Shaft couplings – classification, principle of operation and application

Khớp nối trục – phân loại, nguyên lý hoạt động và ứng dụng
Shaft coupling is an industrial device used to link axes together, shaft coupling is responsible for driving to open and close mechanisms, compensate for eccentricity between axes, avoid overload and reduce load. goods to a low level.

1/ The concept

Shaft coupling is an important component in gear motor, electric motor … with the shaft of the working machine including many types of shaft coupling for machinery equipment such as water pump, hydraulic pump, air compressor, blower fan. …
Used by many businesses in many different fields, contributing to reducing investment costs and developing significant profits for businesses.

2/ Classification

2.1 Rigid shaft coupling

Rigid shaft couplings firmly link 2 parts together, without distorting the position. Rigid coupling can transmit torque, bending moment and axial force.
Rigid has two main types: couplings with a tubular design throughout and couplings that are cut in half in the longitudinal direction. Rigid shaft coupling has simple structure, large torque and low cost. However, it requires precise installation and is only used for connecting small diameter shafts


Rigid shaft coupling
Rigid shaft coupling

2.2 Elastic shaft coupling

Used to connect 2 shafts with eccentricity due to elastic deformation, manufacturing error, and error in installation. The elastic coupling helps to compensate for eccentricity between the shafts, absorbing vibrations to ensure stable and continuous operation of machinery and equipment for many hours. It includes the following types: shock absorber rubber coupling, lug coupling. Servo motor coupling, cardan coupling, tooth coupling, chain coupling, mesh coupling, elastic steel disc coupling.

2.3 Clutch shaft coupling

Clutch shaft coupling, also known as overload protection coupling, is responsible for transmitting driving force to parts from the engine but preventing overload and thermal shock to protect components safely during operation. operating process. It includes the following categories:
Hydraulic couplings are used in thermal power plants, hydroelectric power plants, metallurgy… because of their anti-overload properties for the machinery system. Hydraulic couplings are used for equipment working in extreme weather conditions such as mining excavators, pulp mills, cement mixers, roller presses, centrifuges, large compressors, etc. The hydraulic coupling transmits torque by oil, when the engine is running, it will make the impeller of the hydraulic coupling rotate and push the oil towards the turbine, causing the turbine to move and pull the machine to move along.
Friction coupling is a type of coupling with pellets that are blocked between the two centers of the coupling, which will release the link to stop the operation of the machinery system, protect safety if the machinery system is in a bad situation. overload.
Clutch shaft coupling
Clutch shaft coupling

3/ Working principle of shaft coupling

It connects 2 shafts together regardless of the axis orientation or shaft diameter, ensuring no heat transfer from the motor to the dynamic force transmitted side, absorbing vibration and shock during operation, prevent damage to surrounding components

4/ Application the product in industry

They are widely applied in many industries, bringing significant profits and great value to many production and business enterprises. Some occupations and are applying as follows:
In industry: used in automobile transmission systems, water pump systems, conveyor systems … used to adjust speed, avoid overload, ensure safety for workers.
In agriculture: used in tractors, plows, harvesters… bringing high economic efficiency to farmers and agriculturalists.

5/ How to choose the most detailed shaft coupling in 2023

When you choose a shaft coupling in a shop, you need to determine the following factors to choose the right type you need such as number of revolutions, rotational speed, cargo load, drive shaft diameter, system features machine, torque and then look up the appropriate coupling. In addition, you should also choose shaft couplings with a clear invoice of origin and observe their appearance carefully before buying them to limit the case that they do not match the machinery system in use.
Sukavina Shaft Coupling
Sukavina Shaft Coupling

6/ Where can I buy this product?

Sukavina is the leading manufacturer and distributor of high quality shaft couplings in the South. We receive advice on smart, flexible industrial solutions with impressive designs to help businesses optimize investment costs and improve labor productivity for workers better.
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