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Carts today are used very commonly in the fields of industry and life. Particularly in the industry, this equipment makes an important contribution to the construction of the automation industry, instead of transporting by human resources as before, there are now supporting tools to help work faster and more efficiently. More efficient, save effort and labor cost. Join Sukavina to learn about the most popular 4-wheel trolley sizes in the industry today!

1/ What is a shopping cart?

Trolley is a product that supports transporting goods easily and quickly, saving personnel and bringing high efficiency. There are many types of trolleys: 2-wheel, 3-wheel, 4-wheel trolley, in which 4-wheel trolley is the most popular because of its stability, can withstand large loads and can transport a variety of types. goods, suitable for all factory terrain.

Trolleys are used to transport bulky goods or many goods at the same time, can be used in most manufacturing industries such as: Garment, footwear, electronic components, automobiles, food, etc. products, packaging…

4 wheel trolley
4 wheel trolley

In addition to the classification according to the number of wheels, the trolley is also classified by material (stainless steel trolley, aluminum profile trolley, assembled trolley …) or classified by use (cargo trolley). warehouse, multi-purpose trolley, ladder trolley…)

2/ Choose a trolley with the right size for your needs

Depending on the product characteristics, we choose the appropriate 4-wheel trolley size:

For bulky and heavy containers, you should choose the size of a steel or stainless steel trolley with a large tray. This type will not limit the size of the box to give you flexibility in transportation.

When transporting electronic devices or fragile, high-value products, you should choose a trolley. This type is designed with separate compartments for each product, inside the compartments are foam lined to help protect them from colliding with each other, avoiding damage during storage and transportation.

Choose to use a trolley with the right size for your needs
Choose to use a trolley with the right size for your needs

If you need to transport many different types of products at the same time, choose a large 4-wheel trolley with multiple tiers to optimize transportation efficiency. The floor tray can be adjusted to suit the height of the product, besides it also supports the classification of goods, helping to quickly and conveniently unload goods.

The size of a 4-wheel trolley depends on the material of the trolley. Currently, there are popular vehicle materials such as stainless steel, aluminum profiles, plastic coated steel pipes … depending on the tonnage of goods, the manufacturer will advise you to choose the appropriate trolley material.

3/ What are the sizes of 4-wheel trolleys?

You are not sure what size 4-wheel trolley to choose? First, determine your usage needs, product characteristics and load requirements. Sukavina will suggest you the most popular 4-wheel trolley sizes today.

3.1/ Assembled trolley

Assembled trolley 01

Assembled trolley 01 is a delivery solution favored by many businesses because of its flexible folding ability, which can be changed to arbitrary structure to save maximum costs for businesses. Dimensions of the assembled 4-wheel trolley type 01 are 72cm x 48cm x 86cm, after use, it can be folded to save storage space.

Assembled trolley 01
Assembled trolley 01

Assembly trolley 08

The assembled trolley 08 is for factories that need to transport large quantities of goods. The size of the 4-wheel trolley type 08 is designed according to the needs of each factory, can change the structure flexibly and multi-use. The vehicle consists of parts: chassis, handles, wheels, floor wheels … linked together by bolts, joints and screws.

Assembly trolley 08
Assembly trolley 08

3.2/ Stainless steel trolley

Stainless steel trolley 09

Stainless steel trolleys are often used in the clean room industry such as manufacturing medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, etc. Stainless steel trolleys have high durability and aesthetics, chemical resistance …

Stainless steel trolley 09
Stainless steel trolley 09

Stainless steel trolley 12

The size of the 4-wheel stainless steel trolley is designed to be fixed, not as flexible as the assembled trolley. However, it is still possible to choose a compact design to save space for the factory.

Stainless steel trolley 12 (Inox)
Stainless steel trolley 12 (Inox)

3.3/ Trolley

Trolleys are the optimal delivery solution for businesses in the electronics, components and automotive industries. The vehicle has a multi-compartment design, with additional insulation shields, and a relay hook between the cars to form a whole train that is very convenient to move. In addition, you can also stack multiple vehicles on top of each other to create a very convenient mobile warehouse.

Trolley 02

The size of the 4-wheel trolley trolley is made from insulating and impact-resistant dalpha plastic sheets. This vehicle is small in size and suitable for storing or transporting products such as phones, screens, electronic components, microchips, etc.

Trolley 02
Trolley 02

Trolley 07

The size of the 4-wheel trolley 07 has larger compartments, mainly for storing large components such as TV screens, laptops, auto parts and other components. The size of this 4-wheel shopping cart is extremely diverse, you just need to provide the manufacturer with the size and product characteristics, then the most suitable vehicle design will be consulted.

Trolley 07
Trolley 07

4/ What are the advantages of shopping carts?

It is not difficult to see the image of trolleys at manufacturing plants from large to small, at airports, train stations, cargo ports … so what advantages do trolleys have that are used so much? Let’s check it out with Sukavina!

Fast shipping

The biggest advantage of a trolley is that it increases the speed of goods delivery many times, depending on the capacity of the cart. When transporting crudely by human power, each person will be limited by a certain amount of goods, not to mention the loss, loss or breakage during transportation. Trolleys were born to overcome these disadvantages.

Increase labor productivity

Compared to needing many workers to carry goods, when we have a trolley, we only need 1 person to be able to take on the work of dozens of people at the same time, which helps to increase labor productivity and capacity. The factory’s production increased many times. Thereby speeding up the work progress and creating a competitive advantage for businesses.

Cost savings

Instead of having to hire a lot of workers at the shipping stage, you can shorten it to 10 times if you have a cart. This is extremely beneficial for businesses because it saves labor costs, optimizes human resource management, and limits risks when transporting goods.

What are the advantages of shopping carts?
What are the advantages of shopping carts?

Building a modern business face

In addition to the obvious advantages mentioned above, the application of trolleys in the production process also modernizes the face of the factory, helping businesses score points in the eyes of customers and partners.

5/ Sukavina – The unit that buys quality prestige shopping carts

Currently on the market there are many companies that manufacture trolleys. However, to buy quality, suitable and cheap industrial trolleys is not simple, you need to find large factories to ensure quality and efficiency.

Sukavina - The unit that buys quality and reputable shopping trolleys
Sukavina – The unit that buys quality and reputable shopping trolleys

Sukavina is the leading manufacturer and supplier of industrial products in the South with many designs and materials, meeting all the needs of customers. We have competitive incentives for customers, warranty support, maintenance and prompt delivery. The size of Sukavina’s 4-wheel trolley is extremely diverse, designed according to the actual needs of businesses. In addition, we also commit to meet the following criteria:

High quality trolley material

Sukavina trolleys are made from high-quality, unadulterated, non-recyclable materials to ensure durability and longevity. The vehicle withstands the effects of heavy cargo as well as harsh working environments.

The best and most effective shopping cart

What kind of goods do you need to transfer? Containers, clothes or electronics? Do you just want to transport or do you want to use it as a warehouse? Sukavina we will advise you on the right type of trolley for your needs to ensure the most efficient transportation process.

Support during use

We have a warranty policy for each product if there is a technical defect from the manufacturer. Besides, Sukavina also supports repair and maintenance of equipment to help prolong life and increase working productivity.

In addition to providing quality industrial equipment, we also advise customers on modern production line solutions completely free of charge, ensuring dedicated service.

Above is information about 4-wheel trolley sizes and useful information about shopping carts. For more detailed information, please contact:

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