What is Coupling? Construction Types of Couplings

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Coupling is an indispensable part that plays the role of connecting and connecting parts in industrial equipment. So what types of joints are there? Where to buy quality, cheap couplings? Let’s find out with Sukavina!

Shapes of joints
Shapes of joints

1. What is coupling?

What is coupling? Couplings are one of the important and indispensable components because they play the role of linking and connecting machine parts and frames together to ensure smooth and smooth operation in the process. manufacture.

Couplings are used to create industrial products such as trolleys, tables and chairs, storage shelves, operating tables, etc.   Couplings are an indispensable component in professional industrial working environments such as mechanical workshops. gas, manufacturing plant…

2. How is the coupling structured?

Couplings are made from many different materials such as aluminum, plastic, galvanized steel … can be coated with an anti-static plastic outer layer to eliminate static electricity, increase durability, certainty, rigidity. cables and increase the connection between machine parts or pipelines or between coupling shafts. Couplings are molded by a system of high-tech machinery chains to ensure absolute safety and certainty when used in industrial environments.

Solid coupling construction
Solid coupling construction

3.4 most commonly used coupling types

3.1 Single coupling

Single coupling is a coupling made from high-grade anti-corrosion materials, can be used for a long time, to shape the path for machine parts, coupling shafts and pipes, connecting them together. during production.

They are used to assemble industrial products such as roller conveyors, trolleys, shelves… to improve working efficiency for businesses, reduce costs significantly, and support automation. production line, can be reused for different purposes.

Single coupling L
Single coupling L

3.2 Aluminum Coupling

Aluminum coupling is a coupling made of high-grade aluminum, anti-rust, anti-corrosion, sprayed with electrostatic paint to protect workers from electrical infection processes while working. Aluminum coupling is cast in high temperature environment, so it is very durable and safe to use. Currently, the industry prefers aluminum couplings because of its flexibility, versatility, ease of movement and versatility.

Aluminum joints are used to shape many handy products such as shelves, trolleys, tables and chairs and are the optimal and extremely convenient solution. Today, aluminum couplings have a compact design in the form of a round tube, with many grooves to increase durability, rigidity and cost savings for manufacturers, helping to improve working efficiency, reuse for different purposes, replacing the incorrect and unsafe fixation method.

3.3 Coupling sets

A set coupling is a coupling that is molded in a high temperature environment, intricately designed to perform a specific function, such as directing flow in a pipeline, or linking machine parts, and coupling shafts to ensure stable system operation.

Coupling sets are a very popular choice for many businesses because of their convenience and ease of assembling industrial product sets. The coupling is very easy, clean, dust-proof and very durable and sturdy for a long time.

3.4 Plastic Coupling

Plastic coupling has a simple structure, made from light plastic material, easy to use in assembling trolley products, tables and chairs … to improve working efficiency, save labor costs, ensure safety for workers, support automation in the production line. Workers can easily change the texture or size of the product to suit the best.

Plastic couplings can be easily reused for different purposes, always the first choice for businesses. Plastic coupling does not stick to dirt, easy to clean and clean.

Various models of plastic joints
Various models of plastic joints

4. Sukavina – Where you can trust to buy quality couplings at a good price

Are you wondering in choosing the address to buy reputable couplings in the market? Sukavina is the wisest choice for you because of the following outstanding advantages:

Sukavina is a famous unit in the field of manufacturing, processing and assembling all kinds of joints and some other products such as: plastic coated steel pipes, stainless steel pipes, conveyors, rollers, trolleys, shelves… High quality helps improve work efficiency, significantly reducing costs for businesses.

Sukavina’s products are manufactured from a modern production line system operated by a team of experienced workers and are constantly improved to increase the quality and design of products. meet the increasing needs of customers.

Sukavina is committed to high quality products, good prices in the market; processing products exactly according to the requirements of customers; Delivery on time, do not miss the work progress of customers.

When customers buy couplings or other industrial equipment at Sukavina, we are committed to bringing satisfaction, commitment, responsibility, ready to accompany customers throughout the use process.

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