is screw conveyor?
What kind of conveyor belt is screw conveyor?

2/ Structure of screw conveyor

It is composed of the following parts:

  • Screw.
  • Tubular housing or screw chute.
  • Transmission parts.
  • Transmission structure.

3/ The benefits of using screw conveyors

3.1 Easy to clean

They are easy to clean, clean when dirt is attached, ensuring stable and continuous operation for a long time without problems.

The benefits of using screw conveyors
The benefits of using screw conveyors

3.2 Easy disassembly

They can be easily and flexibly disassembled according to the manual from the manufacturer with just a few simple steps.

3.3 Cost optimization

They have the ability to optimize the initial cost of machinery, saving a large amount of money but still ensuring very good output profits for businesses.

3.4 Freely adjust the length

The length of the screw conveyor can be adjusted according to the needs and uses of each specific job, helping to optimize production capacity, transporting materials during operation.

3.5 Minimum Maintenance

In order for screw conveyors to operate more efficiently after each use, it is necessary to carry out inspection and maintenance at least once in order to promptly detect problems and avoid unnecessary risks.

4/ Working principle of screw conveyor

The screw conveyor has many inlet and outlet points, the materials will be taken to the inlet point to be divided into different types for processing and to the discharge point will flow into a stream.

Screw conveyors can add sliding doors or valves to monitor flow during operation. However, this type of conveyor does not have the ability to return as traction conveyors, belt conveyors.

5/ Application of screw conveyor

The important applications of screw conveyors that you need to master are as follows:

Application of screw conveyor
Application of screw conveyor
  • Construction industry: Used to mix dry and wet materials to produce cement, gypsum, used to build houses, buildings, commercial centers …
  • Agriculture industry: Support transportation, production of grain, animal feed, fertilizer, etc., bringing effective economic benefits to farmers and agricultural enterprises.
  • Food processing industry: Used to transport dry materials to produce nuts, table salt to produce spices, monosodium glutamate, seasoning, etc. for the daily cooking of housewives and heads. kitchen…
  • Industry: Used to support the transportation of materials and components for assembling cars, assembling motorcycles, computers, phones, etc., contributing to improving the working capacity of employees.

6/ Important notes when using screw conveyors

Some important notes when using screw conveyors that you may not know are as follows:

  • When transporting materials, the angle of inclination should not exceed 30 degrees.
  • Do not place sharp objects near the conveyor belt to limit damage to the conveyor parts.
  • You should regularly maintain and clean the conveyor belt periodically so that the conveyor can operate effectively when in use.
  • If you find problems with your screw conveyor that cannot be repaired by yourself, take them to a service center for the best support.

Reference: How to maintain conveyors

7/ Sukavina – A reputable supplier of quality mechanical products

Sukavina is the leading unit in the South specializing in providing quality mechanical products in the industrial field, forming a scientific and modern working environment, improving production capacity for companies and enterprises. Reasons you should buy screw conveyors at Sukavina:

  • Sukavina invests in machinery and equipment based on advanced technology and is operated by a team of skilled workers, helping to produce the best quality products.
  • Sukavina is committed to the best conveyor price on the market because it is manufactured directly from the factory without going through any other intermediaries.
  • Sukavina is supplying many major partners across the country, ensuring an abundant supply for the market.
  • We have an extremely attractive maintenance and maintenance regime for conveyor belts after purchase and use to ensure the ability to operate and operate stably continuously for many hours.
  • Sukavina’s staff is ready to support and answer questions for customers when problems arise or problems.
    We are committed to fast delivery, to the place on time without delaying the work of the customer.

For advice on screw conveyors and other industrial conveyors, please contact Sukavina through the following channels:

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