What is Coupling? The latest types of Coupling couplings in 2023

Các loại khớp nối Coupling mới nhất năm 2023
What is Coupling? Coupling coupling is a specialized accessory coupling that is elastic and elastic to help connect pipes together or when there is a need to expand the pipeline to prevent the pipe from being vibrated or cracked when used for a long time. long, especially effective with piping systems under high pressure, high corrosion or in severe weather conditions.

1/ What is Coupling?

What is Coupling? Coupling is an important industrial device used to link machine parts together, responsible for the transmission function from the engine to the drive part, ensuring stable and smooth operation in many hours.
What is Coupling?
What is Coupling?

2/ Advantages of Coupling coupling

Coupling couplings have outstanding advantages such as reducing dynamic loads, compensating for eccentricity between shafts due to installation or wrong position, opening and closing mechanisms, preventing overload and thermal shock… On the other hand, joints Coupling is manufactured from materials with high strength, high hardness and extremely effective resistance to acid, alkali, water and heat.
Coupling coupling ensures the transmission of force from the engine to the drive part, absorbing all heat and noise when the machinery system is operating, limiting damage to surrounding parts. loss of investment costs of the business.

3/ Types of Coupling couplings

Common types of Coupling couplings on the market that you can refer to are as follows:
  • Rigid coupling is a type of coupling that connects 2 fixed parts without the position difference between these 2 parts. Rigid couplings not only transmit torque very well, but also transmit bending moments and axial forces very efficiently.
  • Elastic coupling is a type of coupling connecting 2 parts with eccentricity due to elastic deformation due to manufacturing error or incorrect installation error.
  • Clutch coupling is a 2-piece linkage coupling and has the ability to prevent overload, thermal shock, vibration, protect equipment and machinery safely and operate stably and continuously for a long time. .
Types of Coupling Coupling
Types of Coupling Coupling

4/ Good Coupling Coupling Standard

A good Coupling coupling should meet the following criteria:
  • Can easily open connection or disconnect as needed.
  • It must transfer all the force from one part to another without damage.
  • It is necessary to keep the shaft properly and correctly aligned.
  • Helps reduce shock, shock, thermal shock from one part to another.
  • There shouldn’t be any projections.

5/ Application of coupling coupling

What is Coupling? Some important applications of coupling that you need to know:
  • In industry: Couplings are widely used in metallurgical industry, electrical industry, chemical industry, mechanical industry, etc. to help optimize investment costs and enhance profits much more effectively.
  • In agriculture: Couplings are also used in agricultural fields such as: grain factories, fertilizer factories, livestock and poultry feed factories, food factories. , beverages … bring significant economic value to households, farmers and agriculturalists.
  • In transportation: Couplings are used to make power transmission parts for vehicles such as motorcycles, cars, ships, airplanes, etc. to run long distances continuously and stably for many hours.

6/ How to choose a Coupling coupling?

Some experiences in choosing the latest couplings that you can refer to are as follows:
  • You should carefully read the details of the coupling such as torque, diameter, rotational speed, load to check if they are compatible with the machinery system in use.
  • You should choose to buy couplings from famous brands with clear invoices of origin to avoid buying fake and poor quality goods.

7/ Sukavina – a reputable high-quality coupling distribution brand

What is Coupling? Are you wondering whether to buy reputable quality couplings? Come to Sukavina. Sukavina is proud to be a famous unit in the South for many years specializing in the distribution of high quality industrial equipment such as conveyor systems, trolleys, shelves, etc. to meet the increasing demand in the world. market.
You should choose Sukavina because of the following outstanding benefits:
  • Industrial products and equipment are manufactured using advanced technology and modern machinery under the support of a team of highly qualified engineers.
  • We have a dedicated and attentive customer service team, ready to answer customers’ questions if required.
  • Sukavina is committed to bringing customers the best service experience at the company.

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