What is the most suitable conveyor roller size?

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Conveyor systems are modern industrial solutions for transporting goods efficiently and conveniently. Conveyor sizes and conveyor roller sizes have many different types to meet regulations and standards from manufacturers and are manufactured specifically according to the needs and uses of customers.

1/ Conveyor construction

Conveyor belt is a system of conveying goods according to industry standards from one location to another, suitable for factories, workshops, laboratories, etc., by automatic method. The automatic method of conveying goods brings much greater benefits than the manual method because it is completely controlled by machines, reducing human labor to limit injuries during work. .

Conveyor construction
Conveyor construction

Conveyor belt consists of the following main components:

  • Conveyor belts have runways in different shapes such as curved, horizontal, inclined … to meet the technical criteria so that the production and business of customers are most convenient. In addition, the runway helps speed up production and reduce labor time for workers.
  • The frame is proportional to the size of the conveyor belt, made from aluminum profile, stainless steel … helps to create a sturdy, solid structure, very good impact resistance, protecting the runway from unexpected circumstances.
  • Conveyor belt is equipped with a high-power motor that helps to operate the runway moving with strong speed, stability, high efficiency and continuous for a long time.
  • Conveyor belts are manufactured from very durable PVC or PU plastic, resistant to all corrosion and cracking under external impact conditions. The size of the conveyor belt depends on the length of the conveyor belt.
  • The control panel system contains sensors, sensors, PLCs, ON / OFF buttons…
  • The lighting system helps workers identify goods on the conveyor belt to avoid mistakes such as going in the wrong direction, broken goods, etc.
  • The movement mechanism includes: Pulling role, roller… creating a rotational motion that makes the runway move forward.
  • The electric and air line system makes the conveyor operate stably thanks to the power provided.
  • The size of the conveyor belt depends on the specifications from the manufacturer or is manufactured according to the specific requirements of the customer.

2/ Advantages of conveyors

Conveyor belts are commonly used in factories, factories, industrial workshops because of the following notable applications:

  • Conveyor belts are used for continuous and synchronous transportation or production of goods, speeding up the production schedule, and contributing to improving the profit value of enterprises. In addition, they also protect cargo from breaking or falling off the runway.
  • The conveyor belt has a surface made from high-quality plastic, so it is resistant to corrosion, waterproof, and heat-resistant effectively to help operate continuously for a long time.
Ưu điểm băng tải 
Ưu điểm băng tải
  • The frame is made of high-grade stainless aluminum to help create a solid structure, good impact resistance.
  • Conveyor size can transport goods of small to large sizes, especially those with complex shapes.
  • Conveyor has a steady and continuous flow rate to save time, effort and money.
  • Conveyor size can be changed and depends on the individual needs of the customer.
  • The size of the conveyor belt is designed according to modern industrial standards, contributing to creating a scientific and professional working environment.

3/ Specifications of conveyor belts and standard conveyor rollers

Standard Conveyor Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 4 m x 0.4 m x 1 m (length x width x height).
  • Thickness: 3mm.
  • Conveyor tilt angle: 0 – 30 degrees.
  • Conveyor speed: 5 – 30 (m/min).
  • Conveyor belt: PVC rope or PU rope.
  • Conveyor frame: stainless steel, galvanized steel, powder coated steel…

Standard Conveyor Roller Specifications:

  • Dimensions of conveyor rollers: Ø 21, Ø 42, Ø 60, Ø 76…
  • Conveyor roller diameter: 34 mm – 220 mm.
  • Roller thickness: 2 – 7 mm.
  • Roller shaft: 8 – 30
  • Roller length: 0.1 – 1.2 m
  • Load capacity: 50 kg, 120 kg, 300 kg.

4/ Notes in the process of using conveyors

Some notes you need to master the conveyor size for the use of durable conveyors over time:

  • When you use the conveyor belt after a long time, you should regularly clean and clean the main parts of the conveyor to make the conveyor operate more stable and stronger.
  • You should avoid placing sharp and bulky items next to the conveyor belt because it will be easily damaged and worn over time to other components of the conveyor belt, affecting the transportation process and products. export goods.

Reference: Conveyor system maintenance guide

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