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One of the important factors determining the operation of PVC industrial conveyor belts is the conveyor belt. Quality PVC conveyor belts must be designed by professional, highly skilled engineers, using top quality materials to ensure durability and strength. You will find detailed information on manual methods and manual heat presses for joining PVC (connecting PVC conveyors) conveyor belts in the article below.

1/ Advantages and disadvantages of manual PVC conveyor splicing method


The biggest advantage of this method is that it is low cost, quick to operate and you can connect the conveyor in many different locations.


Although this method is cheap and possesses many other outstanding benefits, the joint created by this method is actually very susceptible to peeling. You must wait at least 12 hours after signing up to be able to use it.

Manual splicing of PVC conveyor belts also requires a variety of supporting tools, such as paddles, wooden boards and braces, and can only be done in dry, sunny weather conditions. Wet and rainy days can lead to weak joints because the glue cannot dry and stick firmly.

2/ How to connect PVC conveyor belt by manual method

If you want the best possible bonding, you should choose a PVC conveyor belt of the most suitable size, thickness and number of layers for industrial conveyors according to the purpose of production.

Before joining PVC conveyor belts manually, the 2 ends should be stripped layer by layer so that when you coat them together, the ends fit snugly and firmly. Then, you proceed to sand the PVC conveyor belt with a specialized sander. This measure will help roughen the belt to maximize the effectiveness of the glue.

Simultaneously with the sanding process, you proceed to use a brush or clean towel to wipe the dirt generated during the sanding process.

As for the glue, you should do it according to the manufacturer’s instructions or according to the worker. Then, you use a specialized brush to apply the mixed conveyor glue to the surface of the rubber belt. Wait until the glue dries, then fold the 2 ends of the PVC conveyor belt together and then hit the joint with a rubber hammer. Make sure that excess glue is removed around the joint and that you continue to sand the two edges of the belt to a perfect finish.

Connecting PVC conveyor belt by manual method
Connecting PVC conveyor belt by manual method

3/ Connecting PVC conveyor belt by mechanical heat pressing method

By using a specialized heat press and glue machine, you can bond PVC conveyor belts like you would patch a tire, by melting the rubber and mixing it together.

Connecting PVC conveyor belt by mechanical heat press
Connecting PVC conveyor belt by mechanical heat press

4/ Advantages of the method of joining PVC conveyor belts by mechanical heat pressing


When compared with manual joining of PVC conveyor belts, machine heat press offers many advantages, such as making joints more aesthetically pleasing and beautiful than manual splicing. The joint has high strength and is capable of withstanding large loads.

Connecting the conveyor belt with a heat press allows the joint to be used immediately, instead of waiting 12 hours as with manual pressing. This is the most common method of connecting PVC conveyor belts in the industry.


Although there are many outstanding advantages, the heat pressing of PVC conveyor belt joints has some undeniable disadvantages. These include the high cost of the joint, the long patching times and the need for expertise and experience to perform this method.

5/ Factors affecting quality when connecting PVC conveyor belt

First and foremost, the quality of the PVC conveyor belt wiring method depends on the skill of the operator. Skilled engineers have full experience in the selection of PVC conveyor belts and adhesives as well as conveyor splicing techniques. They must have at least 5 years of experience working in the professional process and be able to handle any problems that may arise such as joint peeling and tearing.

Technicians will consider choosing one of two methods of connecting PVC conveyor belts. Selecting the right jointing method will save time and cost, but still ensure the highest quality for the joint.

The third factor affects the quality of rubber conveyor belt joints as a glue quality. You should choose quality and properly blended adhesive to make the joint more beautiful and durable.

Factors affecting quality when connecting PVC conveyor belt
Factors affecting quality when connecting PVC conveyor belt

6/ Units for processing and manufacturing PVC conveyor belts

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Through this article, Sukavina has told you the methods of connecting PVC conveyor belts and their advantages and disadvantages. In addition to PVC conveyor belts, Sukavina also has industrial products such as workbenches, conveyors, trolleys, shelves, etc. Please contact us via phone number 0979 034 634 – 0931 155 155 or website, and we will provide the best solution.

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