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Multi-function workbench is a great support product for employees in the production and assembly phase of products that require many different complex operations. Therefore, the design of the working table is also a very important part to bring convenience and efficiency in the production process.

1/ What is a multi-function desk?

The multifunction workbench is an improved product from the conventional workbench. This type has a smart design with many functions integrated into the same product, can be folded to save space while ensuring the implementation of different functions.

The multi-function working table has the outstanding advantage of being able to integrate many functions in the same product, helping to reduce the ground area, save investment costs and increase labor productivity for workers.

2/ Structure of multi-function workbench

Like a normal workbench, a multi-function workbench has a main structure consisting of two parts:

Table frame:   Table frame is usually made of materials such as aluminum profile, stainless steel, galvanized steel or powder coated steel, plastic coated steel pipe, …

Multifunctional table top:  There are many types of countertops: aluminum profile, stainless steel, galvanized or powder coated steel, MDF…

The structure of the multifunction workbench is unique in that it integrates many other parts, such as hangers, cabinets, shelves, wheels, lights, electrical outlets,… Therefore they provide support maximum support for the working process. Furthermore, some multi-function workbenches can also be connected to conveyors to transport products after production.

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3/ Specifications

The beautiful, neat, sturdy, convenient and easy-to-use design of Sukavina’s multi-function workbench makes it the preferred product of factories and industrial parks.

The specifications include:

Dimensions of the working table:  Length x width x height.

Materials:  The working table is made of stainless steel frame, profiled aluminum, painted steel, ABS pipe…

Table function: Function depending on the needs of use (manufacturing, assembling, processing…), table with lighting system, working table with electrical outlet system

General structure:  Consists of table top with many functions, table frame can be designed with adjustable legs, wheel and brake system and accessories.

Multi-function workbench is used in almost all industries and manufacturing fields: Clothing, electronics, medical, food, printing and assembly… High-grade metal frame resistant Very good loading, suitable for heavy weight products.

This table has a modern design, sturdy table frame, light weight for flexible movement, can be folded – opened arbitrarily, easy to transport and store, limiting occupying a lot of space. Moreover, the size of the table is very flexible and suitable for any workshop.

The table can be fitted with a material clamp, a built-in gauge or it can be a conveyor belt to serve the job better. Tool cabinets, screw trays, sockets are also combined especially conveniently.

4/ Classification of multi-function workbenches

Clean room working table

Cleanroom workbench is often used in hospitals, laboratories or factories that require clean room conditions, it has high quality stainless materials, typically profiled aluminum or stainless steel, can be combined with anti-static MDF table top.

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Anti-static industrial working table

Usually, they are used in factories that manufacture electronic components with high static electricity content. Anti-static tables help products not be damaged before being taken out, potentially affecting workers’ health.

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Worker’s desk

Worker’s desk, or simply called the operating table, is widely used in industrial plants. It is designed for workers to manipulate, assemble and package products. Therefore, it is important to ensure that workers can use the workbench more quickly and efficiently.

As an option, customers can also order a custom multifunction workbench designed by Sukavina.

In addition, customers can also order Sukavina to manufacture a special designed multi-function working table, suitable for the needs of use.

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5/ Use and maintain the multi-function workbench properly

5/ Use and maintain the multi-function workbench properly The multi-function workbench is specially designed to suit the needs of the factory, ensuring the fastest and most convenient operation for workers.

In order for the workbench to have a long life and high efficiency, you need to note the following:

  • Use the table properly and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Avoid toxic environments, chemicals, dust that reduce the life of the table.
  • Regularly clean, wipe the table to be clean, anti-fouling, anti-rust.
  • Periodic inspection and maintenance, lubricating the joints to work smoothly.

6/ Supplier of quality multi-function workbench, good price

Sukavina Co., Ltd. provides all kinds of industrial workbench including: Multi-function working table, anti-static working table, aluminum profiled working table, stainless steel working table… In addition, there are tape, trucks, shelves, trolleys and many more products.

With many years of experience in the market, understanding customer needs, Sukavina is proud to be a reliable supplier of many major partners such as: Thaco Truong Hai, Samsung, IMPACT, Panasonic, Biti’s…

When you become a customer of Sukavina, you will be designed and consulted with products to help improve production processes and improve efficiency. Warranty policy, maintenance, many payment methods help customers get the most optimal choice.

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