What is the role of automation in industrial plants?

tay robot tự động hóa

What is automation? What role does it play in modern industry? Today Sukavina will tell you the necessity of automation in the manufacturing plant..

1/ What is automation?

Automation describes a range of technologies that reduce human intervention in operational processes. Automation includes the use of various devices and control systems in modern machinery, nuclear reactors, ships, aircraft, complex high-tech systems and other vehicles.

Automation is highly complex, it can range from simple toggle controls to high-level algorithms. Automation has achieved many achievements in different fields such as mechanics, hydraulics, pneumatics, electricity, electronics and computers, or a combination of the above. Automation is considered to have a huge impact in the current digital globalization era.

Some common types of automation today:

  • Basic Automation takes simple, rudimentary tasks and automates them. Basic automation is understood as a way of digitizing work in a manufacturing plant by using tools to support the flow and operation of tasks continuously.
  • Process Automation manages business processes so that they are consistent and transparent. Process automation is often handled by specialized enterprise and software applications.
  • Using process automation can increase productivity and efficiency in your business. Process automation can also provide new insights into business challenges or problems and suggest solutions for improvement.
  • Integration Automation is where machines can mimic human tasks and frequently repeat actions as humans conceptually define rules for machines.
  • Artificial Intelligence Automation is the most complex type of automation. The addition of AI means that machines can learn and make decisions based on past situations encountered, analyze and process them.

Current automation trends include:

  • Machine learning triggers new processes, reroutes operational processes, and generates new action recommendations.
  • The fusion of machine learning, software, and automation tools to maximize the number of tasks that need to be automated.
  • AI systems will be able to automate robot configurations, predictive and probabilistic processing for learning and interaction.
  • The robot will perform multiple tasks, make decisions and work autonomously, including self-diagnosis and maintenance.
  • Management software or workflow has the ability to be automated, reducing programming tasks for easy access by businesses and organizations.

2/ The need for automation in manufacturing plants

2.1 Increase work productivity

Automation improves the operation of high-tech machines and systems, programmed to optimize one or more specific tasks so that each task is specialized and achieves high performance for each individual. production to maximize profit per product.

2.2 Reduce labor costs

Automation reduces labor to help protect the health of workers, save costs many times and be more efficient than hiring many workers. The automation also contributes to the training of highly skilled workers to control complex machines.

2.3 Enhancing the competitive position of enterprises

Automation increases brand value for products, homogeneity between products, reduces risks in production, contributes to improving competitive position for enterprises and other business goals, winning many contracts. dong and increase profit value.

3/ Sukavina provides automation products in the factory

Sukavina is proud to provide prestigious, quality, and long-lasting products that help businesses automate tasks and processes in production, affirm their domestic and international brand names, meet your business and advertising goals more effectively.

Some common products of Sukavina such as steel frame table, aluminum profile table, assembly operation table, stainless steel work table, pvc conveyor, roller conveyor, assembly trolley, stainless steel trolley, trolley trolley…

The advantage of cooperating with Sukavina is buying genuine goods of good quality, not counterfeiting, not counterfeiting, not inferior in quality; prices are promoted, competitive compared to similar products on the market; be consulted on processing, installing equipment for the factory, designing products to suit each factory.

products are made from modern machines and advanced equipment, controlled by highly qualified technical workers with many years of experience; dedicated, thoughtful after-sales service, clearly answering customer questions; Fast delivery progress, no delay in customer’s work.

Contracts and debts are public and transparent in accordance with current laws and company regulations to help ensure the interests of customers. With the above advantages, customers can completely trust and feel secure when choosing Sukavina.

Through the above article, Sukavina has provided you with an understanding of the need for automation in a manufacturing plant. If there is a need to consult, design and install industrial equipment for your factory, please contact Sukavina for the best service.

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