Spiral conveyors – outstanding features, features and applications

Băng tải xoắn ốc – đặc điểm, tính năng và ứng dụng nổi bật

Spiral conveyors can transport goods, materials, etc. in a continuous flow in the form of a spiral. Twisted conveyors are widely used in industries such as manufacturing components, pharmaceuticals, food, beverage, packaging, etc.

1/ What is a spiral conveyor?

Spiral conveyor is a type of conveyor designed in a spiral shape to help transport products from high to low with high volume of goods in a narrow area. This conveyor is a flexible, professional industrial solution that reduces labor for workers and maximizes profit growth for businesses.

What is a spiral conveyor?
What is a spiral conveyor?

2/ Structure of the torsion conveyor system

It is composed of a spiral shape with a slight inclination from top to bottom or vice versa. The conveyor system is surrounded by metal plates with high strength, high rust resistance and very good wear resistance. The spiral conveyor has a curve so that the product is easily moved during the production process.

3/ Features of spiral conveyor

3.1 Prevent products from slipping or tumbling during transportation

Designed to prevent the product from rolling off the track during operation with a reasonable angle of inclination. This helps to ensure that the work progress is continuous and fast.

3.2 Two-way up and down movement

Some manufacturing plants need to move products up, others need to move products down, so there is a need to combine these two directions. The spiral conveyor that supports two-way goods movement is very convenient with the button to change the direction easily, saving a lot of effort, time and money for businesses.

3.3 Minimizing the energy generated during transportation

The motorized spiral conveyor is designed in a drum belt that controls the rails, making it quick and easy to transport products, with optimal energy savings compared to other types of conveyor systems.

3.4 Compact design does not take up too much space

The spiral conveyor has a compact design, occupies a very small area, and is convenient for observing the process of transporting products on the track to promptly handle if something goes wrong.

Spiral conveyor has a compact design
Spiral conveyor has a compact design

3.5 Widely used in the transportation of packaged products

Spiral conveyors are trusted and applied by many companies and enterprises in the process of transporting products packed in cartons, foam packaging, etc. This helps companies and enterprises… increase their working productivity. and greatly increased profits.

4/ The features and benefits that spiral conveyors bring

4.1 Compact design does not take up too much space

Occupying a very small area due to its compact design when installed in the factory, facilitating the use of other free spaces for the needs and purposes of the business’s own use when needed.

4.2 Quiet operation without making noise

Capable of efficient operation, does not cause any noise to affect workers during work. This helps workers increase focus on assigned tasks in each stage of production.

4.3 High throughput

Has high throughput, ensuring the process from input product processing to finished product goes smoothly, continuously without interruption.

4.4 Can withstand various loads

Can bear many goods with loads from small to large scale for a long time because this conveyor is made of very durable, high-rigidity material.

4.5 Easy Installation

Can be installed easily with just a few simple steps according to the manufacturer’s manual.

4.6 Quick reconfiguration

If customers are not satisfied with the configuration of the conveyor system for their production and business, they can change and adjust them to suit their needs.

5/ Some spiral conveyor designs

5.1 Single-lane twist conveyor

1-lane twist conveyor takes up less space than any other conveyor system, equipped with built-in overloading device and automatic chain tensioning, making conveying of conveyor belts quick and with minimal downtime jam. This conveyor belt is widely applied in the food processing industry, beverage industry, packaging production …

1 lane twist conveyor
1 lane twist conveyor

5.2 Double Twist Conveyor

The double helix conveyor is an independent rail conveyor in a single spiral conveyor system. The spiral conveyor has a unique drive motor integrated into the system, responsible for controlling the track with 2 independent lanes, resulting in significant energy savings, improving the ability to transport products more efficiently than conveyor belts. 1-lane torsion load.

Double Twist Conveyor
Double Twist Conveyor

5.3 Heavy Duty Twist Conveyor

Heavy-duty spiral conveyors are designed with a long height and can handle large loads with 2 times the capacity of conventional spiral conveyors. Heavy-duty spiral conveyor is a flexible and optimal solution for factories, workshops, etc., which have the need to handle heavy goods every day, helping to achieve much more efficient productivity.

Heavy Duty Twist Conveyor
Heavy Duty Twist Conveyor

6/ Application of torsion conveyor

  • Transport a variety of products such as bottles, jars, jars, etc. and those that are easy to roll off the rails with the ability to operate continuously for a long time.
  • Mainly applied in the food and beverage production industry, contributing to good profit growth for businesses trading in this product.
  • The design can be flexibly changed according to the size to fit the space in the factory, factory, workshop…

7/ Where to buy prestigious spiral conveyors

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